Do Bernedoodles Like To Run?

Imagine you are in the park and all of the sudden you see one of the most glorious sights in the canine world. A Bernedoodle running in full flight, bounding towards you. The tri-colour coat shimmering in the sun. Sounds glorious?

Well the giant Bernedoodles really is the royal family of Poodle mix dogs!

Bernedoodles are an amazing Poodle Cross breed. Their parent breeds are the noble and giant Bernese Mountain Dog, and the hypoallergenic and whip-smart Poodle.

do bernedoodles like to run

Bernedoodles are prized for their delightful often tri-colour coat. Depending on which Bernedoodle generation this coat can be non-shedding.

Bernedoodles are great active family pets – but are they a good companion dog for very active families? Do Bernedoodles like to run?

Do Bernedoodles Like to Run?

Bernedoodles are a social and friendly dog. They enjoy running, playing and hiking.

Do Bernedoodles like to run? Yes, Bernedoodles like to run!

The traits of a Poodle Cross Breed are typically inherited from either of the parent breeds. Both Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles can enjoy running.

Small dogs enjoy brief runs but tend to have less endurance than larger dogs. The majority of Bernedoodles are medium to large in size. 

On the other hand dogs that are too large or too small tend to not suit pounding the pavement with their owners.

A medium to large dog like a Bernedoodle can be a great running companion.

Breeders and owners report that Bernedoodles have a moderate exercise requirement.

Bernedoodle 101 fast puppy facts from Oodle Life YouTube.

Do Bernedoodles Make Good Running Companions?

Some Bernedoodles make great running companions. Do Bernedoodles like to run long distances? A few Bernedoodles even make great longer distance running companions.

Most dogs enjoy running. The volume and distance of running will depend on the size and temperament of the individual Bernedoodle.

I asked Megan who runs with her Bernedoodles and she messaged “We started with smaller runs once he had stopped growing completely at 2 years”

I asked how far he runs now and she said she routinely runs 5 miles (8 kilometres) with her adult large Bernedoodle. “He loves running in Winter, but in Summer tends to get tired more quickly so we run shorter distances”.

Do Bernedoodles Like To Run? 1
Once they grow up Bernedoodles can love to run with their owners. Take it easy when they are puppies!

A Bernedoodle can make a great running companion, but there is no guarantee. Even though it is likely that your Bernedoodle will enjoy running, the distance the dog will be comfortable with cannot be predicted.

There are other breeds of dogs that are more commonly associated with being excellent longer distance running companions. Amongst the Poodle Cross breeds, many people have running success with larger Goldendoodles as a running companion. (Animal Planet)

You can see a breed comparison of the Bernedoodle vs the Goldendoodle here.

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a noble and great idea. Local rescues often have a great idea about dogs who have a high energy requirement or are suited for long distance running companionship.

Do Bernedoodles Like to Run and Hunt?

Bernedoodles are not an ideal hunting dog. Their temperament on average is not ideal typically for a hunting dog.

Poodles are originally bred as duck hunting retriever animals. The majority of modern Poodles however are bred as companion dogs.

Much of the temperament and features that made them hunting companions are no longer present.

I did ask on a Bernedoodle owners forum, and one owner did report that their Bernedoodle puppy (a very large four-year-old) was an excellent hunting companion. He said the puppy took to it from a very young age and mimicked the older dogs in the family.

So every Bernedoodle could be a hunting dog. It is not the first, second or third breed you should consider.

Do Bernedoodles Like to Hike?

Bernedoodles LOVE to hike! They are moderately active dog and enjoy hiking and trails. 

You of course need to take plenty of water and snacks.

You also need to learn the limits of your dogs strength, and never exceed what is reasonable. Remember your loyal Bernedoodles motivation might be strong and lead to over exertion.

When your Bernedoodle puppy is young be cautious when hiking to prevent overexertion or injury. Save the arduous hikes for when it is an adult (often vets recommend 1.5 years and older).

Bernedoodles are comfortable with moderately warm weather. They also love the cooler months and you can give your Bernedoodle snow shoes!

Do Bernedoodles Like The Snow?

Bernedoodles tend to love the snow

They descend from the Bernese Mountain Dog which are traditionally found in the Swiss mountains. It is common for Bernedoodles to take to the snow like a duck to water.

Like any dog you should be careful to avoid prolonged cold exposure without respite, and consider snow shoes or booties in extremely cold weather.

Bernedoodles enjoy snow play and even hiking in the snow. 

If running or playing fetch, be careful on ice. Larger dogs like the Bernedoodle can hurt joints if they slip and fall. 

Do Bernedoodles Like to Swim?

People often wonder if Bernedoodles like to swim. I surveyed Bernedoodle owners to find out how their puppies enjoyed water.

You can check out the results of my Bernedoodle swimming survey here!

In general – yes Bernedoodles do enjoy swimming! One owner reported that their Bernedoodle puppy loved the water and swimming in the pool with their children so much – that they were worried about withdrawal in winter!

As we know Bernedoodles are moderately active dogs – and playing in the water is a great energy burning activity.

Bernedoodles can also be trained to enjoy the beach from a young age. Check out these seven tips for BEFORE you take your Bernedoodle puppy to the beach.

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Sadie the Bernedoodle by Chris Michel on Flickr. CC-by-SA 2.0

Are Bernedoodles High Energy?

Bernedoodles are not particularly high energy. They do need around 30-60 minutes of exercise every day.

I asked a bunch of Bernedoodle owners and the amount of exercise time did vary. The general consensus was that either deliberate exercise or yard play of up to one hour was most common.

Bernedoodles who are consistently active throughout the day tend to need less specialised exercise.

Do Bernedoodles Like to Run Conclusions

If you are thinking about getting a Bernedoodle you need to know as much as possible about this unique (and super loyal!) Poodle Mix breed.

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