Bernedoodle Pros and Cons (Must Read)

Bernedoodle, just like their name, is a cute breed popular among dog lovers for several reasons. Their intelligence and silly behaviors can leave you in awe and amusement in equal measure. Besides, looking at their curly fur, you get the urge to cuddle them and join in their silliness.

Bernedoodles resulted from breeding the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. The combination produced a breed featuring the best genetic traits from the two parental lines. However, as with all things in life, they also possess negative characteristics from the process.

Bernedoodle pros and cons
Bernedoodle Pros and Cons (Must read)

Determining which traits are positive and negative is a matter of viewpoint. Nonetheless, you want to learn the various upsides and downsides of Bernedoodle characteristics to identify your preferences better.

Learning the breed’s pros and cons lets you confirm that you can provide for the Bernedoodle’s needs. It ensures you manage expectations and challenges to create a fruitful and happy companionship.

Before delving deeper, let us begin by getting a general overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a Bernedoodle:

First, the benefits:

  • They are healthy with low shedding
  • They are hypoallergenic and ideal for active families. 
  • They are energetic, happy, and social.
  • They come in various sizes. 
  • They are suitable for active families. 

Then the disadvantages:

  • They can inherit genetic diseases during breeding.
  • They demand a minimum of two hours of exercise daily.
  • They have high-maintenance coats.
  • They can be expensive to acquire and maintain. 

With that said, our piece below gets into more depth about Bernedoodle’s pros and cons. Read on to understand their characteristics and learn if this breed is the right pick for you.


They often say that health is wealth, and this applies to dogs and not just humans. A healthy Bernedoodle equals a happy owner. So, how does this breed perform health-wise?

Pros: Longer Lifespan

One of the primary reasons for the breeding of Bernedoodles was to get an improved lifespan. The Bernese Mountain Dog, one-half of the parent lines, has a high illness prevalence. As a result, it has an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

In contrast, the Bernedoodle boasts healthier genetics than its two parental breeds. You can expect this cute little breed to live anywhere between 12 to 15 years.

Cons: Inherited Health Problems

It is necessary to note that poor breeding results in a Bernedoodle inheriting health issues from problematic parental lines. Hence, it is vital to ensure you get your dog from a certified breeder. This verification enables you to check the genetic history of the Bernedoodle and its parents.

Bernedoodle puppy
Bernedoodle puppy lying on the grass.

Exercise Needs

A Bernedoodle’s exercise needs are among the most crucial aspects to understand before adoption. It is one of the biggest reasons many of these breeds end up in shelter homes.

Pros: Ideal for Active Families and Outdoor Lovers

The Bernedoodle is highly energetic and famous for loving walking and hiking. This breed is perfect for an active single owner, couples, or families that enjoy running with a furry partner. Interestingly, Bernedoodles are not afraid of water, making them ideal candidates for a swimming companion.

Exercise is essential for your dog’s wellbeing, helping your friend to socialize, maintain a healthy weight, and be happy. Despite this, you want to consider your Bernedoodle’s size to ensure you exercise it within appropriate boundaries.

Cons: Require at Least 2 Hours of Daily Exercise

One of the biggest obstacles many people interested in Bernedoodles face is the activity requirements. The breed demands at least two hours of workouts each day. It is not the dog for you if you lack the physical ability or time for dedicated daily exercises.

f2b bernedoodle generation on the beach
The F2b Berendoodle generation can have that distinct Bernese Mountain Dog color coat


Dog owners have two perspectives regarding grooming. One group cherishes the sessions as quality time spent relaxing and bonding with their furry friend. The other type dreads approaching the grooming kit storage area.

This second group’s low enthusiasm mostly comes from a dog that requires so many cleaning sessions that it gets tiring. Nonetheless, most would argue that they show the most love when they complete the grooming despite their fatigue. With that said, what is it like to groom a Bernedoodle?

Pros: Low Shedders

Bernedoodles have low shedding, making them suitable for homes with allergy sufferers. This breed’s coats vary in waviness, ranging from mildly wavy to tight curls. Their curly coats reduce the likelihood of shedding to offer additional advantages like keeping your house cleaner.

Cons: High Maintenance 

You may initially think that low shedding equals reduced grooming requirements. However, the Bernedoodle is high maintenance, needing regular grooming sessions to keep it healthy and happy.

Regular trimming and brushing prevent the fur from tangling. Neglecting the coat leads to tangled hair that can lead to skin irritation and health problems for your little one.

A recommendation is to groom every two to three weeks and go for professional sessions every three to four months. You want to remember that groomers do not begin professional services until you vaccinate your puppy at around 16 weeks. Generally, it is essential to evaluate if you have the financial security and time to maintain this high grooming level.

f2bb bernedoodle dog in a lake
An F2bb Bernedoodles enjoy snow (just like all Bernedoodles!)


Scientists spend decades and millions of investments developing artificial intelligence or searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. Fortunately, for you and me, Bernedoodle intelligence means we do not have to search for it beyond this world.

Pros: Easy Training 

Poodles are famous for being intelligent, and Bernedoodles get their brilliance from this parentage. Bernedoodles’ intelligence makes it easier to train them. They quickly understand boundaries and ground rules during dog training, fostering a happy companionship.

Cons: Needs Constant Mental Stimulation

This breed’s intelligence is a double-edged sword. Even though smartness makes training easier, it means Bernedoodles can quickly fall into boredom. They require constant mental stimulation via toys and games, demanding more investment of your time and energy.

brown and white Bernedoodle
A Bernedoodle waits for his owner.


Honore de Balzac once stated, “Temperament is the thermometer of character.” A Bernedoodle has a distinct temperament, letting you know what to expect from it and what it expects from you.

Pros: Happy and Social

Generally, Bernedoodles are happy with an enthusiasm to please. This trait makes them fit perfect therapy dogs and family pets. Their gentle and loving disposition also makes them safe around seniors and kids.

Cons: Demands Constant Attention

Bernedoodles develop bad behavior when living in a home without constant attention. For instance, they may begin destructive chewing to seek attention or deal with separation anxiety. They are not your option if you work all day without someone in the house.

an f1b bernedoodle
Despite having more Poodle genetics, F1b Bernedoodles still often have the distinctive tri-color markings (Jet black, clear white, and rust)

Is Getting a Bernedoodle a Good Idea?

People have different preferences in the breed they search for in terms of traits. Some want a calm dog with a moderate activity level and exercise needs. Others have an active lifestyle, love the outdoors, and prefer a highly active breed.

As established earlier, the Bernedoodle is among the most energetic dogs you can find. They are ideal for an active family for a reason. The presence of several family members can facilitate better schedule organization.

Thus, it is easier to ensure someone is always available to play when the little friend comes calling.

It is a good idea to get the Bernedoodle if you are sure about your ability to provide for its needs. Most owners cannot satisfy the dog’s need for daily exercise, resulting in bad behaviors.

Many people eventually abandon the breed upon realizing how active they are.    

You also want to remember that financial resources are not the only factors to consider before adoption. The breed’s characteristics and the capability to meet its personality demands are critical considerations to keep in mind.

You may have the money to spend on the finest dog foods. Your wallet may afford to take your furry friend for quality, professional grooming sessions. Yet, if you cannot match their personality and daily emotional demands, you will have a sad and irritable companion.

Consequently, you become upset, and neither of you is happy, each nursing a broken heart.     

Bernedoodle is an excellent choice if you can fully support and address its needs. Otherwise, look elsewhere if you see an irreconcilable difference between your lifestyle and this breed’s traits.

how long do Bernedoodles live
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It is critical to research the Bernedoodle before deciding on adoption. Our guide above presents the various pros and cons of owning this breed. They help you identify the positives and challenges to expect, allowing you to make a well-informed adoption decision.

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