Ultimate Dog Grooming Equipment List (2024)

Having a dog means having to invest in essential grooming equipment. Sure, you can always take your dog to a professional groomer, but at some point, you also need to learn the basics of grooming.

Grooming your dog allows you to look at your dog’s body more thoroughly, and this is a productive bonding time for the two (or three or four) of you. Remember that the cuteness that comes with your dog also comes with hair—a lot of hair.

dog grooming equipment list
Ultimate Dog Grooming Equipment List

So whether you own or plan to have a super shedder dog like a Husky or a Chow Chow or one who sheds minimally like a Poodle or Terrier, you need to embrace the responsibility of grooming and own the best equipment to make it possible.

If you are at a loss on the grooming equipment you should have or one that you can skip, this guide is perfect for you.

Basic Dog Grooming Equipment To Have At Home

A regular grooming schedule is essential to promote your dog’s overall wellness. Grooming can help address excessive shedding and prevent matting. It also helps you become aware of any skin ailments and paw deformities at the earliest possible time.

More importantly, regular grooming with you allows your dog to become comfortable with the routine. Grooming sessions will be pleasant and enjoyable for both of you.

Here are some essential grooming products and equipment that you need to keep handy in your home if you have a dog:

1. Cleaning and Bathing Products

The frequency of baths depends largely on your dog’s breed, but in general, you should give your pooch a  bath every four to eight weeks. For a fun and squeaky clean bath time, make sure you have the following:

Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

Nope, never use your shampoo and conditioner on your dog regardless of how natural the product may claim to be. Human products can irritate your dog’s skin and may be too heavy for their coats.

Get a shampoo formulated for your dog, and make sure that you lather it well to remove all the debris and dirt between the hair effectively. This will help your dog maintain clean and healthy skin. 

Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding
A dog prepares for a shampoo. Is a dog ever truly ready for the bath though?

Face Wash

Aside from your dog’s shampoo, it will be smart to have a face wash, too, especially if you own a Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Pug, or Poodle.

These breeds are prone to tear stains, so a face wash can help make their face spotless. You can use the same face wash to remove left-over food from your long-haired dog, especially if a full bath is not yet on the agenda.

Bichon Maltese face and head wash
Bichon Maltese face and head wash during bath time!

Fragrance Spritz

If you want to ensure that your canine smells clean and nice in between baths, a fragrance spray can come in very handy.

And using this eau de toilette for Fido is simple. You need to spray it on their coat and then brush their hair. This will ensure that the fragrance gets into their coat and extends the pleasant smell.

woman spraying
A woman spraying.

Waterless Dog Shampoo

This is the perfect solution if you want to extend your dog’s professional bath or, in all honesty, can’t squeeze in bath time yet.

Waterless dog shampoo can help control the tangles and scruffy coat. If you use dry shampoo for your hair, waterless dog shampoo works on the same principle. 

Border Collie getting a bubble bath
Looking funny Border Collie getting a bubbles in a bathtub.

Pet Wipes

This is imperative in a household with dogs. Make sure that you have one in your car, too, because it is your ultimate and easy solution for muddy paws, tear stains, and other dirt that you need to clean off your pet instantly.

You can use any cotton cloth and water – or buy premade disposable dog wipe packs (NOT baby wipes)

treating tear stains
Treating tear stains of Pug by his owner.

Old Towels

Bath times at home will require plenty of towels. Even if you bathe your dog outdoors, you will still need loads of old towels to get your pet as dry as possible.

You will need double the amount if you have no option but to bathe your dog indoors. You’ll need it on the floors, your make-shift bathing station, and for you too.

dog grooming products
A dog wrapped in a towel.

2. Brushing Products

Dog owners with double-coated dogs like Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies, and long-haired dogs like the Collie and Maltese will need to brush their dogs’ coats frequently.

Brushing is a non-negotiable responsibility, and this often happens daily. And yes, even owners who have short-haired dogs need to do this, although not as frequently as those with dogs with long coats.

This one might be an eye-opener for you—different dog brushes are available on the market for different coat types.

brushing Corgi coat
Brushing Corgi’s coat by his owner.

The Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is considered the universal brush for dogs, so you should own one.

This is ideal for all coat lengths because the brush head is made of steel pins that can go deep into your pet’s fur. This can help loosen and unravel mats and tangles and even remove your pet’s loose and dead hair.

The De-matting Comb

This is a widely spaced comb that is perfect for separating and untangling your dog’s hair mats.

The De-shedding Brush

The de-shedding brush is your best friend, especially during your dog’s “shedding season.” This brush can reduce your dog’s shedding by up to 90% because it can effectively remove loose hair and undercoats.

3. Trimming Products

After several trips to the professional groomers, you may find yourself comfortable doing the occasional trim for your dog’s hair.

Trimming is an excellent way to control your dog’s hair before your next appointment at the dog salon. And here are the valuable tools and products you need to have at home.

Shears or Grooming Scissors

These are your standard scissors that can cut the length of your dog’s coat. There are grooming scissors with blunt ends intended to remove the hair from your dog’s paw pads and hair near sensitive areas.

There are also grooming shears designed with rounded ends ideal for your canine’s face and jaw areas.

woman wearing protection while grooming dog
A woman wearing facemask and gloves while grooming a dog.

Thinning Shears

As the name suggests, these scissors help thin out your dog’s coat, especially during the summertime. It can reduce the overall fluffiness and weight without the clear-cut lines.

This type of shear can also shape your dog’s coat and add layers to your canine’s hair.

grooming a maltipoo
Grooming a cute Maltipoo at a salon.


These electric types of shears come with various blades that you can snap on or attach. You can use clippers to cut and trim your dog’s coat, depending on your blade.

Make sure that you are confident with maneuvering it before using it on your dog. If the clipper’s blade needs lubricant or oil and you don’t remedy it, it can become hot and even pull on your dog’s fur.

grooming little dog
A professional groomer cutting a little dog’s hair using a clipper.

4. Nail and Paw Maintenance Products

Grooming does not only involve the face and body. The paws and toes also need healthy TLC.

Your dog’s untrimmed nails can scratch you, your furniture, and your floors. And neglected paws and claws can cause your pet discomfort and pain. It may even cause deformity and lead to more significant health problems.

Dogs that are not used to having their nails trimmed become squirmy, and you may have more scratches on you and an unhappy pet. But if your dog knows that this is a normal process of grooming, keep the following within reach:

Nail Clippers 

This comes in many forms, like a guillotine, scissors, and grinder. Test which ones your dog is most comfortable with. Do NOT use human clippers.

dog nail trimming
Groomer trims dog’s nail using nail clipper.

Paw Moisturizers

There are paw moisturizers that come in balm form. These help restore and relieve the damaged skin on your dog’s paw pads. You can rub them on your dog’s paws while cuddling.

checking paw
Checking a dog’s paw.

5. Ear and Dental Care Products

During your at-home grooming session, don’t forget your dog’s pearly whites and ears. Brushing is an unpleasant experience for your dog, but remember that it’s all for their own good.

Ear Wash and Ear Wipes

Debris, dirt, and other surprises can accumulate inside your dog’s ear, leading to infection. Dogs who have long and floppy ears or narrow ear canals are especially prone to ear cuts and injuries. (It is known as Poodle ear)

You can use a dog-specific wash or ear wipes to clean the dirt from your dog’s ears, but never put anything else inside. If you are uncomfortable doing it, you can leave this to the groomers.

groomer holding poodle ears
A groomer holding the Poodle ears.

Canine Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Again, don’t use your toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth. Human toothpaste contains way too much fluoride, and it might upset your dog’s tummy.

Another option you can consider if brushing your dog is overwhelming for both of you is to give dental chews and use wipes.

Whether you want to do your dog’s grooming entirely at home or make it a once or twice a month ritual to save some money spent at the groomers, this essential and ultimate dog grooming equipment list should make the work easier and more convenient for you.

dog with toothbrush
Dog with a toothbrush.

Luxury Grooming Options

Essential grooming starts at home, but eventually, you may realize you want to do it professionally. And if so, you need more than the basic equipment.

You can set up your dog grooming salon and even add more services like a dog spa for the ultimate relaxation. If you are thinking in this direction, here is the additional luxury grooming equipment you need to invest in.

A Grooming Table

No professional groomer is without a grooming table. Ensure yours has additional features like options to adjust the height.

A grooming table that needs to be constantly connected to a power outlet may restrict your movement. Cordless grooming tables that include USB ports are available now. These allow you to groom anytime, anywhere.

grooming white beautiful poodle
Grooming a white beautiful Poodle at a pet salon.

Portable Dog Tub

Sure, you can have dedicated tubs for the big dogs, but you can take advantage of portable dog tubs for small and medium-sized dogs. Today, most portable tubs come with 360° access, so bath time is more manageable.

Most importantly, get one with an elevated back-saving design so you can say goodbye to back pains. 

Havanese in external bathtub
Havanese will take a bath in an external bathtub.

Hair Dryers

Drying your dog like a pro requires a powerful hairdryer. Getting one with a flexible and long hose will be a good investment, so you don’t have to carry your hairdryer around.

Today, hairdryers also have multiple nozzles intended for whole body drying and partial drying to help you achieve either a smooth or fluffy look.

dog hair dryer
The owner dries her dog’s coat using a hair dryer tool.

Dog Towels And Bathrobe Towels

No grooming day is complete without some cozy and super absorbent towels and bathrobes. Your canine customer will look fab and will get nice and dry in no time.

labradoodle in a towel
Labradoodle Max enjoys a cuddle in a towel after a shower and bath

Natural Oil Treatment Products

Treat your pooch to a shiny, resilient hair care treatment made from all-natural and healthy ingredients.

These natural hair treatments usually incorporate peppermint oil, sweet almond oil, and soybean oil. All these known ingredients improve the elasticity of your dog’s hair. They also help moisturize your pet’s skin.

owners caressing their dog
Dog owners spending time with their dog.

Dog Nail Polish

This is obviously not essential. However, for the full on salmon experience…

A pawdicure is a must. If you want to take your grooming experience a notch higher, make sure you stock non-toxic nail polishes in varying colors.

brown dog's nail polish
Cutting dog’s nail with brown nail polish.

Calming Dog Chews

Make the entire grooming experience relaxing for your dog. But you can’t achieve this if your dog is overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and even fear.

Reduce your dog’s tension with the widely available calming canine chews to promote total relaxation. These chews contain ginger, thiamine, passionflower, chamomile, and melatonin.

Yorkie chewing toy
Yorkie is busy chewing on his toy.


Whether you are planning to make a career out of dog grooming or want your dog to be clean at home, it would be smart to invest in this ultimate dog grooming equipment list.

Start with the basics to ensure your dog is healthy, clean, and odor free at all times. Once you get comfortable with this, you can make the shift to advanced treatments to pamper your pooch a little more. 

Good luck and happy grooming!