English Goldendoodle Vs Goldendoodle Compare The Big Differences

Goldendoodles are a much loved worldwide Poodle Cross breed that are famous for their joyful temperament, boundless energy, long lifespan, and beautiful low shedding coat.

But what are the differences when comparing English Goldendoodle vs Goldendoodle?

english Goldendoodle vs american Goldendoodle article
English Goldendoodles Vs Goldendoodles – what are the differences?

There are key differences between English Goldendoodles and Goldendoodles. Sometimes Goldendoodle are referred to as ‘American Goldendoodles’ or ‘Regular Goldendoodles’.

All Goldendoodles are relaxed, fun loving and can usually be easily trained. They are however excitable, and sometimes owners have difficulty with Goldendoodles barking.

Although quite similar, there is a difference between the English Goldendoodle and a Goldendoodle. It’s not just which country they live in!

What is an English Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are a dog that is a cross between a purebred Poodle and a Golden Retriever. The difference between the English Goldendoodle and the Goldendoodle comes down to the type of Golden Retriever parent.

F1 English Goldendoodle at rocky desert
A dog sitting on the rocky part of the desert. (Image: Instagram/@dood.its.bodhi)

Golden Retrievers are medium-large gun dogs (source) that were typically used to hunt (retrieve) water birds. Originally bred in Scotland, they became immensely popular as working and companion dogs and puppies in the last 50 years.

An English Goldendoodle dog is a cross between a particular type of Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are also known as an English Creme Goldendoodle dogs or an English Groodle.

Goldendoodles of all types have a zest for life, are great with kids, and love to exercise and swim. You would be hard pressed to find a lethargic Goldendoodle.

Types of Golden Retriever

  • English Golden Retriever
  • American Golden Retriever
  • Canadian Golden Retriever
two american golden retrievers with their slim build
American Golden Retrievers are less muscular. This means that American Goldendoodles are also less muscular when comparing English Goldendoodles Vs Goldendoodles. (Image Credit A Bhothisuwan via Flickr CC-by-SA)
BreedCharacteristicsCoat Colours
American GoldendoodleLankier, less muscular Black, White, Cream, Golden, Apricot, or Red
English GoldendoodleStockier with muscular forequarter, a more square headGold, Creme, Cream
Canadian GoldendoodleThinner, tallerDarker coats than other types

English Golden Retrievers are more prevalent in Britain and Australia. They are stockier with muscular forequarters. The British breed standard dictates lighter colours of Gold or Creme. This makes them typically lighter in colour than their American counterparts.

American Golden Retrievers are lankier and less muscular. They come in gold but also darker shades are permitted under the breed standard.

Canadian Golden Retrievers are thinner, have darker coats, and stand taller than their American counterparts.

English creme golden retriever
English Golden Retrievers are more muscular. (Image credit Dirk Vorderstraße via Flickr CC-by-SA)

Differences Between English Goldendoodle vs Goldendoodle

English Golden Retrievers and Golden Retrievers share an incredible amount in common. Their intelligent and adorable personalities shine through in both versions of the breed.

afternoon talk with Goldendoodles
The dogs look like they’re interrupted in their chatting session. (Image: Instagram/@goldendoodles_baci_aoife)

Both breeds are excellent with children, due to their patience. Both breeds will require regular grooming depending on their coat type. You can predict the coat type a Goldendoodle will have from puppyhood using tricks like these.

The primary difference when comparing English Goldendoodles vs Goldendoodles are those of appearance.

The UK breed standard will result in a stockier dog.

  • English Goldendoodles will be more muscular
  • English Goldendoodles will have a more boxy head
  • English Goldendoodles typically are lighter shades of creme, white, and gold
  • English Goldendoodles have a more typical ‘teddy bear’ look

Regular Goldendoodles will be lighter on their feet

  • They typically weigh less, though this depends on sizing
  • American Goldendoodles are less muscular
  • American Goldendoodles can be darkers shades like red or mahogany.

AUTHOR NOTE: Because Poodle Mix breeds are crossed with… a Poodle, I want to remind everyone that it there are English Goldendoodles that have been crossed with darker coated Poodles and produced a darker shade than the English Golden Retriever breed standard. So an English Goldendoodle can come in any shade of coat that a Poodle can and still be a purebred cross.

Video of Super Cute Teddy Bear English Goldendoodle Puppies

Which Looks More Like a Teddy Bear?

People sometimes wonder whether it is English or American Goldendoodles that look more like a teddy-bear.

curly coat straight coat comparison photo goldendoodle
Curly Coat and Straight coat Goldendoodles can have the same genetics but vary drastically in appearance. Find out more about when Goldendoodles lose their puppy coat.

The answer comes down to coat type, size, and the furnishings that the Goldendoodle has. Both breed types can look like a teddy bear.

NOTE: You need to look after your Goldendoodle’s coat in order to protect the natural softness. We reviewed, tested and selected our 6 favourite Goldendoodle shampoos to cover them from puppyhood to adults.

Certain coat types (wavy, and sometimes curly) give more of a teddy bear appearance. Find out how to tell what coat type a Goldendoodle will have.

The size of the Goldendoodle can play a role. Find out how big Toy and Teacup Goldendoodles get. With that said, we have all seen enormous Goldendoodles that look like super soft teddy bears!

The primary driver of whether or not an English or American Goldendoodle look like a teddy bear is the furnishings.

Furnishings are the facial hair of the dog. This gives Goldendoodles their famous teddy bear look. Grooming correctly will help maintain the look of the teddy bear for any type of Goldendoodle. It will not overcome missing furnishings. 

See our article about Goldendoodle coat type prediction to learn more about what to look for when it comes to furnishings.

Temperament of English Goldendoodle Vs Goldendoodle

The family friendly, patient and willing to learn nature of the Goldendoodle is the same for both the American and English versions.

Teacup Goldendoodle what is an oodle dog
Teacup Labradoodles are a miniature size petite dog. They can be easily carried around even as full grown Teacup Goldendoodles.

The primary difference between English and American Goldendoodles is them is size and shape.

Both breed types are high energy, and can require an hour or more exercise or active play per day.

Lack of adequate exercise or lack of mental stimulation is the primary reason that Goldendoodles have a reputation for problematic barking. You can learn the 7 reasons why your Goldendoodle is barking and how to stop it here.

Keep Goldendoodles mentally stimulated by giving them frozen treats or puzzles. See our list of 35 Indoor Dog Games and Activities for you and your dog. A bored Goldendoodle can bark, or might even start chewing its paws out of boredom.

English F1B Goldendoodle

An English F1B Goldendoodle will have the similar traits as an American Goldendoodle.

F1B English Goldendoodle perfect hair
A dog with perfect hair today plays with her favorite toy. (Image: Instagram/@goldendoodlelayla)

Can You Get English Goldendoodles in America?

You absolutely can get English Goldendoodle in the USA. Many Goldendoodle breeders use imported or homegrown Golden Retrievers that confirm the UK standards rather than the US AKC standard. Ask your local breeders which type of Golden Retriever they have.

If you are getting a Goldendoodle from a shelter, you can use photos online to attempt to determine whether it is American or English. Look at photographs of the Golden Retriever to clearly see the physical traits, then try to apply them to your new rescue puppy.

Can You Get Miniature English Goldendoodles?

Yes, English Goldendoodles come in many sizes from toy and teacup English Goldendoodles, mini, medium and standard sizes.

Conclusion about English Goldendoodles Vs American Goldendoodles

English Goldendoodles and American Goldendoodles are very similar. Both are Poodle Mix breeds. They are both insanely popular in the last 14 years. They are the second most popular Poodle Mix breed based on trend data in 2020.

English teddybear Goldendoodles will remain extremely popular due to their insane cuteness.

If you own a Goldendoodles or are thinking about getting one