11 Most Clingy Velcro Dog Breeds

Velcro dogs are extra clingy dogs. They will approach people easily, show and demand plenty of affection, and follow those they like wherever they go. Not all dogs are like these, so velcro dog breeds stand out as a unique dog group.

Some dogs become velcro because of their experiences, but others are that way because of their genetics. These dogs are bred to be either working dogs or toy dogs, which are canines that work, play, and interact closely with humans.

velcro dog breeds
11 Most Clingy Velcro Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds have developed velcro traits over time. Take note that belonging to a velcro breed makes a dog likely to be clingy, but this will still depend on their individual traits. 

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds are hounds—dogs with sharp eyesight and speedy legs, enabling them to hunt small game and participate in races. Although their ancestors used to be hunters, Italian Greyhounds are the opposite of fierce since they would rather stay on your lap than attack anyone, even if they do not know them well.

Italian Greyhound lies down
Italian Greyhound lies down on top of the owner’s legs.

Italian Greyhounds vs. Greyhounds

Some people think that Italian Greyhounds are a smaller breed of Greyhounds. They might even believe that an Italian Greyhound is a Greyhound puppy. This is not the case—they have similar names, but they are technically different dog breeds, with Greyhounds being around 3,000 years older than Italian Greyhounds.

The two dog breeds’ differences do not stop at their size and history. Italian Greyhounds are more affectionate and welcoming than Greyhounds. Independent Greyhounds are content to be alone, while clingy Italian Greyhounds become anxious when left behind.

In terms of trainability, the eager-to-please Italian Greyhound is more willing to learn tricks than the less playful Greyhound. Thus, Italian Greyhounds are one of the most recommended dogs for families.


Out of the hundreds of dog breeds, Vizlas take the 31st spot in popularity and are increasingly becoming famous. These docile dogs come from Hungary, with ancestors who worked alongside ancient nomadic Magyar tribes.

two Vizsla with owner
Two Vizsla dogs with their owner.

Vizlas used to be falconers or hunters of falcons and other birds of prey. Because they had to work with humans, they were deliberately bred to be harmless and extra-helpful to people despite their physical size and prowess. This may explain why they are more likely to be clingy.

Back in the old days, when hunting wild animals was part of everyday life, Vizslas excelled in stalking and capturing their prey because of their camouflaging abilities. Their reddish-brown coats match their brownish eyes, making them look like part of the land.

These longtime hunters continue their work as pointers (dogs that point to game with their muzzles) and retrievers (dogs that obtain hunted game and deliver it to their masters). They are also frequent champions in dog sports.

As you can imagine, Vizslas’ historical background and genetics give them above-average energy levels that make them shine from the rest of the dog pack. Thus, they are excellent playmates for active families nowadays. 

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers ranked second in the American Kennel Club (AKC)’s 2021 list of the most popular canines in the world, with Labrador Retrievers being the most known and loved of them all. Many dogs in movies and TV shows are Golden Retrievers, which is no surprise because this dog breed is highly trainable and easy to work with.

Golden Retriever and owner
Golden Retriever and owner taking a rest after a long run!

As their name implies, Golden Retrievers help hunters capture and retrieve their game. Because of their obedient and assistive nature, they can be trained to perform all sorts of tasks, whether as guides for the blind or search-and-rescue dogs. They are very affectionate and can border on clingy at times.

The most common subtypes of Golden Retrievers are American Golden Retrievers and English Golden Retrievers. 

American and English Goldies are the same breed; they are just labeled differently because of differences in their appearances. The AKC recognizes American Goldies but not English Goldies because of certain standards in judging the quality of dogs during competitions.

English Goldies have off-white fur and were bred for this unique trait. On the other hand, American Goldies have standard colors of dark gold, gold, and light gold. 

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is, above all, a guard dog, and rightly so because it measures up to 28 inches at the shoulder and because its muscular build allows it to pounce on intruders when needed. Because of their intimidating characteristics, Dobermans are not usually expected to have velcro traits, but they are quite clingy

Black Doberman Pinscher
Black Doberman Pinscher on leash.

The Doberman’s vigilant attitude only comes from its attachment to its owners. These dogs have a moderate tolerance for strangers, but certainly not when unknown people harm their loved ones.

One unique thing about Dobermans is that they are smarter than other dogs. Some lists rank Dobermans as the smartest guard dog breed. Because of this and their protective abilities, they are often taken along during police work.

A Doberman will always want to stay beside you to keep you safe, making it to the list of most clingy velcro dog breeds. If you are seeking a canine companion that will be loyal to you, be on the lookout for dangers, and protect you from criminals, consider getting a Doberman Pinscher. 


Measuring just five to eight inches tall, Chihuahuas are considered toy dogs that a lap can accommodate quite easily. Not all toy dogs can be lapdogs because some small canines will refuse to sit still or be too close to people.

Chihuahua stays owner's lap
A Chihuahua stays on her owner’s lap.

A Chihuahua is both a toy dog and a lapdog. This “companion dog” can’t perform hard work or carry out difficult tasks. It can only be a playmate and friend of a human.

As they were not bred to do anything else but spend time with humans, they are more likely to be clingy or velcro dogs.

Although Chihuahuas are adorable, their barks are louder than the average dog’s. They can be pretty vocal—as if they want to speak our language. 

Chihuahuas are among the smallest dog breeds, and their size exposes them to dangers that larger dogs do not have to worry about. It’s pretty easy not to see a Chihuahua, so we may accidentally kick them as we walk while looking straight ahead. When they do bark, Chihuahuas may only be trying to alert us to their presence so we will avoid stepping on them.


Pugs are the opposite of Chihuahuas when it comes to bark levels. They will only become noisy when they need to alert you of something, and they will happily stay quiet the rest of the time. 

Pug sits on pillow
The Pug sits comfortably on a pillow.

Ready for non-stop play times, Pugs may be considered one of the friendliest dog breeds. They get along well with families, young kids, and other dogs. They do not mind being with strangers because they see everyone as potential friends, even strangers. 

Unlike other velcros, Pugs are okay with being alone or with others. However, avoid leaving them outdoors—they can’t cool themselves down as fast as other dogs, and their short noses can make breathing extra hot or cold air challenging. They will be safer and happier staying indoors with you.

A Pug does not complain much, but handling one with extra care is better. Avoid using a collar around its neck, but let it wear a harness instead. Pugs have weak windpipes, so pulling it by the neck may endanger it.

Basset Hound

Velcro dogs vary greatly in temperament, energy levels, and other traits. What they have in common is their tendency to be anxious when they are not with their owners or people in general. Bassets Hounds’ intelligence makes them want to think for themselves, so they may sometimes appear stubborn.

Basset Hound fluffy ears
Cute Basset Hound sits with fluffy ears.

In contrast, other velcros are just happy to obey.

Like many velcros, Bassets have a long history of working for humans. They were used as badger dogs—canines that chase badgers, making them return to their burrows. Although they are work dogs, Bassets are not as energetic as others but built to endure.

Being hounds, they are bred to hunt and will track a scent with an intense focus. Their concentration skills mean they could ignore you when engrossed in something. However, even if they sometimes seem to lose interest in playing with you, they would never want to leave you.

Basset Hounds may be relatively low maintenance in terms of grooming requirements, but you have to take extra measures to take care of their health. Because they are heavy and have a longer-than-average body, they are prone to spine injuries. You must avoid overfeeding them or letting them do something that may hurt their back, such as jumping from heights.

Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd Dogs belong to the herding type of dogs. They used to and continue to work with humans, so you can expect them to be highly socialized. Not all velcros are trainable, but this breed is more than willing to learn how to do tricks and tasks to please their owners.

an older Aussie Shepherd
An older Australian Shepherd

Aussies are high-energy dogs. They have a family-friendly personality, but they may be too much for family members who are sedentary or dislike too much canine attention. They do not welcome other dogs much, preferring to be with humans instead.

They have an instinct to herd, so expect that your Aussie will try to chase everything that moves, whether it be other pets, birds, or even small kids. They usually become suspicious of strangers, so you might want to keep them out of reach of visitors. Don’t worry about an Aussie pet disliking your friends; it may also get attached to them after some time.


Papillons are tiny yet happy dogs with large ears resembling butterflies, called “papillon” in French. Like most toy dogs, Papillons are companion dogs exclusively bred to be good pets. They are brilliant and obedient, so you will have a lot of fun training them to perform tricks.

Papillon dog
Papillons are tiny and cute pups! But they are ENERGETIC

Papillons are retrievers because they like getting things for you; they are just not suited to carry large game, but they are also great with Frisbees. Because of their agility and boundless energy, Papillons are often invited to obstacle course racing events and other dog sports. 

Despite high energy levels, Papillons are content to be lapdogs to family and strangers alike. They are easy to introduce to people they have seen for the first time, so they’re great if you often have visitors. Their extra loud bark will also alert you if there are potential intruders; just don’t expect them to attack when they do enter.


Malteses are adorable toy dogs with extra long silky coats, which make them stars in dog shows. They have been highly prized throughout history and have been the pets of royalty, such as Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, the Queen of Scots. Wealthy families in Greece and Italy bred Maltese dogs, so it’s no surprise that the nobility chose them as their companions.

beautiful Maltese dog on a bench
A beautiful Maltese sits on a bench.

As you may imagine, Maltese dogs are high maintenance, and regularly grooming them is a must if you don’t want their coats to get sticky and dirty. They are very selective about their food, which may result from being pampered and fed only top-quality dishes. Their teeth are also prone to dental issues, so you must take your Maltese to the vet for teeth cleaning once a year.

These toy dogs make up for their fussiness with their affectionate nature, and it is quite hard to resist their charms. They won’t demand a lot of your energy like other velcro dogs, but they will appreciate it if you play with them from time to time.

Border Collie

A Border Collie is not the usual velcro dog that wants to be with any human. As a herder, a Border Collie can function even when far from its owner, so it can be independent when needed. However, it will have inherited an urge to stick with an individual because of its history of working with one person during herding tasks.

owner pets Border Collie
The owner pets his Border Collie!

Border Collies are built for hard work and will have the same energy for play. When work or playtime is done, they will want to settle down and cuddle with their masters.

If you have a Border Collie, expect it to be more attached to one person than others. It will also be picky about who it bonds with, so consider yourself lucky if selected.

Wrapping Up 

Velcro dogs are affectionate, and they demand affection in return. If you see dogs as companions, you will naturally reciprocate their neediness with attention. However, you must remember that velcro dog breeds will constantly need your presence and are likely to develop anxiety if you’re not around.

Before getting a velcro dog, make sure you can stick to one.