Maltipoo Yorkie Mix Information and Photos

Nowadays, there are so many hybrid dog breeds that it can be difficult to differentiate between them. Anyone interested in dogs such as Malteses, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers but can’t seem to decide, you might want to consider a Maltipoo Yorkie because it may be the perfect pick. 

These cute, cuddly, and furry hybrid mixes can be the perfect addition to anyone’s household. There isn’t much information or overall knowledge on these particular dogs. For this reason, this article will break down some of the most essential information on Maltipoo Yorkie mixes. 

Maltipoo Yorkie mix
Maltipoo Yorkie Mix Info

What Are Maltipoo Yorkies?

A Maltipoo Yorkie mix is a hybrid breed that consists of not one, not two, but three different dogs. Maltipoo Yorkies are bred from a Maltese, a Poodle, and a Yorkshire Terrier sometimes called a Yorkie. All these dogs are somewhat similar in size, mannerisms, and characteristics.

Combined, they create a unique dog perfect for families and children. Overall, these three dogs mixed are very social and enjoyable to have as a companion!

black and white morke poo
A black and white Morkie Poo dog.

Where Can I Find Maltipoo Yorkies?

Maltipoo Yorkies are a relatively new hybrid breed. That said, whether it’s looking at breeders or different rescues and shelters, they may be difficult to find simply because they are three different dog breeds combined and many breeders don’t have access to all three dogs.

Often, the closest thing found to a Maltipoo Yorkie is a Maltipoo, which is just a Maltese and Poodle mix. Rather than wait for a Maltipoo Yorkie to become available at a rescue or shelter, the smartest thing is to find a breeder that sells both Maltipoos and Yorkies and inquire about breeding them to create the perfect Maltipoo Yorkie mix. 

With Maltipoo Yorkies becoming more popular, this is worth a try. Dog breeders are constantly trying to breed the cutest, most in-demand dogs and Maltipoo Yorkies are just that.

taking care of dogs
A young woman taking care of dogs in an animal shelter.

What Can I Expect A Maltipoo Yorkie To Look Like?

As mentioned before, Maltipoo Yorkie mixes feature three different dogs, so there’s no set expectation for how they’ll look. That said, there’s no surprise that they can come out with a variety of physical characteristics. 

For the most part, breeders find that Maltipoo Yorkies’ fur comes out thicker and curlier than their Poodle parent. Maltese and Yorkie breeds typically have finer, straighter hair, so with a Maltipoo Yorkie, the Poodle’s curly hair operates as the dominant gene. 

As far as the coat color of Maltipoo Yorkies, again, there is a wide range of possibilities. Depending on how the genetics formulate in a particular dog, Maltipoo Yorkies can be entirely white like their Maltese parent, or they could be brown, tan, or black like their Poodle parent. Maltipoo Yorkies could also be black and brown like their Yorkshire Terrier parent. 

It’s important to note that some Maltipoo Yorkies will have just one color from one of their three parents, while some may have two colors and others will have a mixture of three different colors. This feature is the beauty of hybrid dogs. An entire litter of Maltipoo Yorkies can be diverse and provide the buyer with more options than with a purebred dog. 

Maltipoo Yorkies are especially diverse. While Malteses, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers are similar in size and temperament, their physical characteristics will always create a unique and attractive hybrid dog!

morkie poo white
A white Morkie Poo

How Can I Expect a Maltipoo Yorkie To Behave?

Maltipoo Yorkie mixes are known to be loving, affectionate dogs. They take on the characteristics of most small lap dogs. Because the characteristics of all three dogs will be present in a Maltipoo Yorkie, it’s important to consider the temperament of all three breeds.

A Maltipoo, which is a Maltese and Poodle mix, is known to be an intelligent, playful, and kind dog. They’re typically very youthful and adaptable, even as adults and seniors. Typically, they don’t display aggression.

They’re very dependent on other household members and friendly toward strangers.

Yorkshire Terriers are known to be confident, independent, and sassy dogs! While they are well-behaved, they exemplify strong personalities

When all three dogs combine into a Maltipoo Yorkie, they may dibble and dabble with these temperaments and characteristics. It’s no surprise that they will behave like all three dogs, but perhaps they’ll take on more characteristics of one parent than another.

morkie poodle mix
A Morkie Poodle Mix runs on the grass

How Big Are Maltipoo Yorkies?

There’s no surprise that Maltipoo Yorkies are not large dogs at all! Typically, they won’t weigh more than 12 pounds and be taller than 10 inches, making them very easy to handle. This average is expected since Malteses, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers are all small to medium dogs.

On average, a Maltese won’t weigh more than 8 pounds and be taller than 10 inches. Yorkshire Terriers, one of the smallest dogs in existence, will weigh no more than 7 pounds and be no taller than 9 inches. Lastly, Poodles will weigh around 17 pounds and be no taller than 11 inches. 

Maltipoo Yorkie mix on the grass
Maltipoo Yorkie mix sits on the grass with his owner.

How Can I Maintain a Maltipoo Yorkie’s Grooming?

Maintaining a Maltipoo Yorkie’s coat can be tricky and requires attention to detail. Maltipoo Yorkies do not shed, which means they’ll need regular grooming. Grooming should not be mistaken for receiving a simple haircut.

Grooming a Maltipoo Yorkie consists of bathing, brushing, keeping nails up to par, cleaning eyes, and keeping fur trimmed.

As mentioned before, Maltipoo Yorkies can have a wide variety of fur coats and textures. How often they need to be brushed depends on the texture of their fur. If a Maltipoo Yorkie has more Poodle characteristics than a Maltese or Yorkie, their fur will need to be brushed and detangled more frequently to prevent matting. 

But if the Maltipoo Yorkie takes on the fur characteristics of a Maltese or Yorkie instead of a Poodle, their fur won’t need to be brushed as often because it’ll be straighter.

The same rules will apply to bathing a Maltipoo Yorkie. Both Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers require weekly or biweekly washes. Because of their thicker, curlier hair, Poodles will only need to be washed once a month to prevent dryness, fur falling out, and other skin problems. 

For a Maltipoo Yorkie, it is recommended they are washed twice a month to find a middle ground between the three dog breeds. However, if their fur texture is easily identifiable, it’ll be clear how often they need to be washed.

If their fur is curlier like a Poodle, wash less. If it’s straighter like a Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier, wash more.

Additionally, it’s important to use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner because Malteses, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers all require a regularly conditioned coat for maximum fur health.

As mentioned earlier, Maltipoo Yorkies don’t shed, so they’ll need to be trimmed regularly. It is recommended that owners go to a professional groomer to ensure that their dog’s hair is cut properly, especially if their Maltipoo Yorkie has curlier, thicker hair. 

Additionally, Maltipoo Yorkies must get their nails trimmed just as frequently as their hair because the two should go hand in hand. Lastly, owners of Maltipoo Yorkies must clean their dogs’ eyes regularly. Both Maltese and Yorkies are known for eye tearing and staining.

If not regularly cleaned, they can develop serious eye problems.

dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools for your dog.

What Health Concerns Should I Consider With a Maltipoo Yorkie?

Maltipoo Yorkie owners should also consider common health issues with Malteses, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers. While this doesn’t mean that Maltipoo Yorkies are susceptible to all of these issues, it’s important to be aware that this hybrid mix can develop any one of these common health concerns.

Common Health Issues for Maltese

These are just a few of the health concerns for Maltese.

sad face Maltese sitting
A sad Maltese sits on the floor.

Common Health Issues for Yorkshire Terriers

These are some of the common health concerns for Yorkshire Terriers

  • Collapsed Trachea 
  • Pancreatitis 
  • Hypoglycemia
Yorkshire Terrier lying in bed
Yorkshire Terrier lying in bed under a blanket.

Common Health Issues for Poodles

Here are a few of the common health issues for Poodles

  • Thyroid issues
  • Cataracts
  • Skin problems
Toy Poodle with toy
A Toy Poodle waits patiently for his owner.

Owners of these hybrid mixes should have common knowledge of health risks for all three dogs, not just the parent dog that the Maltipoo Yorkie takes after the most.

It’s important to keep in mind that every dog, even dogs with the same parents, can be different. If you have any health concerns about your pup, ensure you consult their vet to keep them in the best health. While these dogs may be predisposed to certain health issues, keeping up to date on vaccines and preventative care can reduce the risk of your pet suffering in the long run. 

Wrap Up

A Maltipoo Yorkie mix is the perfect mixture between a Maltese, Poodle, and Yorkshire Terrier that will bring friendliness, intelligence, and youthfulness into anyone’s life and home! While these cuddle buddies may be hard to find, they are unique and will constantly turn heads with their adorableness. 

Interested potential owners have a head start on how to find (or organize the breeding) Maltipoo Yorkies and how to take care of them from head to toe.