Are Labradoodles Fussy Eaters? [How to Fix]

Entice your pup to clean its bowl by learning what causes Labradoodles to become fussy eaters. Suppose you find yourself asking, ‘are Labradoodles fussy eaters?’.

are labradoodles fussy eaters
Are Labradoodles fussy eaters? Are they picky?

In that case, you either plan to make a new addition to your family very soon, or you already started experiencing some finicky eating behaviors from your dog.

Below, discover some tips and tricks to ensure your Labradoodle gets all of the nutrition it needs. (And how to pick the best Labradoodle specific dry foods)

Are Labradoodles Finicky Eaters?

In general, Labradoodles do not display fussy eating behaviors because, well, they’re dogs. Under normal conditions, dogs will eat anything edible, as well as a wide array of inedible items (some dogs eat rocks and socks). 

That’s because dogs’ progenitors, wolves, evolved to become master survivalists. Their very DNA instructs them to hunt, steal, and scavenge their way through life to eke out an existence. 

When left to their own devices, dogs will safely crunch bones and eliminate indigestible objects from their bodies with relative ease. However, your Labradoodle’s persnickety table manners do not likely indicate a dangerous health issue. 

Let’s go over some of the most common reasons your Labradoodle became a picky eater.

clipping labradoodle face
A Labradoodle being groomed to get the “teddy bear” face cut

Why is My Labradoodle a Fussy Eater?

Many dogs become fussy eaters for a variety of potential reasons. Oftentimes, the reason has something to do with a recent change that your Labradoodle experiences. 

If you notice that your Labradoodle does not eat as much as it used to, visit your vet to get a checkup and set your mind at ease. In the meantime, see if any of the following reasons might represent the cause of your Labradoodle’s lack of appetite.

Recent Vaccination

Most dog owners have little difficulty understanding how vaccination might cause a lack of appetite. Depending on your Labradoodle’s immune response, it might feel a little under the weather for a day or two. 

If you see your dog skip a meal for two consecutive days, there’s likely no need to worry. However, if it skips a meal for three consecutive days, you may want to return to the vet.

puppy at the vet with owners one adult one child
A cute puppy enjoying a Vet visit

Interrelational Issues

Your Labradoodle may not feel like eating due to an interaction with a family member or one of your other pets. This type of inter-relational issue often occurs in cases where you have recently introduced a new dog to the family.

Likewise, a newly adopted Labradoodle may not wish to eat in front of your other dogs. Finally, your dog may not eat well in response to a minor dogfight that you didn’t even witness. Just watch your dog closely and ensure it soon starts eating normally.

two labradoodles in the dog park
Two Labradoodles sniff each other out at a dog park.

New Setting

Many times, a dog may refuse to eat after encountering new surroundings. Maybe you recently moved, and your Labradoodle remains preoccupied with exploring. Or, perhaps you redecorated your Labradoodle’s favorite room, and now it looks and smells funny. 

Then again, maybe your dog hates your choice of curtain color and has embarked on a hunger strike.

lies down than eat
The Labradoodle prefers to lie down than to eat. (Image: Instagram/@baci_doodle)

General Stress

Dogs feel much of the same stress as humans. No, they don’t get worried about their credit score or overdue bills. But, they do have a better sense of what goes on around them than most dog owners realize. 

Your Labradoodle may stop eating because one of your other pets doesn’t feel well. Alternatively, your dog may feel too stressed to eat after witnessing a lover’s spat. Consider reassuring your Labradoodle that everything’s okay and see if it starts eating again.

no appetite Labradoodle puppy
The Labradoodle puppy feels tired and lacks appetite for his meal. (Image: Instagram/@june.the.labradoodle)

Is My Finicky Labradoodle Sick?

In rare cases, a Labradoodle may display pickiness during a meal due to illness. However, you should not jump to any conclusions about your dog. If you find yourself asking Siri or Alexa, ‘Are Labradoodles fussy eaters?’, it remains unlikely that your dog suffers from a disease. 

To set your mind at ease, take your Labradoodle to the veterinarian. If the vet does diagnose your dog with an illness, it will most likely fall into one of the following categories.

Dental Problems

Besides predation, the most common killer of wild animals is dental death. When left unchecked, cavities and gum disease can lead to dangerous oral infections. 

Also, many wild animals stop eating due to the pain their dental problems cause them. If your dog doesn’t eat as much as it used to, it may have a toothache, abscess, or other dental issues

Labradoodle with open mouth
You need to brush your Labradoodle’s teeth regularly to avoid any dental issues. (Image: Instagram/@labradougal)

Organ Dysfunction

Every once in a while, a Labradoodle may stop eating due to organ dysfunction, especially when it involves the liver, kidneys, or intestines. Organ dysfunction may result from several possible causes, including cancer, poor diet, obesity, genetic issues, and more. 

You’ll need to see a vet to determine whether your pup suffers from organ dysfunction. 

white Labradoodle sits in the garden
White Labradoodle sits in the garden with its tongue out.


On rare occasions, an infection may make a Labradoodle eat less than usual. Infections often result from dental issues, dog bites, contaminated food or beverages, and other causes. Your local vet can resolve most infections with antibiotics. 

If you suspect your Labradoodle has stopped eating entirely as a result of infection, it represents a veterinary emergency.

Labradoodle with curly coat

Labradoodle with curly coat sitting on the grass.

Upset Tummy

Like humans, dogs don’t like to eat when they have an upset stomach. Usually, a tummy ache results from your dog eating something that it shouldn’t have. Other times, your dog may eat too fast prior to exerting itself, causing indigestion. 

Watch for gagging or yawning that is relentless.

Observe your Labradoodle for 24 hours. Seek veterinary assistance if your dog’s condition does not improve.

labradoodle in party hat
My Labradoodle Max wearing his party hat. Stylish!

How Do I Make My Labradoodle Eat? Tips & Tricks

Most of the time, dog owners will face little difficulty getting their Labradoodles to eat. All you need to do is set out some food, and your Labradoodle will do the rest. 

However, in some cases, your dog may refuse to eat for one reason or another, making you wonder if Labradoodles are fussy eaters. 

Below, discover some tips and tricks to make your Labradoodle eat.

cute labradoodle photo
A close up face image of Labradoodle puppy Max

Give it a Minute

Before you start experimenting with new methods to get your Labradoodle to eat, wait to see if it will eat on its own. Like watching and waiting for a pot of water to boil, it may seem like your dog takes longer to eat than it should. 

Maybe your dog even has stage fright. Stop hovering over it, walk away, and maybe it will start to chow down after you give it some breathing room.

Change Brands

Humans aren’t the only animal that gets tired of eating the same old thing. If you have served your Labradoodle the same dog food for years, try switching it up to see if that entices your pooch to resume its usual eating habits. 

Yep, Labradoodles (like any dog) sometimes seem to get tired of their food.

You may need to purchase several different brands before you find one that your dog likes.

Warm It Up

If your Labradoodle turns its nose up at every meal, consider warming up its food. Sometimes, heating up dog food can release those mouth-watering aromas, enticing your Labradoodle to give it a little taste test. 

Make sure you do not overheat the food. If you burn your dog’s mouth, it will have a whole new reason to not eat as much as it normally would.

Work Up an Appetite

Some Labradoodles may not consume as much dog food as they did in the past because they do not need the calories. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. That way, it must replace the energy expended with a meal. 

However, take care to observe your Labradoodle during playtime. If it seems lethargic or overworked, you should take it to a vet as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Are Labradoodles fussy eaters? Not particularly. 

You will find plenty of anecdotes about finicky Labradoodles online. However, you will discover the same for just about every other breed. 

Labradoodles display the same amount of pickiness as other dogs. If you notice your pup isn’t eating very well, there is likely a reason beyond fussiness. When in doubt, always see a veterinarian.