25 Best Black Dog Names [Hand Picked]

Choosing a name for your new four-legged friend is an exciting and sometimes intimidating decision! 

Not only should the name suit your dog’s personality, but it must also be memorable, meaningful, or recognizable to you. Owning a black dog opens the door to many naming schemes and options, so what are the best names for black dogs?

best names for black dogs
Choosing the best names for black dogs – hand-picked mega list!

With appearance and personality the two main categories pet owners use to choose a name, many classic names are commonly used. Highlighting the color of your dog’s coat with its name can be fun, original and help friends and family easily remember your pup’s name. 

Practical Guidelines for Selecting Your Dog’s Name

You have complete autonomy when deciding on a name, but some tips and tricks from experts can help you build more precise communication and deep understanding between you and your pet. 

End With a Vowel

It seems that dogs with names that end in a vowel, or even a “y” or an “ie” might learn to recall more quickly because the shift in their human vocal cord creates a unique and ear-catching sound. Primarily because dogs discern and respond to high-frequency sounds. 

Keep It Short

One-syllable names are a quick and easy way to train your dog to understand not only its names but commands and rewards. Even some two-syllable names are affected in this way. 

Furthermore, many owners who select longer names will often use a shortened version or nickname for their pet most of the time. Before picking up your dog and deciding on a name, say it aloud a few times in your home or in a park to see how it feels! 

a black bull terrier
The beautiful shimmering coat of an all-black Bull Terrier

Make it Clear

Your dog will learn many things over the years, the first and most important is its name, but it will also learn to sit, stay, speak, and other behavior management skills or fun tricks. 

Ensuring that your dog does not confuse its name with a new command is essential, especially as a puppy, so make sure that the name is clear and individually identifiable. 

Stick to It 

Once you have selected a name and used it with your pet, there is no going back. Not only will shifting your dog’s name create confusion but it might cause delayed or returning behavioral issues. 

If you have adopted a pet and feel it necessary to change its name to something that better fits its new life, try to use similar sounds to its current name. 

Dog Name Recommendations: Naming A Black Dog

black coat wavy labradoodle
Wavy coat Labradoodles don’t shed much. This rich black coat is a fairly common Labradoodle shade.
  1. Asher/Ash/Ashy

For black and gray dogs, names like Asher, Ash, or Ashley are combinations that relate to coals and burnt embers. The name offers sultry and exciting connotations and versions suitable for either male or female dogs. 

In terms of pop culture, you might get asked if the name is pokemon inspired – but most people should just appreciate this beautiful name.

  1. Batman/Bruce/Wayne

All dogs are superheroes, but a black dog can easily save the population of Gotham. Naming your new best friend Batman means that you are a built-in sidekick!

(Looking for more comic book and superhero dog name inspiration?)

  1. Bear

Black bears are commonly found in the southeast and the midwest United States. Naming your black dog bear indicates a strong personality and keen energy. 

  1. Blackberry

Blackberries are a delicious summer fruit that cooks can use in pies or jams, so naming your black dog Blackberry will assume that your puppy is a sweet boy or girl. 

  1. Boo

Being the same as the seasonal greeting used during October, Boo is a fun name for a black dog. It is also a short name that ends in a vowel, so it is great for training!

all black coated maltipoo
A truly all black Maltipoo coat is rare
  1. Charcoal

Charcoal gives off summertime cookout vibes; a fun black dog named Charcoal can ignite energy and excitement. 

  1. Diesel

Diesel is growing in popularity among pet owners, and for a good reason! Diesel is a masculine name that reminds people of driving a big truck or working on a farm. It is an excellent choice for an outdoorsy pup! 

  1. Ebony

Ebony is a color-based name and is traditionally associated with the feminine. Ebony is a very dark black color and was derived from the bark of an Asian tree. It also ends in a vowel, making it a good name for communicating with your dog. 

  1. Space

Looking into the night sky demonstrates the sheer massiveness of space. For a big black dog, this is a great name. 

One consideration, however, is that it may be confusing if you want to tell your dog to give another dog some space – in that case, you might need to consider training them using a different command. 

  1. Inky

Ink is traditionally black, while it can be other colors in the modern-day, usually, when people think of inkwells, it is black, making this name a color-based name appropriate for both male and female dogs. 

black goldendoodle puppy
A beautiful black Labradoodle puppy! Photo by Bennylover CC-by-SA no modifications
  1. Iris

The black iris is one of the most unusual flowers anywhere and is defined by its dark purple, nearly black color. Famously, artist Georgia O’Keeffe painted a version of it. For a black female dog, this is an exciting and mysterious name. 

  1. Jet

Many people associate Jet with “jet black.” However, “jet” is, in fact, a term used to describe a highly polished surface. So, if you have a black dog with a gleaming coat, Jet will be a perfect name. 

It also suits any puppy with a built-in turbo boost or a severe case of the zoomies. Fast name for a speedy dog!

  1. Luna

Luna translates to “moon” in Latin, Spanish and Italian, and it is indicative of the night sky. Luna is a good choice for a female dog, especially if she has a sly or bold personality. It also has solid Harry Potter vibes too.

There is also the connection to the moon, so any puppy with wolf-like tendencies (howling, appearance) may suit the beautiful name Luna. The perfect pack name!

  1. Raven

Between the blackbirds called ravens and the infamous Edgar Allen Poe poem by the same name, Raven is immediately associated with the color black and will make an excellent name for a black female dog. 

a black yorkie
A Yorkie with a predominantly black coat stands on a wooden floor. (Yorkie coat color guide)
  1. Spy

As we all know from James Bond movies, spies move in the darkness to stealthily achieve their missions. Spy is an excellent name for a black dog because of that association and because it ends in a vowel sound. 

  1. Shadow

Shadow is a combination name for a black dog because not only do shadows follow you around everywhere, but they are also black, which makes Shadow the perfect name for an intensely loyal black dog.

  1. Magic

Every pup brings that sense of magic to a family, but a black dog is extra magical. Magic is often associated with witches, wizards, and mysterious things, so naming your dog Magic gives them an air of intrigue. 

  1. Sirius 

Every Harry Potter fan will have this name on a shortlist for their pet – Sirius Black is a significant character in the series that often takes the form of a large black dog. 

  1. Midnight

Midnight is a classic name for a black dog and is a color-based name. Because it is two-syllable, it works well for recall and training. 

  1. Morty | Morticia 

Taken from the Adam’s Family, Morticia is a fun and unique name for a black dog, or the shortened version – Morty – is quirky and can work for either gender. 

  1. Onyx

Onyx is a version of black and is often used for formal men’s suits. Before you decide to name your dog Onyx, practice calling it aloud in different situations to make sure you regularly use a unique word. 

  1. Oreo

An excellent name for a smaller black dog, Oreo is fun. It immediately reminds people of the sandwich cookie and is a good name if you have children in your family who might interact with the dog. 

black cavapoo dog
A black Cavapoo dog will have dark brown or black features
  1. Pepper

Pepper is a fun name with a spicy meaning, like the second half of salt and pepper. Also, for Marvel fans, Pepper Potts is a terrific name for the most and most loyal partner. 

  1. Salem

Salem, Massachusetts, is a historically witchy place associated with the spookiest season, so naming a black dog Salem is on-brand. While some black cats have the name, feel free to mix it up and assign it to your black dog. 

  1. Smokey

Smokey is a fun name for a black dog. It is connected to warm fires and cool nights and movies like Smokey and the Bandit. It also ends with a vowel-like sound so that it will be suitable for recall and training. 

Best Black Dog Names Conclusions

Hopefully, this list includes the perfect name for your black dog, or if not, it has provided creative naming insights. Remembering the tips and tricks and adding individuality is ideal for a concise, fun, and compelling dog name. 

No matter what name you select, you are walking away from the naming process, the winner of a tremendous prize – to experience life with a loyal and loving companion for many years to come. 

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