How Long Should a Dog Bed Last? (Months)

With the rise of pet adoptions all over the world, it’s no surprise that pet parents want their dogs to be comfortable. Many choose to purchase dog beds, which is a great way to give pets their own space. 

However, many may wonder how long a dog bed will last, and if there’s a way to keep them clean and hygienic for their beloved pooches. Let’s look into how long dog beds last, and other helpful information for pet owners.

how long should a dog bed last
How long should a dog bed last? (Months)

How Long a Dog Bed Lasts?

Depending on how expensive and playful your pup is, a dog bed can last one to six months. The more expensive, the longer the dog bed should last. Yet, if your pup is exceptionally active and plays with or on their bed, it may become damaged quicker. 

In general, you should check the dog bed for materials before purchasing. Fabrics such as cotton or other fluffy materials will face higher damage rates than more durable fabrics. Ideally, find washable fabrics and clean them regularly. 

Best dog beds for labs
A Labrador lounges on his dog bed

How to Make a Dog Bed Last Longer?

Dog beds are notorious for having short lives. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are options for making your dog’s bed last longer if properly cared for.

Wash Your Dog Bed Regularly

When you wash your dog bed, you’re helping rid of any smells it might have. It also keeps the fabric clean from long-term stains and dirt, helping it keep its presentability. 

Depending on how long your dog uses their dog bed, you may want to wash it regularly. For example, if your dog uses the dog bed every night, it may need a weekly or bi-weekly clean. On the other hand, if your dog only uses its dog bed twice a week, you can go longer without washing it.  

Dog beds will often have the washing instructions somewhere on the tag. You can either stick the whole bed or take off the cover into the washer. When removing the cover, keep the cushion or pad out of the wash. 

Once in the wash, some fabrics may require cold washing. Keep the tag information in mind while you’re washing and drying to prevent any damage to the cover or bed. 

sore leg lab takes a nap
A Lab taking snooze on a dog bed

Wash Your Pup Regularly 

Like washing your dog’s bed, washing your dog can also help keep the bed pristine for a long time. While you may not have to wash dogs as frequently as their bed, aim to do a full bath every month. This will keep most dogs clean for not only their bed but for you as well.  

Some dogs may have rashes or infections, such as the Frito paw infection or an ear infection, and may need bathing more to keep these smells down. If possible, also talk to your vet if your pup is smelling worse than normal. Many times, these are medical issues you should address.

If your dog also suffers from excessive shedding (I’m looking at you, Huskies!), you can also look at getting your dog groomed. Grooming is a great way to keep dogs clean every month, which will keep more than just their bed clean.  

a cute dog having a shampoo
A cute dog having a bath. Keep that smell under control!

Use Odor Eliminators

In between washes, use an odor eliminator to keep the dog bed smelling fresh. Some air fresheners may come with additional benefits, such as killing off germs, which can also help you as the owner. 

When using an odor eliminator, make sure the dog bed is completely dry before your pet uses it again. If not, the spray could get stuck on your dog’s skin and give them rashes or make them uncomfortable. Some sprays are also toxic, so they could make your dog ill.

Try to set a schedule of using an odor eliminator once or twice every week, depending on how smelly your pup is. Factors that can contribute to odor are rashes, infections and sweat from exercise. If your dog suffers from any of these, odor eliminators can be used more often to keep the smell down. 

woman spraying
A woman spraying.

Teach Your Dog Not To Play with Their Bed

For some owners, training can be a difficult task. However, teaching your dog young or as soon as they’re home not to play with their dog bed will help keep it from falling apart. 

Some dogs are naturally playful and will use anything to play. These items include shoes, dog beds, clothes, and more. When dogs are young, you should aim to teach your dog which items are toys and which aren’t. 

To train your pup, you can use a variety of methods. Some owners like to use a crinkled water bottle to alert dogs when they play with something, not a toy. Others may use a water spray to keep dogs away from playing with something.

It’s all up to you as the owner to decide what is best for your dog.  

Boston Terrier sitting with owner
Boston Terrier sitting with his owner on a couch.

Purchase a Specific Fabric or High-End Dog Bed

One of the last options is to look at getting a pricey, high-end dog bed. This doesn’t mean that all expensive beds will be good for you and your pup’s lifestyle, but rather to look for products that will help keep your dog’s bed from falling apart

For example, a popular dog bed is an indestructible model. These can withstand much more chewing, playing, and sleeping than other pet beds. Many times, these models work particularly well for puppies.

Another great example is purchasing beds made from thicker materials, such as plastic weaving. These are common in rescues and wash easily and handle a lot of weight. 

dog sleeps on his bed
A dog sleeps comfortably on his bed hugging a stuffed toy.


Dog beds are something every pet owner should have. Allowing your dog to rest easily on something comfortable is the least many owners can do. 

When purchasing your dog bed, focus on the factors of the bed and your dog to make the best choice. Even if you don’t, you should be able to wash and maintain a dog bed for well over a few months if properly cared for.