What Is An Oodle Dog AND Ultimate Poodle Mix Dog Breed List

What is an Oodle dog? An Oodle Dog (or Doodle Dog) is a Poodle Mix Crossbreed.

This is a breed of dog where one parent is a purebred Poodle, and the other is a different breed of dog.

You might know about the Goldendoodle, the Cavapoo, Labradoodle, or even the Boxerdoodle.

Poodle mix breeds are growing massively in popularity. In fact in the last five years breeds of Oodle dogs have made the list of the most popular dog breeds insured in the entire world.

Families flock to Poodle mix breeds due to excellent temperament, friendliness – and the possibility of a non-shedding poodle-type coat.

Oodle breed dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Much of the variation in size is due to the Poodle breed. There are three different sizes of Poodle, Toy, Mini and Standard. You can end up with giant dogs like the Bernedoodle, or incredibly cute and small teddy bear Oodle dogs like the Teacup Goldendoodle.

Time-lapse Video Showing Most Popular Poodle Mix Breeds 2004-2020

Are Oodle Mixed Breeds Recognised?

There is no recognition of a breed standard from the American Kennel Society (AKC). Some international societies have developed breed standards for some Oodle mixes.

The Goldendoodle and Labradoodle have some “standards” – though these are not accepted worldwide. See more in our detailed breed comparison of Goldendoodle Vs Labradoodle.

This means that you will rarely find Poodle mix Oodle dogs in official dog shows. You definitely will see Poodle mixes in grooming competitions – Labradoodles for example have an incredibly beautiful and groom friendly coat!

What are the rarest Poodle Cross Breed Oodle dogs?

The popular and healthy cross breeds like Bernedoodle, Labradoodle and English or American Goldendoodle are in hot demand.

As a result, there are lots of breeders. This also means that there are plenty of dogs around that have puppies.

Finding a rescue Oodle cross of a popular breed is possible. It might be difficult though to find rare breeds like the Australian Bernedoodle or the super cute Teacup Goldendoodle as rescues.

A rescue is actually the best place to find a rare Poodle Mix like a Boxerdoodle. There are not many breeders around – Boxerdoodles are often happy accidents!

Teacup Goldendoodle what is an oodle dog
Teacup Labradoodles are a miniature size petite dog. They can be easily carried around even as full grown Teacup Goldendoodles.

The rarest Poodle cross breeds are typically the result of an accident rather than a deliberate attempt to crossbreed.

The four least commonly seen Oodle dogs that people seek out are

  1. The Boxerdoodle (Poodle X Boxer)
  2. The Siberpoo (Poodle X Husky)
  3. Weimardoodle (Poodle X Weimaramer)
  4. The Sammypoo (Poodle X Samoyed)
What does a Boxerdoodle look like?
See more Dog Videos on our Oodle Life YouTube channel!

Are All Oodle Dogs Non-Shedding?

Poodle hybrid mixes were originally created in an attempt to pass on the ‘wool’ like non-shedding coat that many Poodles have. This non-shedding coat is a highly desirable trait.

Not all Oodle dogs are non-shedding. Genetics are a game of chance. Sometimes the shedding coat of the other breed is more strongly inherited. See: Do Bernedoodles shed?

Selectively bred second generation (F2) or Oodle dogs that have been backbred with a Poodle again (F1B) are more likely to have non-shedding coats.

Non-shedding does not mean hypoallergenic. A non-shedding Poodle-cross dog breed with a well maintained coat is often perfect for allergy sufferers. Many people with allergies have ZERO issues with a Oodle breed. However there is no such thing a 100% hypoallergenic dog.

Non-shedding coats do have higher ongoing maintenance requirements. This means owners need to be prepared to put in the time, or spend the money to have the Oodle dog professionally groomed.

Using the right brushes and equipment is paramount to poodle mix coat health. We reviewed the best brushes for Bernedoodles here, which also work perfectly for breeds like the Goldendoodle, and Labradoodle.

A curly or wavy Goldendoodle coat will shed much less. See how to figure out what coat your Goldendoodle will have.

What are the Ten Most Popular Oodle Dogs in 2020

The most popular Oodle Dog breeds in 2020 are

Oodle Dog BreedCross of
LabradoodlePoodle X Labrador
GoldendoodlePoodle X Golden Retriever
CockapooPoodle X Cocker Spaniel
MaltipooPoodle X Maltese
CavapooPoodle X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
BernedoodlePoodle X Bernese Mountain Dog
AussiedoodlePoodle X Australian Shepard
SheepadoodlePoodle X Old English Sheepdog
Shih-PooPoodle X Shih-Tzu
CavachonBichon Frise X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

*Obviously a Cavachon is not an Poodle cross. But it is frequently considered when people compare Oodle crossbreeds. It also provides context of the relative popularity Vs all other Poodle crosses.

Sheepadodole what is a oodle dog
A Sheepadoodle is a super cute and popular Poodle crossbreed dog.

Definitive List of Poodle Mix Breeds (Oodle Dogs)

Oodle Dog BreedCross of
LabradoodlePoodle X Labrador
Goldendoodle (Groodle)Poodle X Golden Retriever
CockapooPoodle X Cocker Spaniel
Maltipoo (Moodle)Poodle X Maltese
CavapooPoodle X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
BernedoodlePoodle X Bernese Mountain Dog
AussiedoodlePoodle X Australian Shepard
SheepadoodlePoodle X Old English Sheepdog
Shih-Poo (Shoodle)Poodle X Shih-Tzu
AffenpooPoodle X Affenpinscher
AiredoodlePoodle X Airedale Terrier
BassetoodlePoodle X Basset Hound
Bich-pooPoodle X Bichon Frise
BolonoodlePoodle X Bolognese
BordoodlePoodle X Border Collie
Bossi-PooPoodle X Boston Terrier
BoxerdoodlePoodle X Boxer
CairnoodlePoodle X Cairn Terrier
Cavoodle (Australian name)Poodle X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
CavapooPoodle X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
ChipooPoodle X Chihuahua
ChoodlePoodle X Chihuahua
ClumberdoodlePoodle X Clumber Spaniel
CorgipooPoodle X Corgi
Daisy DogPoodle X Bichon X Shih-Tzu
DalmadoodlePoodle X Dalmation
Doodleman PinscherPoodle X Doberman Pinscher
Double DoodleLabradoodle X Goldendoodle
Doxiepoo Poodle X Daschund
Eng-A-Poo (AKA English Toy Spoodle)Poodle X English Toy Spaniel
English BoodlePoodle X English Bulldog
EskapooPoodle X American Eskimo Dog
FlandoodlePoodle X Bouvier des Flandres
FlatdoodlePoodle X Flatcoated Retriever
FoxhoodlePoodle X Fox Hound
Newfypoo (Newdle)Poodle X Newfoundland
Great Danoodle Poodle X Great Dane
Irish DoodlePoodle X Irish Setter
Irish TroodlePoodle X Irish Terrier
JackaPoo (Jack-a-poo, Jackadoodle)Poodle X Jack Russell
LhasapooPoodle X Lhasa Apso
Papipoo (Papi-poo, Papidoodle)Poodle X Papillon
PekapooPoodle X Pekingnese
Pinnypoo (Pinny-poo)Poodle X Pinscher
PomapooPoodle X Pomeranian
Poo-Shi (Shiba-poo)Poodle X Shiba Inu
Pooton (Poo-ton, Cottonpoo)Poodle X Coton De Tulear
Poochin (Doodlechin)Poodle X Japanese Chin
PooglePoodle X Beagle
PootalianPoodle X Italian Greyhound
Poovanese (Havapoo)Poodle X Havanese
PugapooPoodle X Pug
RattlePoodle X Rat Terrier
RottlePoodle X Rottweiler
Saint BerdoodlePoodle X Saint Bernard
Schipper-PooPoodle X Schipperke
SchnoodlePoodle X Schnauzer
ScoodlePoodle X Scottish Terrier
Shar-pooPoodle X Sharpei
SheltidoodlePoodle X Sheltie
SiberpooPoodle X Siberian Husky
SkypooPoodle X Skye Terrier
Spoodle (Cockerpoo, Cockapoo)Poodle X Cocker Spaniel
TtoodlePoodle X Tibetan Terrier
WeimardoodlePoodle X Weimaraner
WestiepooPoodle X Westie
WhoodlePoodle X Wheaton Terrier
Wire-PooPoodle X Wire-Fox Terrier
WoodlePoodle X Welsh Terrier
YorkipooPoodle X Yorkie

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Where the Data Comes From To Determine the Most Popular Oodle Dogs

Determining the ten most popular Oodle dogs in 2020 is a challenge. You can read more about the methodology below.

When determining the 10 most popular Oodle dog breeds in 2020, we considered a few different data sources – before landing on Google search trend data.

what is an oodle dog
A Teacup Goldendoodle is a popular type of Poodle Mix dog.

Firstly, some councils, cities and countries have mandatory dog registration. Some allow statistics to be published online –  so we can see which dog breeds are most popular. This is great – but from this source there is simply not enough up to date data to determine the relative popularity of the Oodle dogs.

Because most Oodle breeds are not recognised by Kennel clubs, we also could not reply on the date released (e.g. from the American Kennel Club) about breed popularity. In fact if used incorrectly this data can actively misrepresent the actual state of puppy breed popularity.

Breeds like the Goldendoodle are often listed with authorities as either a Golden Retriever or a Poodle. This muddies the water and makes it difficult to figure out exactly how popular Poodle mix breeds are.

Pet insurers also sometimes release data as press releases about which breeds are most insured. This data skews depending on which country. In many first world countries, pet insurance is expensive – and those who have more expensive dogs OR dog breeds that are prone to health concerns disproportionately represent in the data.

Pet insurer data was however really useful to confirm overall trends to ensure the final source that we did use matched up with the real world.

A final thing we had to consider was that in different countries different dogs are referred to by different names. For example in Australia, the Cavapoo is known as a Cavoodle. We combined the data for the different names and this gave the best worldwide representation.

The best publically available data was from Google. Relative search popularity using Worldwide Google search data gave us a long term view. We combined location specific names, and were able to match the findings with other data sources.