9 Breeds of Black Dogs With Pointy Ears [with PHOTOS]

Canine companions come in all shapes and sizes, and a classic black dog with pointy ears is always eye-catching

Black coats tend to be shiny, attractive, and hide dirt better, while pointy ears give the dog an attentive, intelligent aura. 

black dogs with pointy ears
9 Breeds of Black Dogs With Pointy Ears [with PHOTOS]

Pointy ears are also easier to keep clean than long, floppy ears!

You know you want the aesthetic of a black dog with pointy ears, but what breed should you get to be your companion? 

What Makes Dog Fur Black?

Genes determine the amount of melanin in the coat of an animal. The more melanin that is present, the darker the fur or skin of the animal will be. 

Many different breeds of dog have black fur and pointy ears. Almost every dog breed has some color variation. This is all due to breeding lineage.

If you want a specific find of black dog, breeders can help you determine how best to find the color you want. 

But what breed do you choose?

Here are 9 black dogs with pointy ears that make great companions: 


While Chihuahuas may be stubborn, noisy, and not the best choice for a family with children, we cannot help but love these cute, tiny dogs. For an owner who has plenty of time and energy to focus on their chihuahua, they can make an adorable, portable companion. 

black Chihuahua
Black Chihuahua with her owner having a photo!

Chihuahuas come in many different colors and coat types. They can be black, brown, tan, red or multi-colored. Sometimes Chihuahuas have thin pointed ears, while others might have one or both that flops. 

Overall, you should not have to look too hard to find a black Chihuahua with pointed ears. 

A Chihuahua can make an entertaining addition to your household, especially if you enjoy a challenge. A big attitude comes along with their tiny stature, and this is why we love them! This makes them ideal for apartment living, as they don’t need huge spaces to get adequate exercise, and they are equipped with the city attitude!


These adorable balls of fluff come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can weigh anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds and stand up to 7 inches tall at the shoulder. 

black Pomeranian
Black Pomeranian looking at the sun!

Though a Pomeranian might seem similar to a long-haired Chihuahua, they are different in several ways. Pomeranians have a thick, double-coat type that requires more attention to grooming. They’re also less aloof and love to cuddle up with the whole family. 

Black Pomeranians have a fluffy silhouette with tiny, triangular ears. Their bright little eyes are charming and intelligent. Though such a small dog might not be able to do much damage to an intruder, Pomeranians are nonetheless vigilant and protective of the family home. 

Pomeranians are great for families who want a compact dog that has a strong personality and is sociable and loving. Just be prepared to keep their coat brushed and make sure they get plenty of exercise. 


This breed embodies the aesthetic of a black dog with pointy ears. Their breed standard even specifies an all-black coat

two schipperkes
Two Schipperkes enjoying a sunny day out

These little dogs are perky, loyal, loving, and protective. They have tiny, pointy ears, a small snout and an energetic face. They tend to be heavier around their shoulders and are sometimes naturally without a tail.

Other times, the Schipperke’s tails are either docked or left natural. 

Training is essential for these super-smart dogs. However, once you have them trained, they will make an excellent watchdog and an energetic outdoor companion. Keep them on a leash because Schipperke will wander if left unattended. 

Schipperkes are on the small/medium spectrum of dog size, coming in around 13 pounds and standing up to 11 to 13 inches at the shoulder. With bright personalities and a streak of mischief, a Schipperke can be happy in many kinds of homes. 

Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier has one of the most distinctive silhouettes of any dog breed. With their signature beards and feathery legs, a deep black coat is a norm for Scottish Terriers. 

Black Scottish Terrier
Black Scottish Terrier sitting on the ground.

These watchdogs have personalities as pointed as their ears. Although Scottish Terriers are loyal and protective, they are not likely to be welcoming to unfamiliar people or animals. Protection and hunting instincts remain strong in the breed.

Like any pup, Scotties require plenty of care and attention, including monthly grooming, daily walks, and playtime. No dog should be left alone too often, of course, but Scottish Terriers are not one to leave unattended for long periods. 

If you like a challenge in training and a dog smart as a whip, a Scottie might be your companion of choice. 

Boston Terrier

With the classic tuxedo look and an unfailingly friendly personality, Boston Terriers make for great family dogs. 

black Boston Terrier
Black Boston Terrier sitting on bed.

Boston Terrier square has square features, with a sturdy build and long legs compared to some other Terrier breeds. Aside from its signature tuxedo, the Boston Terrier’s large, round eyes are one of its defining features. Boston Terriers require extra attention to keep clean and healthy, but it’s all worth it when your pup gazes up at you with those loving eyes!

While these urban dwellers can be happy in apartments or small houses, you need to burn off their extra energy with adequate exercise! Brisk walks, obedience training, or toys are options for keeping a Boston Terrier entertained. 

Boston Terriers are friendly and loyal to their families, and they enjoy making new friends as well. You would struggle to find a more friendly, sociable, and gung-ho dog than the Boston Terrier.  

Swedish Lapphund

Highly trainable and loyal to boot, the Swedish Lapphund is a lesser-known breed to dog lovers. This breed’s intelligence and herding history means they have a mischievous streak when they get in the mood! 

Black Swedish Lapphund
Black Swedish Lapphund sitting at the park.

These well-balanced medium-sized dogs are fluffy and all-black, sometimes with white markings. The Swedish Lapphund has a thoughtful face and beautiful triangular ears surrounded by lush fur. 

The Swedish Lapphund is quick on its feet and in its mind and always looking to please. Like many herding breeds, their intelligence means they need adequate stimulation every day. A bored Lapphund can become a destructive Lapphund if left alone for too long. 

The owner of a Swedish Lapphund should adequately train their dog, but otherwise, they are fairly low maintenance. You can brush their coats at least once a week and give them a bath if they are dirty. Swedish Lapphunds are also typically healthy but need plenty of exercise and quality food. 

Siberian Husky

This unmistakeable breed has become increasingly popular, despite the fact that most Huskies are not suited to urban environments. These highly energetic dogs require exercise to keep them healthy and dedicated training to ensure proper behavior. Having space to run is a must!

Black Siberian Husky
Black Siberian Husky out in the forest.

Originally bred to pull sleds over long distances, a full-grown Siberian Husky can weigh up to 60 lbs. A Husky’s coat is often predominantly black, with white, gray, or brown underneath and showing up as accents on the face. Like their wolf ancestors, Huskies have gorgeous, proud, triangular ears that are almost always erect.

Huskies require attentive, experienced owners. They are also not a breed that should be left alone all day, as they are extremely social. Huskies need the comfort and security of their owner and other dogs.

If they have to go without interaction, they can become destructive or develop behavioral issues

German Shepherd

These handsome, proud dogs are known for being guard dogs and police companions. 

German Shepherds are extremely loyal and trainable. They are also athletic, making them so well suited to many different types of training. 

black German Shepherd
Black German Shepherd running.

With their smooth lines and defined face German Shepherds have a certain regalness. The combination of black and brown coat color is what most are familiar with, but German Shepherds can also be completely black. 

German Shepherds that are all black have a sleek look, with the same proud face and long, pointed ears as their multi-colored counterparts.

While these big dogs can make a loving family companion, they should be taken on by an experienced owner who can ensure proper training. (GSD’s are famous both as guard dogs and fence jumpers)

Doberman Pinscher

While Dobermans have gotten a bad reputation in the past, they are loving and loyal family dogs in truth. Dobermans are also very protective, which along with their large size, can make them an intimidating sight. 

Black Doberman Pinscher
Black Doberman Pinscher on leash.

Dobermans have a sleek black coat accented with brown on the stomach, legs, and underside of the face. They can weigh up to 100lbs and are fast and muscular. Similar to the German Shepherd, this powerful and intelligent breed requires training and adequate physical and mental exercise. 

As far as efficient guard dogs go, few compare. The Doberman will keep your home and family safe and look like a noble dog doing it. 

Why Choose A Black Dog With Pointy Ears?

There are many reasons to choose a dog with a black coat and pointed ears, aesthetics being foremost among those. A black dog is easy to spot, and many people favor the alertness and attentiveness conveyed by upright, pointed ears

Although many different breeds of dogs can have some variation of black fur and pointed ears, it is important to look into the breed itself as an individual. A wily Boston Terrier is quite different from a proud, serious German Shepherd. 

Black dogs can be elegant and beautiful, and pointed ears are easier to keep healthy and clean. 

Whatever your preferences, the perfect black-furred, pointy-eared pup is out there waiting for you!