The 7 Best Silent No Squeak Dog Toys In 2024

Squeaky toys are an excellent diversion for dogs of all ages. They’re ideal for teething puppies and successfully entertaining your adult dogs while you work. The only catch is that there’s only so often you can hear the squeak of your dog’s favorite toy before your sanity wavers dangerously. 

There are other good reasons for seeking out no-squeak dog toys, too. Maybe you don’t want to wake an infant or need to work from home without subjecting colleagues to the sound of the squeaky sheep your dog loves. Whatever the reason, there are a variety of silent squeaky dog toys.

no squeak dog toys
The 7 Best Silent No Squeak Dog Toys

Here are seven of the best to save your sanity and preserve peace and quiet. 

7 Best Silent Dog Toys 

Silent dog toys provide the same level of entertainment as normal squeaky toys but squeak at a decibel that humans can’t hear. Given the pitch of the average squeaky toy and the gusto a dog can put into gutting one, they’re a godsend to owners everywhere. 

But not all silent dog toys are created equally. Here are our favorites. 

Hear Doggy Flattie Ultrasonic Dog Toy

There are lots to recommend Hear Doggy’s range of ultrasonic squeaky toys. For one thing, as their name suggests, they’re flat. That means that if your dog is an aggressive chewer and successfully shreds the toy in minutes, you’ll be spared the explosion of fluffy guts. 

Hear Doggy Flattie Brown Beaver Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker Dog Toy, 58519
$16.77 $15.14
  • SOFT & DURABLE PLUSH: Get that tail wagging with excitement for the Flattie Beaver Silent Squeaker dog toy. This cute and cuddly plush toy is perfect for play, with a built-in ultrasonic squeaker that...
  • ULTRASONIC SILENT SQUEAKER: Designed with a built-in silent squeaker, you won't even have to worry about a noisy play while your canine chomps away on this durable dog toy. Ideal for quiet spaces like...
  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: Our plush dog toys are made for hours of interactive and solo playtime fun with double-stitched seams to ensure your dog's toy lasts through many games of fetch. Plus, they're...
  • LESS MESS: Understuffed and floppy!
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02/19/2024 04:31 am GMT

But another appealing feature is that they can be used by more aggressive chewers. Some pooches have a high prey drive that prompts them to eviscerate the still-squeaking heart of any toy that makes a noise, whether humans can hear the sound or not. Take it from me, it can be challenging to find something that holds up to cuddly toy carnage. 

But Hear Doggy holds up, if not for months, then for several days. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is when you find yourself buying new toys every week or two. 

The chew guard technology Hear Doggy integrates into their toys protects the seams and makes it difficult for your dog to access the squeaker too quickly. It also helps keep your pup safe. Fun as squeaky toys can be, they pose a choking hazard if your dog tries to swallow the squeaker. 

Crucially, this silent dog toy lives up to its name. It may make noise, but only at a decibel your dog can hear. 

Not only that, Hear Doggy’s ultrasonic toys are affordable. So, if your pup does manage to eviscerate it faster than advertised, you can replace it without denting your bank account. 

dog with toy
A dog busy playing with his toy.

Chuckit Indoor Dog Toy

The Chuckit balls are another excellent no-squeak dog toy that promises to keep your dog entertained. 

ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Fetch Toy For Medium To Large Dogs, Orange/Blue One Size Only
$8.13 $7.43
  • Toy Designed for Indoor Play: The perfect complement to rainy days, hardwood floors, or late-night games of fetch. With lightweight Bounceflex Core Technology, it's soft enough that it won't damage...
  • Lightweight and Durable: Multilayer construction provides added durability for long-lasting use. At 4.7 inches in diameter, it's slightly larger than a softball. Not designed as a dog chew toy, always...
  • Gentle on Dog's Mouths: Covered in soft chenille fabric makes this gentle on your dog's mouths, extending the game of fetch. While designed to be durable, it is not recommended for heavy chewing dogs
  • ChuckIt Indoor Line Dog Products: Shop the line of Indoor interactive dog toys including the Fumbler, Tumble Bumper, Indoor Ball, Squirrel, Shaker, Roller, and Tumbler tough dog toys; great...
  • Make Fetch Happen: ChuckIt! interactive dog toys are designed with you and your dog in mind to enrich the human-animal bond and help dogs stay active. Our Indoor and outdoor dog toys include balls for...
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Sometimes, it can seem like even the most well-behaved pup will eat their way through hundreds of squeaky toys over the years and decimate reams of tennis balls. I’ve certainly felt that way, but not with the Chuckit ball. 

Like Hear Doggy’s cuddly toys, Chuckit is affordable. It’s also as sturdy as the brand guarantees on the box. 

Chuckit is a variation on the standard tennis ball. It has a soft chenille exterior that makes it easy for dogs to pick up. Moreover, it’s also gentler on your floors than the standard Chuckit ball.

It is well-suited to small dogs and teething puppies because the fabric is soothing against their gums and mitigates teething pain. 

The eye-catching blue and orange color scheme will appeal to dogs as they have limited color perception.

However, keep in mind that aggressive chewers may eat through the chenille exterior quickly. If that sounds like your pup, they may be better suited to the standard Chuckit ball, which is still effective indoors. 

The other thing you need to consider before buying the Chuckit dog toy is size. It comes in several sizes, designed to accommodate small and large dogs. Ensuring you get a ball appropriately sized for your dog makes playtime more enjoyable and reduces the risk of choking. 

German Shepherd plays with his toy
German Shepherd plays with his toy at the park.

Fluff ‘N Tuff Red Squirrel

Fluff ‘N Tuff is another favorite of mine when it comes to no-squeak dog toys. While some of the company’s dog toys do have squeakers, this isn’t one of them. 

Fluff & Tuff SQUEAKERLESS Red Squirrel
  • SQUEAKERLESS Red Squirrel is a large toy measuring 12" in length
  • Fluff & Tuff’s unique, ultra-plush outer fabric and thick, durable Tuffweb mesh liner
  • All seams are concealed, generously folded and double stitched
  • New, non-toxic polyfill placed for optimal shaping and playability
  • For safety, the eyes are embroidered. Please always supervise your dog’s playtime. While our toys are made out of high-quality materials to be more durable, they still are a plush toy and therefore...
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Instead, this realistic-looking red squirrel is nothing but stuffing, seams, and a cuddly exterior. 

In addition to being completely silent, you can expect this toy to be impressively durable. It doesn’t matter how aggressive the chewer, Fluff ‘N Tuff creates toys that stand up to months of hard playing. 

They reinforce and conceal the seams, making them harder to shred. Additionally, there’s a mesh web interior to protect the stuffing.

Another feature we appreciate about Fluff ‘N Tuff’s toy design is the embroidered eyes. Many toys glue on eyes that a playful pooch can pull off and swallow. It’s a little thing, but it can lead to internal blockages.

The embroidered eyes, like much of Fluff ‘N Tuff’s carefully considered design, ensure hours of safe, silent play. 

FGA Marketplace No Squeak Dog Toy  

FGA Marketplace’s no-squeak toys range from frogs to ducks, but one thing they have in common is that their squeakers are ultrasonic. So, while your dog can hear the noise, you don’t have to. 

One core benefit of these silent dog toys is that they are made from material that helps reduce plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth. This is ideal for breeds prone to dental disease

As a bonus, FGA Marketplace’s toys lack stuffing. This is something I’ve found appealing given that an eviscerated toy tends to build up what I call a “fluff collection.” Plus, having a toy like this means not having to clean stuffing off the floor.  

SPOT Ethical Pets Dog Toy

The SPOT Ethical dog toy isn’t necessarily a no squeak dog toy. It does squeak, but it also features an off-switch that enables you to mute it when you need a reprieve from the noise. 

Ethical Pets Push to Mute Dog Toy, Ball with Strap
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Easy to use mute button
  • Nylon strap
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02/11/2024 04:31 am GMT

Ethical Pets do several dog toys, but this one is a ball made of highly durable and dog-safe material. It’s an excellent option for interactive and independent play. 

The toy is available in several colors and shapes. Its options range from owl-shaped to a more traditional ball design. No matter which you choose, the sizes are designed to suit all dog types. 

However, some buyers found the off-switch difficult to manipulate and found it easier to leave the toy switched on. 

TrustyPup No-Squeak Dog Toy 

TrustyPup is another brand that does first-rate silent dog toys. They come in a range of sizes and animal types, allowing you to find one that suits your dog’s tastes. 

TrustyPup Penquin Plush Dog Toy with Silent Squeaker, Black and White, Medium, Model Number: 71136-99997-012
$12.99 $7.99
  • SOFT & DURABLE: Penguin is a fun and super cute ultrasonic squeaky toy made with irresistibly soft plush fabric that dogs love to cuddle with; featuring reinforced seams and chew-resistant lining for...
  • SILENT SQUEAKER: Designed with a patented squeaker tuned to an ultrasonic frequency out of human hearing range, but still perfectly audible to dogs; provides the same fun and excitement to your pup as...
  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: This dog toy is the perfect cuddle buddy; it's a great choice for pets that love to curl up and snuggle with soft, plush toys
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Strong 'N Silent Penguin, Black/White; Medium, 6" x 5" x 3"
  • DESIGNED TO LAST LONGER: Our soft plush dog toys are made with Chew Guard Technology, which adds a tough, heavy-duty, chew-resistant lining to our soft plush toys, making them a little more durable...
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The ultrasonic squeaker is only discernable to dogs, ensuring that your house remains quiet while your dog plays. Additionally, TrustyPup toys are designed for rough play and are made of durable material

Additionally, TrustyPup uses chew-guard technology to increase durability. That protects the squeaker and the stuffing. 

Nothing lasts forever, of course, but TrustyPup goes out of its way to ensure your dog gets as much play out of their silent squeaky toys as possible. 

The plush material is also ideal for less aggressive chewers. And we further appreciate the embroidered eyes for safer play. 

Another feature I like is that if and when your puppy does shred its new toy, there’s a rope toy in the middle. So, a dog can still get hours of silent entertainment out of the purchase long after you put the penguin part of the toy to rest. 

dog plays with toy
The dog plays with his toy.

Snuggle Puppy Tender Tuffs Dog Toy

For an excellent compromise between dog and human, consider the Snuggle Puppy Tender Tuffs dog toy.

Snuggle Puppy Tender-Tuffs - Water Bottle Cruncher with Crinkle Action - No Squeaker Whisper Rabbit Bottle Cover Dog Toy
  • CRINKLE! Fill the stuffing free body of this bottle cruncher toy with an empty plastic water bottle for crinkle action
  • QUIET! This dog toy has a no squeaker so playtime is quiet
  • REVOLUTIONARY! This adorable bottle play toy is made with TearBlok Technology to extend your dog’s playtime
  • PERFECT SIZE! This tough dog toy is the perfect size for medium to large dogs of all life stages
  • ENGAGING! Interactive plush dog toy facilitates healthy interaction between you and your dog
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Instead of a squeaker, this toy uses a crinkly surface material to engage your pet. It makes a bit of sound but does not have the intrusive sound of a squeaker. Not only is it easier for you to ignore, but the computer audio is less likely to pick it up during Zoom meetings. 

If the crinkling noise becomes too much, you can remove the interior bottle and be left with a mostly silent cuddly toy that will still keep your dog entertained. 

Additionally, it uses Tear-Blok technology to ensure the toy’s longevity. That said, it’s better suited to small and medium-sized dogs. 

Miniature Schnauzer toys
Miniature Schnauzer’s toys at the background.

Final Thoughts 

Providing environmental enrichment is important if you want a happy, healthy dog. It’s also essential if you want to keep your furniture unchewed and the carpets ungnawed. 

But that doesn’t have to come at the cost of your sanity. Squeaker toys rapidly get on anyone’s nerves. Luckily, there’s a variety of no-squeak dog toys to keep your pooch entertained and give you the quietude you need to ensure a happy household.