Are Labradoodles Good With Cats?

Labradoodles are a brilliant pet. They are a fantastic dog breed for families. A major reason? Labradoodles are friendly and calm (most of the time). 

These personality traits have been bred into them. You know that they are pretty much always going to be good with people. However, what about cats?

Are Labradoodles good with cats? That is what we want to take a look at on this page!

are labradoodles good with cats
Are Labradoodles good with cats?

You will be pleased to know that Labradoodles are going to be good with cats. Well, mostly.

A lot of it will be dependent on both the cat and the dog. It may also take a small while to get the two of them acquainted with one another. However, pretty much always, the two will end up getting on completely fine.

All Dogs Are Different 

cat looks annoyed with Labradoodle
The cat looks annoyed but the Labradoodle enjoys the cuddles. (Image: Instagram/@jaxondoodle)

As we go through whether Labradoodles are good with cats, we want you to remember that all dogs are different.

Most Labradoodles should be fine with cats. However, you will have the odd one that bucks that trend. This means you may need to keep an eye on your Labradoodle and cat, at least until you can 100% trust them to be together.

Remember, it isn’t just your dog that you need to be paying attention to. It takes ‘two to tango,’ so to speak.

Your Labradoodle may end up loving your cat, but the cat may end up not being a big fan. This is more likely to happen if the cat is older and likes to be more relaxed.

Tips for Encouraging Your Older Cat to Like a Labradoodle Puppy

Cats and dogs are both predators. In the wild, cats and dogs would be natural enemies. A dog would likely see a cat as food. They both also see each other as potential invaders of territory.

While it is a bit easier to deal with in the home (cats and dogs can become friends), you have to remember that they are both animals. They still have those raw instincts brimming under the surface.

Think about it from the perspective of your older cat. They have spent years in your home. Eating whenever they want. Getting attention from their pack leader.

Then, one day, without consulting your cat, a big, feisty predator came into their home. You would be a bit peeved, too, right?

With this in mind, it probably shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with ways that you can ensure that your cat is reasonably happy with the situation. It will take weeks to get them to that point, but the following really should help.

Give the cat its own space

white cat busy eating
A white cat is busy eating by herself.

We will discuss this a bit more in the next section. For now, all you need to know is that a cat should have its own space in your home that the dog will not have any access to.

Now, there is a good chance that your dog and cat will never be able to mingle properly. Therefore, the space should be quite large and have all the necessities that the cat needs.

As we said, this will be discussed in greater depth in the next section as that ‘own space’ thing is very much crucial for the cat.

Different meals times for your puppy and cat

commercial dog food and raw dog foods
The commercial dog food and raw dog foods are good for dogs if you choose high quality ingredients.

Well, at the very minimum, the dog and the cat should not be eating in the same place.

As we said before, these are both predators. The dog and the cat will just think that their food is being stolen when they are together.

So, try and keep them apart. If your Labradoodle is eating, do not let the cat in there. If the cat is eating, do not let the dog in there. It is something simple, but it works.

Of course, they both should have access to their own water bowl. Your cat will be annoyed if your Labradoodle puppy just waltzes in there and ‘steals’ that precious resource.

Supervision is key

Until you can trust your dog and cat together (not for a few months), then any meeting between the two of them should be fully supervised. You want to ensure that the dog is not doing anything to irritate the cat.

If they are, then you need to train them not to do it.

During the first few months of Labradoodle ownership, you will be training your dog to show restraint and control. So, that dog and cat shouldn’t really be meeting unsupervised until your dog has been trained for that.

Sadly, there isn’t that much you can do if you have an older cat that hasn’t been fully trained. The best you can really hope for is that your Labradoodle isn’t that much of a nuisance.

Tons and tons of praise for both animals

woman carries a cat
A woman carries her cat and off for a walk.

Your cat probably isn’t going to be happy that you are spending a lot of time with your dog. The problem is that many new dog owners end up ignoring their cats. It is natural.

You are trying to get your dog comfortable in their new home. They need to be trained. The problem is that your cat doesn’t realize this. They just think that you are ignoring them.

Wherever possible, try to praise your cat and give them treats just as often as you give treats and praise to your dog. Obviously, this is not going to be possible all the time. Some of the praise that the dog gets will be praised because they are being trained. Most of the time is right, though.

Do not shout at your Labradoodle

a medium chocolate labradoodle
A chocolate medium Labradoodle

Does your cat not seem to be doing too well around your dog? Do they seem a bit aggressive? Does something similar happen with your dog?

Well, under no circumstances should you be shouting at either one of them. This just reinforces their behavior.

Instead, split them up as quickly as you can. If you can’t split them up, then train your dog to divert their attention. It is much easier working with a dog for diversions than with a cat, after all.

Introducing the Puppy Slowly 

Labradoodle meets a cat
Labradoodle meets a cat during a winter. (Image: Instagram/@tyralabradoodle)

You shouldn’t just be bringing the puppy home one day and expect the cat to be dealing with it with few issues. You need to get the cat used to the puppy over time.

A few weeks before you get your puppy, you will need to give the cat its own dedicated space in your home. Make sure that they have everything in the same room. This includes:

  • A bed
  • Food
  • Water
  • Litterbox
  • Toys

Ideally, the room will also need to be sealed off. Your cat needs to know that this is their territory. Since cats love small spaces, this probably shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

curly cream labradoodle sitting
A cream curly Labradoodle

While you can have your cat wandering around the home before your dog arrives, don’t let it happen too much. They should be spending most of the time in their own space.

When the dog arrives, give it a few days before your cat meets the dog. Allow the scent of the dog to appear in the home. You may also want to give your cat a blanket with the dog’s scent on it. Basically, allow the cat to learn the smell of the dog.

After a few days, they can have their first face to face meeting. Obviously, it should be supervised. Make sure that you are ready to jump in should anything go wrong.

After a few weeks of face to face meetings, there may not be any tension between the two, and the cat can start to have free roam of your house again. Of course, make sure that you never take away their dedicated space.

Why Labradoodles May Not Be a Good Fit For a Cat?

Labradoodle puppy wants to play
Labradoodle puppy looks up and wants to play. (Image: Instagram/@felix.labradoodle)

In some cases, your Labradoodle may not be a good fit for your cat.

Labradoodles can bark. They aren’t as noisy as some other dogs, but the barking can scare the cat.

You should also remember that the Labradoodle will see the cat as prey. It will have a ‘chasing’ instinct in it. After all, the Labradoodle does come from the Labrador. This means that you will need to keep an eye on this.

Your Labradoodle puppy is also going to be incredibly playful. This may irritate the cat, particularly if your cat does tend to be a bit more laidback. Ensure that your Labradoodle has plenty of toys that they can play with to prevent this.

Are Labradoodles Good With Cats Conclusion

As we said, it will take a lot of time for the two of them to start having a bit of tolerance with one another.

It may never happen (this is quite rare). Ideally, you would never bring a dog into a house that has an older cat in it. It does cause too many problems.

However, if you are willing to put in the work, the two of them may end up becoming terrific friends.

are labradodoles good with cats? a labradoodle puppy looks at a kitten