Are Cavapoos Fussy Eaters? [6 Helpful Tips]

As a Cavapoo owner, you could be noticing that your furry pooch is sticking their nose up at almost everything you may give them. 

Cavapoos are fussy eaters because their stomachs are sensitive to certain foods and ingredients, so you must be careful what you are feeding your pup. 

Besides discussing tips to help your fussy Cavapoos, there will also be a list at the end of the post for the best dog food brands to feed your Cavapoos. 

are cavapoos fussy eaters
Are Cavapoos fussy eaters? How can you make your Cavapoo eat more food?

6 Tips to Help a Fussy Cavapoo

It can be frustrating to put a bowl of food down that you spent money on to feed your four-legged best friend just for them to turn their nose up at it and walk away. Here are six tips to help your fussy Cavapoo accept the food that you give. 

1. Read the Ingredient Labels Carefully 

If your Cavapoo is currently turning their nose up at the food you are providing, or they have a stomach ache from the food you’re feeding them, take a look at the ingredients label. 

If you see artificial ingredients such as melamine or propylene glycol, it’s time to switch to a more all-natural brand. Dog food companies put melamine in the food to make it seem that your dog is getting more protein in their diet. However, it can be a leading cause of kidney failure depending on the size of your dog and how often your dog consumes the food with melamine in it. 

Propylene glycol is a harmless substitute ingredient usually placed in antifreeze. When added as an ingredient in dog food, it helps keep the food moist when packaging it. However, it is considered an artificial ingredient that is not the healthiest for dogs to consume. Take a look at the best food for Cavapoos section below for more information!

cavapoo puppy outside
A Cavapoo puppy exploring the garden

2. Reward Your Cavapoos for an Empty Bowl

As you get your Cavapoos used to the new food in which you are giving them, give a reward only if their bowl is emptied after feeding time. If they turn their nose up at the food, just try again later in the day at the next feeding. Eventually, your Cavapoos will get hungry and want to eat the food you dish out. 

Once that bowl is empty, you can give a healthy treat such as a low-calorie dog bone snack or a fruit or vegetable. Rewarding with too many high-calorie snacks can cause an upset stomach and be unhealthy for your canine. 

Trying a puzzle feeder or a kibble ball that allows your dog to work for their meal is a fantastic way to reward your dog through play and natural canine behavior.

3. Assure the Dog Food Has More Meat Content

Find an all-natural dog food brand that has more meat content that gives the food high protein rather than the artificial meat meal that only gives an artificial protein intake. You should mix more actual chicken with vegetables in the dog food rather than very little meat with a meat substitute mixed in. 

4. Steer Clear From Ingredients That Upset Cavapoos’ Stomachs

Specific ingredients such as soy, grains, and dairy will contribute to a Cavapoos’ upset stomach. A balanced, all-natural diet of meat, fruits, and vegetables is best to feed your pup for the best overall nutrition so they will not be whimpering in pain after every meal. 

small cavapoo licks lips
A small Cavapoo licking its lips

5. Price Doesn’t Mean It’s Better

While you may find a great deal by purchasing the cheapest kibble and wet food on the shelf at Walmart, it does not mean that it is the best for your Cavapoos. 

Invest in all-natural dog food brands. You can try dog food delivery companies that customize meals based on your Cavapoos specific size and dietary needs, or you can pick up an all-natural dog food brand from PetSmart, Petco, or another local pet shop that you frequent.  

6. Go the Extra Mile to Prepare Your Cavapoos’s Meals

Your Cavapoo’s digestive system can easily digest raw meats because their wolf ancestors were able to digest raw meat from the prey they hunted. Hence, you can prepare fresh meals at home by mixing raw chicken or fish with fresh fruits such as berries and fresh vegetables such as carrots. 

Your pup may get more nutrition from a raw meal, and it will digest the easiest because of how its digestive system operates. You would need to research this diet extensively and discuss it with your Veterinarian before any switch.

The Best All-Natural Dog Food Brands for Cavapoos

red and white parti cavapoo
Distinct Parti or Bicolor coat Cavapoo dogs are super impressive!

Try these all-natural, grain-free, soy-free, and dairy-free dog food brands for your fussy Cavapoo. Read our complete guide here.

  • Iams: ProActive Health Adult Mini Chunks.
  • Taste of the Wild: High Prairie Puppy Grain-Free Formula. 
  • Blue Buffalo: Life Protection Formula 
  • Cesar Canine Cuisine: With porterhouse steak, filet mignon, or grilled chicken variety pack
  • Natural Balance: Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Sweet Potato & Bison Formula

The Best Dog Food Delivery Companies

If you prefer a more customized approach to getting your Cavapoo the all-natural diet that’s needed, you can order from the top dog food delivery companies such as:

  • Open Farm
  • JustFoodForDogs
  • A Pup Above
  • Pet Plate 
  • Nom Nom 
cavapoo puppy
A cute Cavapoo dog looks back at the camera

Go All-Natural for Your Cavapoo

Your Cavapoo only deserves the best all-natural and nutritious diet for them to thrive for many years to come as your companion. Whether you choose to make their meals for them or purchase all-natural and grain-free dog food, anything you do to put your puppy’s health first will be the best choice.