How Many Puppies Do Cockapoos Have?

If you’re a breeder or looking to breed your Cockapoo dog, you’re probably wondering, “how many puppies do Cockapoos have?”

Cockapoos will have between three and eight puppies in a single litter. Size of the Cockapoo parents are the biggest factor that influences the number of puppies a Cockapoo will have.

how many puppies do cockapoos have
How many puppies do Cockapoos have?

At the higher end of that scale, a litter of eight or more puppies would be considered large. The risk of an exhausted mama dog and poor health outcomes increases with the number of puppies.

There’s a lot more to know about Cockapoo litters. 

  • Learn about Cockapoo heat cycle
  • Ethical breeding consideration for Cockapoos
  • How long a Cockapoo heat season lasts

Cockapoo Litters

Cockapoos are not going to break records with their litter size. Did you know that in 2004, a Neopolitan Mastiff named Tia gave birth to 24 puppies in a single litter?

cockapoo puppy dog door
A Cockapoo puppy sits patiently near a front door.

Cockapoos, and most other female dogs, typically experience their first heat cycle when they’re about six months old. There is some variation by breed, both in a bitch’s age at the time of the first heat cycle and in the timing of the cycles themselves. 

alone Cockapoo looks sad
A Cockapoo looks sad after the owner stops her from playing with other dogs. (Image: Instagram/@betsyboo_the_cockapoo)

However, as a rule, most female dogs are in heat twice a year. If you don’t want them to breed when they are in heat, you should segregate them from male dogs.

Ethical Breeding

Cockapoos are a mixed breed of dog, combining the smarts and graciousness of a Poodle with the gentle friendliness of a Cocker Spaniel. They’re very friendly and, more specifically, family-friendly, so they are immensely popular

cockapoo puppy at a party
A cockapoo ready to party

Since there is often handsome profit available through the sale of Cockapoo puppies, some breeders are overly aggressive and put the health and safety of their dogs at risk to try and breed as often as possible. 

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It’s irresponsible and dangerous to mate a female dog at the time of her first cycle. Her body isn’t prepared for the stress of pregnancy, as she hasn’t developed all the way. Plus, when a dog is so young, its overall health hasn’t been established, and it may be susceptible to birthing problems without you knowing it. 

Cockapoo sitting on bar stool
The Cockapoo loves sitting on a bar stool. (Image: Instagram/@maisie.the.cockapoo21)

When female dogs get older, breeding should stop before their seventh birthday to minimize the possibility of sickly litters. Responsible and ethical breeders know that each dog is different, and they allow their dogs ample time to recover after birth, especially if the litter is large. The bigger the litter, the more the whelping process will drain the mother’s energy. 

It is inadvisable and sometimes cruel to breed a dog in two successive cycles. By prioritizing their dog’s health over a breeding schedule, a good breeder takes care of their dog and their investment, as healthier mothers lead to healthier puppies. However, the breeder can still expect approximately four litters in each Cockapoo bitches lifetime.  

Cockapoo Breeding: The Male Perspective

Male dogs are obviously part of the breeding process. A Cockapoo stud’s ability to breed doesn’t have the limitation of a hormone cycle. 

However, they shouldn’t be allowed to do so when they’re very young or as they get on in years. That’s because until they reach maturity, their baseline health and their fitness to sire a litter aren’t yet established, and as they age, their sperm weakens. 

Male dogs aren’t limited to breeding only during a cycle and therefore can sire a great many litters in their lifetime. 

How Long Does a Female Cockapoo’s Season Last?

When a bitch is in heat, she is in season. The maximum length of a Cockapoo season is six months, though most last less than a month. 

grey and white cockapoo laying units back tongue out
This gray and black Cockapoo is relaxing!

Like human females, the individual will typically develop their own rhythm to the menstruation cycle, and as the breeder or owner, you can recognize them. 

The heat cycle is a time when you might notice some changes in your dog, including:

  • Frequent urination 
  • Vaginal discharge or bleeding
  • Licking and swelling of the external genitals
  • Dragging their hindquarters on grass or rough carpet
  • Changes in behavior, appetite

Choosing Mates

Since Cockapoos are a mixed breed, there are some intricate patterns used by breeders to pass on the most desirable genetic traits from one generation to the next. 

For example, first-generation Cockapoos (whose parents are a Cocker Spaniel and a poodle) are called an F1 pair. If an F1 pair of Cockapoos breeds, their puppies are called F2. 

In each successive generation, a breeder can select between combinations of poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and Cockapoo. By doing so, they will change the odds of the litter having certain traits or similarities to their ancestors. 

Special Combinations

If a breeder combines two first-generation Cockapoos, their litter will express many variations between individuals. It also enhances the odds of one of the puppies bearing a strong resemblance to one of its grandparents. This phenomenon is called the Grand Father effect. 

Wavy Cockapoo Puppy Ears
Photo by Ray Larabie /CC BY

This same genetic randomness among F2 puppies also results in approximately a quarter of them not inheriting the shaggy facial hair that Cockapoos are typically known to have. 

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the dog. It’s just the result of genetic variance and probability

Successful Breeding

When a male and female Cockapoo mate successfully, her pregnancy will last approximately nine weeks like that of all dog species. 

Cockapoo looks at owner
A Cockapoo looks at her owner. (Image: Instagram/

A competent breeder will be on the lookout for signs of pregnancy like swelling nipples or appetite changes. They will have a veterinarian examine the dog as appropriate to confirm pregnancy. 

Examinations and even internals don’t always reveal the number of puppies, but they’re performed to monitor the overall health of the litter. Then, after approximately nine weeks, the mother will give birth to her litter of puppies. But how many will there be?

How Many Puppies Are in a Cockapoo Litter? Final Word

The average Cockapoo has between four and seven puppies per litter. The mother’s overall health, number of prior pregnancies, and age can all influence the size of the litter. 

Though four to seven puppies are typical, it is also not uncommon for a Cockapoo to give birth to eight or more puppies in a single litter.

You’re not ready to start breeding Cockapoos yet. However, if you’re interested in these furry friends, there’s a lot more to know