11 Dog Breeds That Look Like a Fox (Photos!) 

Foxes are some of the most interesting animals around. With their fluffy tails and mischievous reputation in fairy tales, it’s no wonder so many people want one of these canines as a pet. 

Unfortunately, owning a fox is not a good idea. These animals are not domestic, so training and caring for them would be difficult. In addition, owning a fox is illegal in most US states.

dog breeds that look like a fox
11 Dog Breeds That Look Like a Fox

So for everyone’s sake, it’s best to let foxes remain in their natural habitats. 

But don’t worry—there are plenty of dog breeds out there that can satisfy your yearning for a pet fox! These dogs are just as cute as a fox and much more compatible companions. 

Read on to learn more about these 11 fox dog breeds that will melt your heart! 

1. Finnish Spitz 

When it comes to fox-like dog breeds, the Finnish Spitz is one of the closest contenders. This dog has a fluffy tail, a long pointed snout, perky ears, and a bright orange coat! It looks quite similar to the North American Red Fox. 

Finnish Spitz stands outdoors
A Finnish Spitz stands outdoors looking at his owner.

Unlike a regular fox, the Finnish Spitz is incredibly affectionate. They are excellent dogs for families, so you can expect them to get along just fine with your children. 

The Finnish Spitz is a very noisy dog breed, however. So consider whether you’d prefer a quiet dog over a chatty dog before adopting one. 

2. Japanese Spitz 

If you are a fan of the Arctic Fox, the Japanese Spitz may be your new best friend. These dogs are incredibly fluffy and have fox-like faces. And like the Arctic Fox, they have long, beautiful white fur. 

Japanese Spitz plays outdoors
A Japanese Spitz plays outdoors.

These dogs are super easy to train, which means they can make wonderful pets for beginners. They’re incredibly social, so if you’re hoping to make friends with some fellow dog owners, the Japanese Spitz may be perfect for you. 

However, you should prepare for a lot of vacuuming and grooming before adopting a Japanese Spitz, because these dogs can shed quite a bit. 

3. Pomeranian 

Are you a fox lover who prefers small dog breeds? Say hello to the Pomeranian! These dogs look just like tiny, fluffy foxes.

Pomeranian on the grass
A white Pomeranian smiling on the grass.

You can find them in colors such as brown, white, black, cream, and even orange. 

Pomeranians are incredibly affectionate, which means they can be excellent lap dogs. Their docile, friendly nature can make them a good choice for a family pet, too. 

Just keep in mind that they can be pretty noisy. But if you don’t mind a barky dog, the Pomeranian may be perfect for you. 

4. Schipperke 

Have you ever heard of a Schipperke? This uncommon dog breed will surely melt your heart. They’re super tiny yet have all the energy and cuteness of a big, powerful black fox

two Schipperkes
Two Schipperkes enjoying a sunny day out

The Schipperke is pretty easy to train, so they’re ideal if you want an obedient pet. They’re also super affectionate, making them perfect for anyone seeking a fox-like lap dog

Schipperkes are high-energy and need lots of attention, so be sure to set aside plenty of quality time if you’re adopting one of these charming pups. 

5. Shiba Inu 

This Japanese dog’s fox-like appearance has made them an incredibly popular breed in recent years. They have soft, thick coats that come in brown, tan, white, and black. 

black Shiba Inu
A black Shiba Inu in the middle of the street.

Shiba Inus are loyal and protective, making them an excellent breed for anyone seeking a watchdog. They’re also as loving as a dog can be, so expect lots of cuddles and playtime! 

Keep in mind that the Shiba Inu can be somewhat stubborn, so they’re most suitable for dog owners with a lot of patience.  

6. Chihuahua (Long-Haired) 

Need a lap dog with a fox-like appearance? A long-haired Chihuahua could be a perfect choice! Their big ears, pointy noses, and fluffy tails have earned them a spot on this list. 

a long haired Chihuahua
A long haired Chihuahua living its best life outdoors

Chihuahuas don’t shed very much, making them an excellent choice for tidy homes. In addition, they’re fairly energetic, so you will never have a dull day with one of these pups around! 

Bear in mind that the Chihuahua is not a kid-friendly dog breed. They’re best for households of adults and teenagers. 

7. Volpino Italiano 

Volpino Italiano means “Italian Fox,” so it should come as no surprise that I’ve featured this breed on this list. True to its name, the Volpino Italiano looks just like a tiny fox! You can find them in red or white coats. 

Volpino Italiano sits on a blue stair
Volpino Italiano sits on a blue stair for a photo shoot!

With its affectionate nature and ultra-soft fur, this fox dog breed makes an excellent companion for cuddling. They’re pretty quiet, too, so they’re suitable for anyone who doesn’t want a dog that barks all day.  

The Volpino Italiano is quite timid around strangers and does not adapt well to big changes. Owners with laid-back lifestyles may be the best fit for these dogs. 

8. Korean Jindo 

The Korean Jindo looks like a cross between a wolf and a fox! They come in many colors, such as brindle, gray, and white. 

Korean Jindo stands at the park
A Korean Jindo stands at the park.

These dogs are super playful, so you’ll want to provide them with lots of toys and attention. If you’re looking for a good family dog, you may be pleased to hear that Korean Jindos are pretty compatible with children. 

Korean Jindos do not get along well with other dogs, however. So if you’d like to have a one-dog household, this one might be a great fit. 

9. Samoyed 

Samoyeds are some of the fluffiest dogs around. With their bushy tails and perky ears, they look just like massive Arctic Foxes. 

Samoyed on a plain background
A Samoyed phot shoot on a plain background.

If you’re a fan of fox dog breeds but have a dog allergy, you may want to adopt a Samoyed because these dogs are hypoallergenic! Their friendly, loving personalities make them excellent family dogs as well. 

Samoyeds are a very high-energy breed that is always eager to play. So before you adopt one, ensure that you have enough time to give your Samoyed the attention they need. 

10. Akita Inu 

Have you ever heard of the famously loyal Japanese dog named Hachiko? He was an Akita Inu! This fox-like dog breed has a curly tail and a thick coat of fur.

alert Akita Inu
An Akita Inu standing on a rock.

You can find them in many colors, such as brindle, orange, and white. 

These dogs are very loyal and protective of their owners. They also get along quite well with children and love to play. 

Patient dog owners are the best fit for Akita Inus, as these dogs can be quite stubborn and difficult to train. 

11. Alaskan Klee Kai 

The Alaskan Klee Kai looks somewhat similar to a Husky, though it is much smaller and more fox-like. These dogs have ultra-soft fur with double coats and fluffy, curly tails that contribute to their fox-like appearance. 

Alaskan Klee Kai puppy
The Alaskan Klee Kai is a small sized but very energetic dog.

Do you already have a few dogs in your home? You can rest assured that your Alaskan Klee Kai will make a great addition, as they get along wonderfully with other pets. They’re super compatible with small children, too. 

Make sure you have a lint roller and a brush on hand, though, because these dogs can shed quite a bit. 


Foxes are some truly adorable creatures, and luckily for you, there are plenty of amazing dog breeds that bear a resemblance to them. So if you’ve always dreamed of owning a fox, adopting one of these lovely fox dog breeds might fulfill that dream! 

Of course, there are other factors to consider when adopting a dog. Even if some of these dogs look cool, they may not be the right fit for you. So before you sign those adoption papers, you’ll want to consider factors such as: 

  • Trainability 
  • Size and weight 
  • Health risks 
  • Energy level 
  • Dietary needs 
  • Grooming needs 
  • Compatibility with other pets and children 

Once you know what you are looking for in a dog, choosing the right companion will be a breeze!