When To Get a Cavapoo Spayed (Age Guide)

When you have a wonderful Cavapoo in your life, you want to make sure that you can spend as many happy years with her as you can. One of the best ways to help reduce health risks that shorten a dog’s lifespan is to spay her at the right age. 

Spaying can sound like a scary or invasive procedure, but it’s something that many veterinarians and humane societies encourage because of the many benefits. Here’s what you need to know about getting your Cavapoo spayed. 

when to get a cavapoo spayed
When should you get a Cavapoo spayed?

When To Get a Cavapoo Spayed

It’s essential to get the timing right for spaying your Cavapoo. Studies have shown that spaying a dog too early can affect its joint development. However, this issue applies to larger dog breeds, so it doesn’t necessarily concern Cavapoos as much. 

However, if a veterinarian completes the procedure too early, it may negatively impact your puppy’s developmental stage. Therefore, on average, Cavapoos are ready to get spayed around six to nine months old when they reach puberty.

Some veterinarians recommend spaying your Cavapoo before it enters its first estrus cycle because this reduces the risk of developing mammary cancer. Other veterinarians recommend waiting until after dogs go through their first estrus cycle because they reach skeletal maturity around this time. 

The lifelong effects of spaying at particular ages is a topic that still requires more research to draw conclusive statements. However, most veterinarians agree that dogs should get spayed before they’re two years old to reduce the risk of mammary cancer. 

Benefits of Spaying Your Cavapoo

Along with reducing the risk of mammary cancer, there are several other health and behavioral benefits to spaying your Cavapoo.  

First, spaying helps prevent uterine infections. When a female Cavapoo goes into heat, she usually experiences increased urination, which often leads to urinary tract issues. Although any female dog is susceptible to developing a urinary tract infection, spaying can reduce the risk and frequency of contracting them. 

Spaying can also help keep your home clean and sanitary. Unspayed dogs can urinate around the house right before starting their estrus period, even if they’re potty trained. This behavior occurs because they’re communicating that they’re ready to mate. 

Dogs will also leave bloody discharge that you have to clean up during and after the estrus phase. You can purchase absorbent diapers, but you’ll have to change these out frequently, and your Cavapoo may not enjoy the feeling of the diaper around her abdomen. 

Spaying also helps reduce the occurrence of behavioral issues. Some female Cavapoos can become more aggressive towards humans and other dogs when they’re in heat

small cavapoo licks lips
A small Cavapoo licking its lips

Some Cavapoos may feel more tired and lethargic, while others become more restless and feel on edge. They can also become prone to running away from home during their estrus period because their instincts drive them to search for a mate. You may also notice her attracting a lot of unwanted male dogs if you take her to a dog park. 

Lastly, spaying your Cavapoo helps keep the dog population at a healthy level. It’s a lot of responsibility to care for a pregnant dog and her puppies, and also can be difficult to find homes for Cavapoo puppies. 

Animal shelters are already filled with pets waiting for adoption. One of the best ways to reduce the number of dogs in shelters is to spay your dog. 

How a Cavapoo Gets Spayed

cavapoo puppy outside
A Cavapoo puppy exploring the garden

Communication with your veterinarian is vital when spaying your Cavapoo. It’s essential to work with your vet to determine how many months old your Cavapoo should be to get spayed. Factors affecting the timing include your Cavapoo’s development rate and any health concerns. 

Once you have the date scheduled to have your Cavapoo spayed, make sure to follow any pre-surgery instructions from your veterinarian. Instructions usually include refraining from feeding your Cavapoo the night before the surgery so that she has an empty stomach for anesthesia. 

Remain calm on the day of the surgery and on your way to the veterinarian. Cavapoos tend to be very emotionally intelligent dogs that can quickly pick up on how you’re feeling. So, if you’re feeling nervous, she’s also very likely to feel nervous. We want the procedure to go as smoothly as possible, so it’s important to help your Cavapoo stay calm. 

Once you reach the veterinarian’s office, you’ll drop off your Cavapoo. The surgery is relatively quick and easy, and you can expect to bring your Cavapoo home the same day if there aren’t any complications. 

The procedure involves removing the reproductive organs by creating an incision on the abdomen. The fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus all get removed while the dog is under anesthesia. 

After veterinarians complete the procedure, they’ll sew the incision with stitches or sutures. You can expect to return to the office to get them removed after a week or two. The scar almost always fades away entirely with age, and you won’t be able to see it after a few months. 

fun loving puppy
Two fun loving puppies! Both the Maltipoo and Cavapoo LOVE being around people

When you bring your Cavapoo home after the surgery, you can expect her to feel tired and not have much of an appetite. You’ll also have to put a surgical suit or cone on her. These pieces of equipment will help prevent her from licking or biting at the stitches. 

The recovery period takes about two weeks, and it’s important to let your Cavapoo rest and not engage in intensive play. They also shouldn’t take baths during this time. Make sure to check your Cavapoo’s stitches a couple of times throughout the day to ensure it’s clean and free of any discharge. 

Cost To Get a Cavapoo Spayed

The costs of spaying a Cavapoo will vary. If you get your Cavapoo puppy from an adoption center, they may provide free or reduced prices for spaying. 

Most breeders will require all owners to spay their puppies and may refer you to a partnering veterinarian who can provide a discounted cost. 

Your dog’s breed, age, and any pre-existing health conditions can also affect the cost of spaying. In general, the more complex the procedure, the more expensive it is. 

Considering all these factors, the cost of spaying varies greatly, and you can expect to pay between $50 to $400 for the procedure. When communicating with your veterinarian, make sure to ask for the breakdown of the cost of spaying your Cavapoo. 

cavapoo puppy
A cute Cavapoo dog looks back at the camera

Cavapoo Spaying Age Conclusion

There’s really no reason not to spay your Cavapoo if you’re not a professional breeder. Cavapoos that don’t get spayed will experience many challenges because they can’t act on their natural instincts to mate. They’re also prone to infections and developing cancer later in life. 

Spaying is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of life of your Cavapoo, and it’ll increase the chances of spending many more happy years with your beloved furry companion.