31 Best Red Dog Names [Actually Good Names for a Red Dog]

You’re lucky enough to have a red dog, but what do you name it? Choosing a dog’s name can take some time and consideration. Most of us try to pick a name that fits the dog’s personality as well as appearance. 

Don’t forget that you might have to shout the name repeatedly outdoors, so a multi-part name or one that’s hard to pronounce might not be the best idea unless you use a shorter nickname frequently. 

You don’t have to use a name that fits your dog’s red coat, so some of our favorites don’t bring the color red to mind. 

I’ve come up with a list of some red dog names I think are good ones and hope you find one you like or that at least inspires you. 

red mini Labradoodle
A Red Miniature Labradoodle looks happy in the studio.


You knew this one would be on the list, didn’t you? Since my apricot Labradoodle is named Max, it’s naturally one of my favorite names for red dogs!


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Red and its variations are obvious choices for a red dog. Some other names that incorporate this are:

  • Big Red 
  • Old Red 
  • Redford 
  • Redbone
  • Redman

These names aren’t the most original, but some dogs might feel like a fit for them. Red Rover is another red dog name that’s a play on the word red, as well as a children’s playground game. 


Copper is a fun name, especially for a red male dog. It brings to mind the color and has a no-nonsense ring to it. 

apricot cavapoo
It can be tricky to tell the difference between a red, apricot or tan Cavapoo.


This name’s an obvious choice thanks to the book “Clifford, The Big Red Dog.” The first book appeared in 1963 and told the story of a little girl named Emily and her super-sized red dog. 

The book series launched an animated TV show in 2000, a second animated show in 2019, and a feature film in 2021. 

The name is tailor-made for big red dogs like Rhodesian ridgebacks, or use it for a small breed like a Dachshund if you like the irony. 


Like ginger for a yellow dog, Cinnamon’s a fitting name for a red or reddish-brown dog. You think of the color immediately, but it has a softer sound than Red or Copper, making it a lovely name for a female dog. 


Paprika is another red-dog name pulled from the spice drawer. This name has a little kick to it, so it’s perfect for a red dog with a rambunctious personality. 


This name makes me picture a bloodhound or a cocker spaniel that’s chasing rodents in the yard or sleeping on a porch. This name is a classic one for a red dog or a dog of any color. 

mini goldendoodle sitting on a bench
A red Mini Goldendoodle sitting on a park bench


Ariel is the lead character from Disney’s film “The Little Mermaid.” Known for her singing voice and fiery red hair, Ariel gets herself into trouble by being too curious.

This Disney dog name seems perfect for rambunctious red dogs and pups who love the water. 


This name comes from Pippi Longstocking and her bright red braids. Pippi was the main character in a series of books first published in Sweden in 1945. The character appeared in TV shows and movies, too. 


Whether the name makes you think of Dorothy’s Ruby slippers in “The Wizard of Oz” or ruby gemstones, it brings the color red to mind. 


Speaking of “The Wizard of Oz,” the good witch Glinda had wavy reddish-blond hair that stood out even more after the parts of the movie where Dorothy was in Kansas in black and white.

Rosie or Rosey

We bet you can’t hear the name Rosie and not think of a red rose! Rosie’s a name for a sweet-natured dog. 


Poppies boast bright red flowers that are native to central Asia. Try this name for a Lhasa Apso or Laizhou Hong, but any energetic red dog breed will do.  

red labradoodle puppy
A Red Labradoodle puppy sits on the grass.


The red wine known as merlot can be an unusual dog name that fits a red dog well and rolls easily off the tongue. 


Most of us think of a shiny red apple when we hear the word apple, so Apple is a good name for red dogs. Some people also might think of musical artist Fiona Apple or how Oscar-winning actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple. 


Aka is Japanese for red. While it’s a pretty name for any dog, it’s especially fitting for red Japanese dog breeds with curly tails like a Shiba Inu or Akita Inu. 


This name is cute and fitting for a small dog or one that you think is as cute as a shiny red ladybug. 


Country music sensation and actress Reba McEntire has been known in part for her signature red hair since she came upon the music scene in 1975. 


Who can forget the little redheaded orphan Annie? Annie’s tough, spunky, and went from a comic strip character in the 1920s to the movies and a Broadway musical. 


The name sounds yellow more than red but also comes from the Annie stories. In the original comic strip, Little Orphan Annie’s dog was a reddish-brown, perfect dog named Sandy. 


Blaze implies a roaring fire which makes us think of red flames and glowing red embers. A spicy pup full of personality might be right for this name. Blaze is also the name of a purple cat in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. 


The Italian word for red, Rosso, can make a fitting name for a red dog and sounds a little more exciting than simply calling the pup Red. 


Science-fiction and weird horror fans might consider naming their red dog after character Dana Scully, a redheaded skeptical doctor. She worked with true alien and conspiracy believer Fox Mulder on the long-running X-Files TV series from 1993. 


Lucille Ball was one of the most famous people in entertainment history who popularized the perception of a ditzy but lovable redhead. Her TV show “I Love Lucy” began in 1951 and still airs every day around the world 70 years later. 


Flann and Flanna mean red-haired in Irish, so this might be the perfect unique-sounding name for a red Irish Setter. Flanna, in particular, sounds lovely and flowing like a setter’s soft coat. 

The Best Red Dog Names

Any name can suit a red dog. The best red dog names also work well for other colors and breeds. 

The important thing is that you pick a name you love that you won’t get tired of after a few months to a year and that your dog will answer to you when you call. 

We hope you found some red dog names on this list that inspire you to name your pup something fabulous.