How Often Should I Shampoo My Puppy?

If you own a puppy, you know they are full of energy and ready to play at any time. Puppies also love to run around and get dirty.

Bathing your puppy will help keep them clean while preventing ringworm, which can spread through their fur if not taken care of quickly.

how often should I shampoo my puppy
How often should I shampoo my puppy?

If you have been asking, how often should I shampoo my puppy? Keep reading the article to learn how regularly you should clean your puppy and tips for cleaning a puppy that hates water.

How Regularly Should I Bathe My Puppy?

Puppy owners should give their canine friends a regular bath as they shed fur and produce odors. Shampoos are gentle and help keep your puppy’s coat shiny and soft. They also help prevent skin problems, infections, fleas, ticks, and other parasites. But how frequently should you do it? Your dog’s bath schedule will depend on a few things, including:

Hair Length

Puppies with extra-long hair will quickly accumulate dirt. On average, you should clean your puppy every two months if it has long hair.

Yorkiepoo puppy feels tired
Yorkiepoos can have different color patterns.

Level of Activity

Dogs with low activity levels, especially those that spend most of their time indoors, are less likely to get messy than dogs with high activity levels. Consider cleaning him regularly if he enjoys the following things:

  • Swimming
  • Rolling in excrement
  • Playing in the park
  • Digging holes
different puppy breeds
Different breeds of puppies running at the beach!

Skin Conditions and Allergies

Skin allergies and other medical issues might increase or decrease the frequency of a dog requiring a bath.

Labrador puppy scratching
A Labrador puppy on the grass is scratching.

At the very least, ensure your puppy gets a bath once every three months. When you notice your puppy is stinking, it’s time to bathe him. Furthermore, you should ask your vet how frequently you should do it.

Tips To Help in Bathing Your Dog

How exactly should one go about bathing their canine friend? It might be challenging to keep your puppy under control while cleaning it. If you want to have an easy time bathing your pet, try the following tips.

Get the Right Shampoo

Soap bubbles might irritate your puppy’s eyes, so it’s essential to use shampoo for canines. Consider getting a shampoo made entirely of organic products to lessen the likelihood of skin irritation.

shampoo bottle
Getting shampoo in an orange bottle.

Brush Your Puppy

Most puppy owners often neglect to brush their pets. You should brush your dog thoroughly before bathing to remove clumps and loose hair, allowing the shampoo to penetrate down the skin. Brushing a puppy also eliminates tangles, which are hard to remove when wet.

dog brushes on a pink background
Dog brushes on a pink background.

Choose a Location and Don’t Change

Bathing your puppy in an already known setting might help allay their anxiety and prepare them for what’s coming. Try using a lick pad to keep your dog motionless while bathing him. You can bathe your puppy on a rubber mat or in a sink.

French Bulldog with foamy bathtub water
A French Bulldog with foamy bath.

Start From Bottom to Top

You should apply your shampoo in a circular movement while paying special attention to your puppy’s body parts that are more likely to become dirty such as paws. That prevents the shampoo from running into sensitive areas like the eyes, significantly reducing trembling after a bath.

Poodle taking a bath
A Poodle puppy having a bath!

Bathing a Dog That Hates Water

Bathing your puppy might be challenging because of improper introduction. Most puppies hate water because of previous unpleasant experiences. However, you need not worry if you take the necessary measures to remove your puppy’s anxiety.

Train the puppy properly if you want him to enjoy the bath. Here is what you need to do to help your puppy stay calm when cleaning it.

Prepare Your Puppy for the Moment

Before bathing your puppy, it’s advisable to start with a quick walk or a jog. It’s an excellent way to put his boundless vitality to good use. The wearier he is, the more he will appreciate a soothing bath.

Havapoo puppy wearing coat
A Havapoo puppy wearing coat with his owner.

It’s best not to fill the tub with excess water because the puppy might become anxious. Just fill it up to the point where you have 3 or 4 inches of water.

Furthermore, avoid adding water to the bowl while your puppy is around because some canines become anxious when they hear running water. If your puppy is small, you shouldn’t bathe him in a tub because it might be daunting for them.

Assist Your Puppy

Assist the pet after putting him in the tub. Give him your full attention and care so he may relax and feel safe. Get your dog in and order a bath to let him know it is cleaning time.

Havanese in external bathtub
Havanese will take a bath in an external bathtub.

Moreover, don’t worry about his reaction since he will likely pick up on your anxiety and conclude that something is wrong. Avoid pouring water on him directly. To further entice your pet, place some toys in the tub. Proceed cautiously and give him time to adjust to the water.

Start With Alternatives

Try getting your dog familiar with the idea of bathing with anything other than water and traditional shampoo first. That will need less effort on your part and will save you time.

dog wipes gray background
A dog wipe is a useful tool to thoroughly clean you pet’s coat.

You can use special wipes for pups to clean dirt patches on your dog’s body. While using these wipes is no substitute for bathing your dog, it is still preferable to letting your dog stay untidy.

Can I Bathe My Two-Month Old Puppy?

Yes, puppy owners should start bathing their puppies as early as eight weeks. However, avoid bathing puppies less than two months old as their body temperature may not regulate. If you must clean your puppy, use a damp cloth instead of water.

Golden Retriever puppy collar
Golden Retriever puppy with a red collar lying on a comfortable pillow.

Final Thoughts

So, how often should I shampoo my puppy? It would be best if you bathe your puppy once a month. While it may seem inconvenient to bathe your puppy, it is a good idea. Bathing helps prevent dry skin, allergies, and other dirt-related conditions.

It’s important to know what type of dog you have, their breed, and coat length. The time you should spend cleaning your dog depends on its coat type. And whenever you have any questions about bathing your puppy, always consult your vet. We hope the article helped answer the question, how often should I shampoo my puppy?