Male vs Female Cockapoo (Which Is Better?)

It’s hard not to fall in love with Cockapoos when you set eyes on a litter of puppies. But if you’re trying to approach your puppy purchase from a practical sense, you might wonder about the difference between male vs. female Cockapoos.

Some insist that they prefer one Cockapoo gender. Other people recognize that while there are differences, Cockapoos of both sexes share many wonderful attributes.

male vs female Cockapoo
Male vs. Female Cockapoo (Which is better?)

There isn’t a “better” Cockapoo gender, given that it depends on personal preference. But I’ll help you understand how these genders diverge—and areas they have in common—so that you can determine which is the best-fit Cockapoo for you.

6 Differences Between Male and Female Cockapoos

Despite being the same breed, male and female Cockapoos display many differences. Even so, the points below are a general overview; every dog is unique and will behave differently according to its genetics and environment. 

1. Male Cockapoos Are More Affectionate

Male Cockapoos are the epitome of lap dogs. They’ll want to crawl into your lap while watching tv and stay as close as possible to you when you’re moving around the kitchen making dinner.

That’s not to say female Cockapoos don’t love attention, though; they just might want to give affection when they feel like it.

sleeps on owner's lap
Cockapoo sleeps on the owner’s lap comfortably. Don’t move!

2. Female Cockapoos Are Stubborn 

The phrase “girls rule” couldn’t be more true when it comes to female Cockapoos. Females love being the boss and are more stubborn than their male counterparts. As a result, training them at a young age is crucial to help manage their stubbornness. 

The good news is that Cockapoos are intelligent and quick learners. So, as long as you use positive reinforcement techniques and stay consistent, you should have a well-trained female Cockapoo on your hands. 

Cockapoo on the floor
Cockapoo lying on the floor.

3. Male Cockapoos Mark Their Territory

If you don’t spay your male Cockapoo—or if you wait too long to sterilize them—they’ll mark their territory by peeing on everything. While some male Cockapoos will only do this outside, it can become a significant problem if they start urinating in the house. 

Veterinarians recommend neutering dogs when they reach six to nine months of age.

black and white cockapoo puppy
Black and white Cockapoo puppy with a scarf.

4. Female Cockapoos Need Spaying

You’ll have a different set of problems if you don’t spay a female Cockapoo in time. Unspayed female Cockapoos will go into heat twice annually. It’s a messy time, and you’ll need to ensure they don’t run away. 

But even spayed females will often hump objects, other dogs, and even their owners. It’s a way for them to show dominance, so you’ll need to train them to stop it.

chocolate cockapoo
A super happy Chocolate Cockapoo

5. Male Cockapoos Are Larger

Within any given breed, male dogs grow taller and weigh more than females. So, you can expect your male Cockapoo to be on the larger end of the scale for their size type. 

That means male Toy Cockapoos could get up to around 12 pounds, Miniature Cockapoos up to around 18 pounds, and Standard Cockapoos into the 20-pound range. If you’re hoping to bring home a Cockapoo puppy that doesn’t grow too tall, it’s best to buy a female.

cockapoo full grown
When is a Cockapoo full grown?

6. Female Cockapoos Mature Faster

Whereas male Cockapoos are playful well into their adult years, female Cockapoos mature fast. As a result, they often don’t enjoy chasing balls in the yard or get the zoomies as much as males of the same age.

So, a female Cockapoo is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a mellower, more independent dog. Otherwise, male Cockapoos are ideal for people wanting a playful pooch.

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Similarities Between Male and Female Cockapoos

Although you might balk at one or more of the traits above, the reality is that when comparing male vs. female Cockapoos, both of these genders share many excellent qualities. 

Hypoallergenic Properties

Since Cockapoos are half Poodle, they have hypoallergenic fur. That means they shed less than non-hypoallergenic dogs, often making them a good fit for people with allergies.

That said, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Therefore, before bringing home a Cockapoo to someone in your family with allergies, it’s wise to spend time around the dog to ensure they won’t have an allergic reaction.

Cockapoo straight coat
Cockapoo with straight coat standing in the yard.

Family Friendly Pets

Cockapoos of both genders are excellent around children and are typically good with strangers. The larger versions of Cockapoos are big enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about young children accidentally hurting them during play, but they’re small enough that they can curl up on your lap.

Since Cockapoos are so friendly and love being around people, they may develop canine separation anxiety when you leave. So, you might need to seek the support of a trainer to help your dog overcome their anxiety when no one is home.

Cockapoo on owner's lap
Cockapoo is climbing on his owner’s lap for a cuddle!

High Energy

Cockapoos have lots of energy. That’s the case for females, too, even though they mature faster. You can expect your Cockapoo to turn into a ball of energy when you come home, take them for a walk, give them a toy, and essentially with any new thing you show them.

For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure you’re giving your Cockapoo exercise at least twice per day. The length and intensity of exercise will depend on the size of your dog, so consult with your veterinarian to see what they recommend.

Cockapoo loves to play
Cockapoo puppy on his back loves to play!

Great With Other Dogs

Another great aspect about Cockapoos of both genders is that you don’t have to hold your breath when passing neighboring dogs on the street. These dogs love playing with other canines.

So, if you already have a dog in your home and are trying to figure out a good companion breed for them, a male or female Cockapoo is an excellent contender. That said, it’s typically best to bring home Cockapoo of the opposite sex for the smoothest transition.

Cockapoos running
Two happy Cockapoos running!

Variety of Sizes

Even though male Cockapoos are larger than females within any given size category, both genders come in four sizes:

  • Teacup (under 10 inches)
  • Toy (10 to 11 inches)
  • Miniature (12 to 15 inches)
  • Standard (16 to 22 inches)

Such a wide range in sizes makes the Cockapoo an excellent fit for people who live in studios and those living on a large farm. 

Grooming Is Necessary

Since Cockapoos have hypoallergenic properties, it’s easy for people to assume they don’t need to groom them as frequently since they shed so little. Unfortunately, this is harmful thinking to your pet.

Dirt, debris, and the occasional loose hair can all get tangled in a Cockapoo’s fur. So, you should aim to brush them at least once per week.

Furthermore, schedule a grooming appointment for your Cockapoo about once every three months. That way, they’ll get deep grooming and their hair trimmed to keep them feeling and looking in tip-top shape. 

dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools for your dog.

Highly Intelligent

Regardless of whether you bring home a male or female Cockapoo, you can expect them to be quick learners. While male Cockapoos will be eager to learn in ways that please their owner, you’ll need to keep a more careful eye on females.

That’s because female Cockapoos are so stubborn that they might use their intelligence to test you. But they’ll do so in their own loving way, given that they still seek love from their owners despite being more independent than males.

chocolate cockapoo at beach
A chocolate Cockapoo at the beach. Fun!

Is There a Better Gender for Seniors?

Both male and female Cockapoos are typically an excellent fit for seniors. That said, male Cockapoos will have a greater affinity for cuddling up on a senior’s lap, whereas females will be more independent. 

Typically, the age of a Cockapoo is more applicable for seniors than the gender.

So, if you’re a senior looking for a calmer companion dog, I recommend purchasing or adopting an older Cockapoo. Cockapoos can live anywhere from 13 to 17 years old. Generally speaking, the smaller your Cockapoo, the higher the chance of them having a longer lifespan.

Taking your Cockapoo to the vet at least once a year will increase the chances for longer and healthier life, given that your veterinarian could catch and treat health issues early. 

Cockapoo with her owner
Cockapoo with her senior owner spend time outdoors.

The Bottom Line

Comparing the differences between male vs. female Cockapoos is important, but when it comes down to it, every Cockapoo is unique. 

So, some female Cockapoos may have male characteristics and vice versa. The good news is that Cockapoos are smart, and they’re relatively easy to train, as long as you’re consistent. 

Regardless of the Cockapoo gender you choose, I’m confident your home will fill with more energy and love than before you had them.