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Bernedoodle 101 – 10 Fast Bernedoodle Puppy Facts to Make You An Expert

The Bernedoodle is an incredibly cute teddy-bear crossbreed that is growing in popularity every year.

The Bernedoodle is not as famous yet as its cousin dogs the Labradoodle or Goldendoodle – but it sure it getting there! There are so many different types of Poodle Mix breeds! (See the ULTIMATE list of Oodle dogs)

Search engine trends show that Bernedoodles are consistently popular and search volume is increasing. While they are not on track to be more popular than the major Poodle Mix breeds, they are growing in popularity yearly.

So here is the Bernedoodle 101 – Ten fast facts to make you the instant Bernedoodle expert.

The Bernedoodle 101 Video

A snappy video giving the Bernedoodle 101 and Mini Bernedoodle Facts.

ONE: The Bernedoodle is a distinct cross breed

The parents of a Bernedoodle are a strong and dashing Bernese Mountain Dog and a clever and soft coated Poodle.

bernedoodle 101 puppy facts
Beautiful Bernedoodle Puppy with Tri-Colour markings! Image used with permission from Christopher Michel

TWO: Bernedoodle Puppies LOVE the Cold

Bernese Mountain Dogs originally come from the Swiss mountains. They actually used to help Swiss farmers pull sleds in the snow!

This means that Bernedoodle puppies LOVE snow. Poodles also don’t mind the cold.

So despite being super cute Bernedoodle dogs are sturdy and enjoy playing outside in winter.

(And it turns out that Bernedoodle also enjoy playing in the water! Not all Bernedoodles love water but many do. We surveyed a bunch of owners to get the lowdown on Bernedoodles and swimming.)

a bernedoodle puppy sitting outdoor in the snow
A Bernedoodle Puppy LOVING the snow! They inherit the love for the cold form the Bernese Mountain Dog – a breed originating in the Swiss mountains. Photo Credit Bernedoodle Dog [CC BY-SA]

THREE Distinct Tri-Colour Markings

Bernedoodle puppies are famous for having a Tri-Colour pattern. This means that there are three primary colors that make up their beautiful coat.

These colours are inherited from the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The Three colours are

  • Jet Black
  • Clear White
  • Splashes of RUST
the tri color coat of a bernese mountain dog adult
A Bernese Mountain Dog with its distinct tri-colour appearance that is much desired by many Bernedoodle owners.

There are Bernedoodles that have full black coats, or black and white coats also.

FOUR: Bernedoodles Are Called Different Names Around the World

Two other names for a Bernedoodle are the Bernese Mountain Poodle and the Bernese Poodle

Bernedoodle is a much better breed name right?

FIVE: Bernedoodles Puppies are NOT Lazy

Despite looking like giant teddy bears, Bernedoodles are ACTIVE puppies and require around one hour of exercise per day.

These teddy bears are not always lounging around! They need some rigorous play, walking or low impact running, or backyard play.

This probably isn’t the best dog if you live in a tiny apartment! Even the miniature Bernedoodles need to play for up to an hour a day.

SIX: You Can Get Super Tiny Miniature Bernedoodles

Speaking of miniature – you can get super tiny Bernedoodles!

a small bernedoodles puppy laying in the grass

Mini Bernedoodles stand as little as 13 inches high at the shoulder (which is around 30 centimetres)

This isn’t as tiny as a Toy or Teacup Goldendoodle, but is still a fairly tiny dog!

SEVEN: Bernedoodles don’t drop hair!

Even though breeding in unpredictable – most Bernedoodles inherit the non-shedding Poodle coat.

This means low to no shedding. No hair dropped at all for some!

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog but a non shedding Bernedoodle with a Poodle coat comes close.

You can find out whether a Bernedoodle drops more or less hair than a Goldendoodle in our breed comparison here.

EIGHT: Bernedoodles live for 12 to 15 years.

Your Bernedoodle dog may live a long time because of the smaller size introduced by the Poodle breed.

Bernedoodles are generally healthy dogs with only a few medical conditions to worry about.

NINE: Australian Bernedoodles are actually a different breed

Bernedoodles are different to Australian Bernedoodles.

Whole Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, Australian Bernedoodles are different. The two breeds that cross for an Australian Bernedoodle are an Australian Labradoodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

To make it even more confusing, an Australian Labradoodle is different than a Labradoodle. 

This article goes deep into the differences between Australian Bernedoodles and Bernedoodles

TEN: Bernedoodles Are Expensive!

These adorable, intelligent dogs are super family friendly. They are in hot demand and can be SUPER EXPENSIVE.

So how much do Bernedoodles cost?

Bernedoodle puppies can cost between 2000 and 3500 USD!

You should always check for a rescue first – but you are unlikely to find many in shelters. They are super rare to find abandoned – but an organization like PooMix rescue might be able to help you in the US.

cost of Bernedoodle puppies
Mini Bernedoodle Facts: Puppies can weigh as little as 2kg when they are 6 weeks old!


  1. Bernedoodles are NOT recognised by the American Kennel Club
    • But the AKC does not recognise any modern corssbreeds
    • So the Goldendoodle or Labradoodle are also not recognised
  2. Bernedoodle Puppies are social and friendly, and play well with other puppies
  3. As well as loving the snow, Bernedoodles love the beach. They can be trained to swim at the beach and at home. With proper introduction to the water and the beach – Bernedooodle puppies love swimming!
  4. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs suffer higher rates of cancer, there has been no study linking this trait to Bernedoodles.

And that is the Bernedooodle 101, a fast fun fact pack that make you a Bernedoodle breed expert.