My Labradoodle Puppy Has Straight Hair!

Can Labradoodle puppies have straight hair? Will a straight-haired Labradoodle puppy shed?

labradoodle puppy has straight hair
Finding the answers: “My Labradoodle Puppy Has Straight Hair!?”

As a dog writer and owner of a very social miniature Labradoodle, I get asked lots of questions about Labradoodles!

I received a YouTube comment from subscriber Lynda who recently adopted a rehomed dog that turned out to be a Labradoodle. She did an online DNA test to find out what percentage breeds were present in her new dog. She was pretty surprised to find her rescue was a Labradoodle because the puppy had straight hair.

We got to the bottom of the straight hair Labradoodle situation for Lynda. In this article, we will share the facts about Labradoodle puppies with straight hair.

My Labradoodle Puppy Has Straight Hair!

Lynda wrote

“Hey Chris, my husband and I recently rehomed a puppy, and we thought we had a smaller sized Labrador on our hands. After a week, the papers came through, and it turns out we adopted a Labradoodle! We are happy to have an Oodle dog, but it was a surprise! My labradoodle puppy has straight hair?! I googled and came across your video about Goldendoodle coats and wondered if it is the same situation for Labradoodles – and should we expect the dog to shed? We were prepared for a shedding Labrador, so we are not too fussed, just curious. PS our dog sleeps at the foot of our bed too.

Well, Lynda, thank you for your questions (and subscribing to our dog channel on YouTube!). Here are the expanded answers to your straight hair Labradoodle puppy question! (And interesting to know that your dog sleeps at the foot of the bed)

black puppy with harness
The black Labradoodle puppy with a harness is taking a quick rest at the park. (Image: Instagram/@kylo_ren_labradoodle)

Labradoodle Puppies Can Have Three types of Coats

Like other Poodle mix breeds, Labradoodle puppies will have one of three types of coats. 

  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Straight

A curly coat is the most Poodle like, and a straight coat is the most similar to the coat of the Labrador.

A curly coat Labradoodle will likely not shed at all and are the best suited for a household that needs a zero shed dog. There is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog, but a curly coat Labradoodle is often very close.  

Many allergies come from dander proteins found in dog saliva (not just in the coat). We need to remember that there is no guarantee that any dog will ultimately be allergy-friendly.

A Labradoodles puppy coat can be straight without any curl at all. Often these dogs will look precisely like a Labrador coat and color. You will see some of the lithe (skinny) and thinner Poodle skulls and body features.

My Labradoodle Puppy Has Straight Hair! 1

Will A Straight Labradoodle Puppy Coat Change?

The coat of a Labradoodle does change over time. There is a transition from a Labradoodle puppy coat to the adult coat. This is similar to the Goldendoodle and other Poodle mix breeds.

Although there is a coat change, the actual type of coat will not change. A Labradoodle with a curly or straight coat will not turn into another coat type. So if you have a Labradoodle puppy with a straight coat, in general, the type will not change to a noticeable extent. 

If the puppy is non-shedding, the older dog will likely be non-shedding too. The same goes for a shedding straight coat Labradoodle puppy – do not hold out for a coat change as it is unlikely to come.

The type of coat change is gradual. The puppy coat transition for most Labradoodles will not be noticed by the owners. It typically occurs around 10-12 months of age. Spend a little extra time brushing out the coat at this time. A slicker brush and a stainless steel comb are the best ways to easily brush a Labradoodle like a professional.

puppy on his bed
Labradoodle puppy with straight hair on his comfortable bed. (Image: Instagram/@milo_b_the_labradoodle_2)

Which generation of Labradoodle is a straight coat?

When a Labradoodle presents with a straight coat, it resembles the Labrador parent. The straight coat genetics are all from a Labrador Retriever.

This is why the generation of Labradoodle most likely to have a straight coat is the F1 Labradoodle. 

An F1 Labradoodle is the first generation. This means one parent was a Poodle, and the other was a Labrador Retriever. This means 50% genetics from each parent breed.

A strict F2 generation Labradoodle can also have 50:50 genetics. Still, you will typically see an increase in Poodle genetics by F1b integration into the breeding.

F1 Labradoodles can have any type of coat from curly and wavy right through to pure straight coat.

When people think of Labradoodles, they are often thinking of an F1b or F2 generation Labradoodle.

An F1b generation Labradoodle happens when an F1 Labradoodle is backcrossed with a Poodle. This increased the total Poodle genetics to 75%!

It is, therefore, far more likely that an F1b Labradoodle is a wavy or curly coat. It is relatively uncommon for an F1b Labradoodle to have a shedding straight coat!

Labradoodle puppy with toy
The Labradoodle puppy lying on his bed with his toy. (Image: Instagram/@labradoodlearcher)

Do Straight Coat Labradoodles Shed?

A straight coat Labradoodle will likely shed. They might shed less than a full blood Labrador. Still, compared with other generations of Labradoodle, there will be more hair shedding.

Some owners say that they still find even shedding straight hair Labradoodle to be less allergy-inducing than a typical Labrador.

Because straight-haired Labradoodles are genetically prone to shedding – it would be incredibly lucky and rare to find a straight hair Labradoodle that did not shed.

mini labradoodle puppy playing outside
A super cute miniature Labradoodle (named Max)

Do straight coat Labradoodles have a double coat?

Straight coat Labradoodles have individual hairs that extend from the external right through to the skin. Labradoodles, in general – do not have a double coat.

A straight coat Labradoodle will have a single coat as an adult. Although you might see a seasonal or winter coat change for a straight coat Labradoodle, it is unlikely to be very significant. Most owners who notice a difference just see a small increase in the volume of hair released when they groom their Labradoodle.

A slicker brush and steel comb is the simple way to groom any Labradoodle, from curly coat right thought eh straight coat.

Learn the Labradoodle 101!

Benefits of Straight Coat Labradoodle?

There is one benefit of a straight coat Labradoodle that can be very important to some owners. Compared with other Labradoodles, the straight coat Labradoodle is very low maintenance.

The grooming needs of a straight coat Labradoodle are much lower than those of wavy or curly coats.

You still need to 

But the complexity and frequency of grooming for a straight coat Labradoodle are much lower than the other types.

Reduced grooming complexity means lower cost. This can be a real money saver, which can be important for many pet owners.

The easier grooming can also suit older pet owners. We made a detailed list of the best small dog breeds for senior owners. A straight-haired Labradoodle has a fantastic temperament and the added benefit of less grooming and easier maintenance.

Can You Genetically Test for Straight Coat Genes?

It is possible to genetically test and predict whether a dog is likely to have straight coat offspring. The tests are specialized and are typically organized via a Veterinarian. Breeder groups often have information if this type of testing is of interest to you.

Genetic tests for coat type are typically not useful for Labradoodle owners or adopters – as the coat is already established and will not change. 

There are, however, accurate at-home genetic tests that can determine the percentage of dog breeds present in Poodle mix dogs. DNA testing is costly – but comprehensive. A standard test like this one is painless and gives reasonably quick results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Straight Coat Labradoodles

Can Labradoodles have straight coats? 

Yes, Labradoodles can have straight coats. They are typically shedding and resemble a Labrador Retriever closely. 

Do Labradoodles Coats Change from Straight to Curly?

No, Labradoodles coats do not change from curly to straight or vice versa. There is a puppy coat change, but the coat type will be primarily the same. Do not expect the Labradoodle puppy coat type to change.

Do Straight Coat Labradoodles Shed?

Yes, straight coat Labradoodles do shed. They shed more than wavy or curly coat Labradoodles. They inherit the shedding traits from the Labrador Retriever.

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