What is a Peekapoo Dog? (2024 with pictures)

Poodle-mixed breeds are surging in popularity and some unique mixes are making an impression. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most popular (and fun-sounding) dogs in the world; 

The Peekapoo! (A Pekingese Poodle designer dog mix). So what is a Peekapoo dog?

what is a peekapoo dog
What is a Peekapoo dog?

Sure it sounds like a children’s game or a Pokemon. But a quick look at a Peekapoo pup will blow you away with small dog cuteness!

But the Peekapoo breed has been around for over 60 years! It recently recently gained immense traction amongst Poodle-mixed breeds. 

As it presents one of the more affectionate, intelligent, playful, and easy-to-train doggos for anyone looking for companionship, or a new addition to the family!

History of the Peekapoo [What is a Peekapoo Dog?]

pekingese x poodle mix the peekaboo

This unique breed came into existence back in the 1950’s, but soared in popularity by the early 1960’s. The Peekapoo is a mix between a full Pekingese parent and a Poodle, and is often labelled as a “designer dog”.

 In fact, it is one of the oldest designer hybrid dogs ever, with this special pooch first being bred in the United States back in the 1950’s. There have been Peekapoo breeder programs since this time!

The Peekapoo dog breed is a wonderful companion dog as it combines the loving, and loyal nature of the Poodle, with the playful yet protective aspects of the Pekingese. 

Peekapoo Appearance [Size, Weight, Coat Colors]

a peekapoo dog sitting
A white Peekapoo dog having a sit

The Peekapoo is bred from Mini and Toy sized Poodles, and so due to the parentage, adult Peekapoos stand at an average height of 11 inches. 

Similar to most hybrid dogs, Peekapoos can vary quite a bit in size, but on average they should be somewhere between 10-20 pounds. 

Peekapoos can also exhibit a variety of different coat colours ranging from white to silver to chocolate to apricot. There are numerous outcomes when it comes to the colour of your Peekapoos coat, but it will undoubtedly be soft, and either curly or wavy in texture.

The muzzle of a Peekapoo is typically shorter than a Poodle’s, which is part of the reason they are more prone to certain health conditions related to breathing issues (which will be discussed further on). 

Much like any other Poodle mix/hybrid dog, Peekapoos make for tremendous companions for people who have allergies, or are worried about cleaning up hair constantly. They have a low-non shedding coat, and were specifically designed for this exact purpose. They come close to being hypoallergenic (like many Poodle crossbreeds).

Peekapoo Temperament

pekingese x poodle mix the peekaboo

These small, yet rambunctious dogs are extremely outgoing, and active, illustrating one of the more fun-loving pets you’ll ever find. Any dog lover will fall for this hybrid breed. They are amazingly friendly dogs that make for tremendous family pets, likely due to their two parent breeds. 

The Poodle is known for being very loyal, loving, and (most notably) intelligent. Although, even while they are very energetic dogs, they are also known to be very laid back and chill around people, and sometimes love nothing more than cuddling up next to their family. 

The purebred Pekingese dog on the other hand are renowned lap dogs, but with the heart of a watchdog. Bred for emperors in ancient China, the hirsute Pekingese has a double coat with a thick mane across its neck, and shoulders, hence the nickname from dog breeders of the “Lion Dog”“. 

Even though the Pekingese love to snuggle up next to you at times, they are also fairly independent at the same time, and can be very loud if any intruders are present. 

While they undoubtedly love their family, they are not too fond of being handled, and are therefore not typically recommended if you have kids.

Peekapoo are Velcro Dogs

energetic peekapoo puppy
Even as puppies Peekapoos are bundles of small dog energy

So, even though the designer breed Peekapoos can be extremely fun, and playful with people, they can also be very protective of their family. Therefore it is paramount that you take the time to train them properly. This means socializing them as early, and often as possible, as to help prevent them from being overly protective. 

Peekapoos are renowned for being loving, and loyal in nature, making them an active and attentive member of the family. 

They will generally just follow you around the house, and cuddle up next to you throughout the day. Any Peekapoo owner 

They are tremendously intelligent, and gentle dogs as well, and their fun-loving, and eager-to-learn attitude makes them amazing pets to have around children.

One fascinating fact about Peekapoos is that they can actually make for impressive watch dogs. Now the key word here is “watch” dogs, as they obviously won’t be able to inflict too much damage if there is any danger nearby. 

However, they are very attentive, and can be quite loud if they need to be. Sometimes there may just be a squirrel on the fence that your Peekapoo can’t seem to take their eye off. But bear in mind that whether it’s something as silly as a squirrel, or as serious as an intruder, you’ll surely know about it. 

Peekapoo Training and Exercise Requirements

pekingese x poodle mix the peekaboo

One question that often pops up is; how do I go about training this energetic pooch?

Peekapoos are very high energy, and because one of their parent breeds is the Poodle, they are also more likely to need more mental stimulation, and interaction. 

This means that they are most well-suited for a person or family that is active, and likes to be out in nature. 

This isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, however it is important that you understand your role when it comes to caring for a dog with this much built-up energy. Do not let their smaller size fool you, they love exercise, and they love the outdoors. 

Make sure that you’re bringing them along on walks, hikes, jogs, and don’t be at all surprised to see them keep up with you the whole way. 

With that being said, because they are more susceptible to respiratory issues, take this into account when you are out and about with them. Anywhere from 30-60 mins a day should be more than fine, but don’t push them too hard if they’re no longer enjoying it, or you think it might be stressing them out. 

Peekapoos will also need a variety of chew toys, and interactive toys to keep them entertained, and engaged. Typically they do not like to be left alone, but if you leave them with enough entertainment (and food), then it can be done. 

When it comes to training a Peekapoo, the good news is that because of their Poodle parent breed, they are one of the smarter little dogs around, and love to learn new things. 

This generally works best with positive reinforcement techniques, such as the utilization of treats, and a positive tone. 

As harsh treatment is a guaranteed way to turn your dog off from any training session. However, by using a variety of treats, along with a gentle and firm approach, you should have no issues training your Peekapoo.

In fact, this breed is so affectionate, loyal, and trainer-friendly that they even can grow to become spectacular therapy dogs (given the right training method). 

It is also typically recommended that you try to crate-train your Peekapoo as early as possible, as to create a nice safe space for the dog to relax, and call their own. This way if the pup ever wants to take a nap (or if you need to prevent them from destroying your furniture). 

They have a spot in the house that they know is safe, and they know is owned by them. With that being said, keep an eye on how long they are in the crate for, as you want to make sure they are still getting the right amount of exercise to run around, and be active. 

Peekapoo Grooming Facts

One significant advantage Peekapoos have over other small dogs is that not only do they have a gorgeous, soft coat of fur, but it is also extremely easy to maintain. Since they don’t have an undercoat like a lot of breeds, they are not likely to shed as often. 

Any Peekapoo will have either tight curls (like a Poodle), while others may have loosely looping curls, waves, or even straight hair (Pekingese). However, no matter what texture of fur your Peekapoo has, you will need to try to comb or brush them at least every other day, to help prevent unwanted mats and tangles. 

For this, use a wire brush or one featuring pins with rubber tips to groom the fur, and try to make sure your Peekapoo is getting a bath at least once a month. 

The coat typically varies from mid-long, but if you neglect regular brushing, and grooming duties, it could cause more stress and discomfort for the dog, as well as your bank account. 

Peekapoo Health and Lifespan

Peekapoo white coat
A white coat Peekapoo

The Peekapoo is generally regarded as a very healthy breed. Although, there are some noteworthy things to consider. 

First and foremost, due to the Peekapoos parent breed (Pekingese), the smaller facial structure can create some cause for concern, as it makes them more prone to respiratory problems. 

Pekingese are brachycephalic breeds, meaning that about 67% of them end up with Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). This can carry over to Peekapoos as well. BOAS is a brutal condition, making it difficult to breath even if they’re simply resting, and it makes it especially difficult for them on very hot days. 

Peekapoos can be at risk of overheating, especially because they are extremely active, and love spending time outdoors. 

This plays into the importance of grooming a Peekapoo, as if their hair is left unclipped on a hot day, this could create a higher likelihood of the dog overheating. 

Peekapoos are also more likely to inherit some common health issues prevalent with its parent breeds. Such as; Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, and hip dysplasia. 

What is the Life Expectancy of a Peekapoo

You can expect the average Peekapoo to live between 14 and 15 years.

Mini Poodles are considered to be one of the longest living purebred dogs (14 yrs), and Pekingese also carry a high life expectancy (13-15 yrs). 

Cross-breeds tend to live a little longer than purebreds, therefore you can estimate that an average Peekapoo life expectancy would be between 14-15 years. A long living small dog!

Can Peekapoos be left alone?

Peekapoos are renowned family pets. They love, and are loved, by everyone in the family, and so in general they do not like to be left alone. 

They are companion dogs, and so if left alone for extended periods of time they are likely to develop serious separation anxiety, or destructive behaviour. 

With that being said, if you train them properly, and make sure that they have adequate entertainment, and resources for the time you are gone. They should be fine by themselves for short periods of time.  

Can Peekapoos live comfortably in an apartment?

Absolutely, due to the small stature of the Peekapoo, this breed would be quite happy living in an apartment or condo. 

As mentioned before, they are a fairly energetic dog, so you will have to make sure they are still getting their daily walks in. 

But as long as you come up with a consistent schedule to give your pup some exercise, they will be more than content living in a smaller space. 

Can you adopt a Peekapoo?

You can! If you can find one… Rare breeds like Peekapoos and Cavapoochons are not easy to come by.

It is rare to find a Peekapoo up for adoption. They are a popular breed with good temperament. They also rarely grow too large or have behavior issues. This is why they are rarely given up for adoption. 

Poodle Mix rescues are a great place to find Peekapoo dogs. Check out our list of the best Goldendoodle or Cockapoo rescues for inspiration for doodle dogs rescues.


Peekapoos are without a doubt one of the more adorable, and fun-loving pooches you’ll ever find. They carry a tremendous amount of personality, and are very loving, affectionate, and loyal to their respective humans. 

While so much can go into the decision-making of adding a dog into your life. There is no question that by bringing a Peekapoo into the family, you will be making a positive addition to your household for years to come.