93 Authentic Scottish Dog Names (Actually GOOD Puppy Names)

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. From the wild hills of the highlands and the rugged coastline to the rich history steeped with intrigue, who can resist the distinctive culture? 

Have Scottish ancestry and want to connect with your roots? You could put on a raincoat and go in search of Nessie, or you could name give your canine best buddy an authentic Scottish name.

Scottish dog names
93 Authentic Scottish Dog Names

Here are some of our favorites! 

  1. Donald: This is a masculine name derived from the Gaelic name Dòmhnall, which means “world-ruler.”
  1. Bridget: A classic name derived from a Gaelic name; Brighid is an Irish goddess’s name.
  1. Coira: A Scottish feminine name that means “seething pool.”
  1. Laddie: This is a masculine term meaning “boy” in the Scottish language.
  1. Kelpie: This name is derived from a mystical, spiritual character with a shape-shifting ability that can turn into a horse. Kelpies are also a breed of herding dog, and it would be pretty funny if you nailed them both! 
  1. Elspeth: This is a Scottish term for Elizabeth, which means selected by God.
  1. Gavenia: A feminine Scottish term that means “White Hawk.”
  1. Sorcha: This feminine word is derived from the Gaelic language, meaning “radiant.”
  1. Calum: A Scottish term that literally means “dove.”
  1. Glenn: This is a Gaelic-derived word, meaning “valley.”
  1. Loch: This is a stylish Scottish word meaning “lake.” Kinda where Nessie lives. 
  1. Haggis: You can’t mention “Scotland” without mentioning haggis. Haggis is a Scottish dish that is typically made from sheep stomachs, oatmeal, onions, and various spices. The ingredients are typically cooked in a pot over an open fire. 
  1. Nessie: See “Loch” above and combine Loch and Nessie to make the legendary Loch Ness monster. Although many swear that the term “monster” is vastly unwarranted. 
  1. Caledonia: This fancy word is a Latin word used by the Roman Empire. It refers to the part of Great Britain. 
  1. Munro: This name is a name of a “mountain” in Scotland that is higher than 3000 feet.  
  1. Firth: This short Scottish word expresses the “inlet of the sea.”
  1. Lager: A hugely popular beverage in Scotland, and most other parts of the world honestly! 
  1. Madra: This implies a female name of Spanish origin that means “Motherly.” 
  1. Alba: This term is derived from a Gaelic name that means “Scotland.”
  1. Glasgow: This name is derived from the name of the largest city in Scotland.
  1. Kameron: This term came from the word Cameron which means “crooked nose.”
  1. Kenzie: A term which means “handsome” in Scottish.
  1. Laire: A feminine Scottish name for “mare.”
  1. Marcail: A very simple term, which means “little pearl.”
  1. Gordania: The name originated from the Scottish language, meaning “heroic.”
  1. Moire: This term is derived from Gaelic, which means the “sea’s star.” 
  1. Roisin: A beautiful feminine name that means “little rose.”
  1. Wynda: This is a girly name, and it means a narrow path in Scottish.
  1. Alasdair: This name has its roots in the Gaelic name that means “defending men.”
  1. Effie: A feminine term that means “well-spoken.”
  1. MacBeth: This is a name derived from one of Shakespeare’s famous characters who was a Scottish general that went on to be King. 
Black Scottish Terrier
Black Scottish Terrier sitting on the ground.
  1. Sterling: It is a common term that means the currency of Scotland.
  1. Lewis: A neutral gender name that literally means “island.”
  1. Donella: This term is a feminine version of the name Donald.
  1. Bain: This word has derived from bàn, a Gaelic word that means “white” or “fair.”
  1. Caelan: It is a masculine term that signifies a “powerful warrior.”
  1. Gallus: A simple word that means “mischievous” in Scottish.
  1. Gregor:  A Scottish term that means “alert” or “watchful.”
  1. Iver: A unique name that holds a beautiful meaning is “Bow warrior” or “Archer.”
  1. Thistle: A beautiful flower that is Scotland’s national flower.
  1. Toaty: This Scottish word signifies “tiny and small.”
  1.  Atholl: This name is derived from a village named Blair Atholl in Scotland.
  1. Bein: A masculine Scottish name meaning “mountain.”
  1. Cranachan: This term is derived from a Scottish dessert made from whipped cream, raspberries, and honey. 
  1. Ale: Another popular beverage, you’re either a “lager person” or an “ale person.” Kinda like a cat person or a dog person. 
  1. Fergus: A masculine name that means “Man of Virgo.”
  1. Grant: A minimalist name that literally means “great.”
  1. Aberdeen: This term comes from the name of the third most populated city in Scotland.
  1. Aifric: A simple term meaning “pleasant.” 
  1. Burns: This is a name inspired by Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet.
  1. Eachann: This term simply means brown horse” in Scottish.
  1. Duff: This word’s origin is from a Gaelic word that means “dark.”
  1. Murdag: This masculine name means “sea warrior” in Scottish.
  1. Neil: This name is perfect for a male dog; it means “companion.”
  1. Rorie: A classic name that literally means “red king.”
  1. Ilain: This is a feminine name that means “God is gracious” in simple words.
  1. Rabbie: A neutral gender name that is derived from the name Robert, which means “bright flame.”
  1. Hume: A famous surname comes from the name of the Scottish philosopher David Hume.
  1. Grizel: A pretty name for a female dog, this term comes from the word Griselda which means “gray battle.”
  1. Forbes: A very common name that simply means “field” in Scottish.
  1. Ewan: This is a Scottish masculine name that means the one “born from a yew tree.”
  1. Conall: This term originated from a Gaelic word that means “strong wolf.”
black Scottish dog sits
A black Scott Terrier sits on a chair comfortably.
  1. Bairn: A Scottish term that can be given to both male and female dogs; it means “baby.”
  1.  Aila: A feminine term that means “oak trees.”
  1. Beitris: This is a Scottish word that signifies “traveler.”
  1. Cannie: This term comes from the Scottish vocabulary, and it means “smart person.”
  1. Chip: A common dog name originated from the British word “fry.”
  1. Ealair: This term came from the Scottish language, and it simply means cheerful.
  1. Bowie: This is named after a boy that has blond hair.
  1. Caelan: Caelan is the word that depicts a “powerful warrior.”
  1. Camdyn: This word is derived from the “winding valley.” 
  1. Clyde: This name represents River or Lochs.
  1. Duff: This is a Scottish name of Irish origin, originally meaning “swarthy.”
  1. Finlay: This name is derived from the word Fionnlagh, which means “white warrior.”
  1. Teagan: This word exemplifies “Attractiveness and beauty.”
  1. Rae: It is a Scottish word for “grace.”
  1. Blair: This name is also the name of a “place in Scotland.” 
  1. Baraba: The meaning of the word Barabal is “foreign.”
  1. Alpin: This name gives out the meaning “white.” 
  1. Andrews: This stylish name comes from a burgh in east Scotland that is “St. Andrews.”
  1. Dafty: This funny name shows a “silly person.” 
  1. Cullen: This name is adopted from a thick Scottish soup called “Cullen skin.”
  1. Mairead: This name comes from the word Margaret, which means “daisy.” 
  1. Kenna: A powerful name that means “born of fire.”
  1. Highlander: This represents Scottish people from the “Highlands.” 
  1. Scotch:  This fancy word is for a “whisky” that is made in Scotland. 
  1. Acton: This name tells you about “The Oak Tree Settlement.”
  1. Alasdair: This is a term of Gaelic origin that means “defending men.” 
  1. Tweed: This name is derived from a “river” within Scotland’s borders. 
  1. Shona: This word represents a beautiful “female dog.” 
  1. Tartan: Tartan is a famous “football Army” in Scotland. 
  1. Tam Lin: This name originated from a hero of “Scottish Border ballads.” 
  1. Murdo: Murdo is a warrior in Scotland that fights in the sea. 
two Scottish Deerhound
Two adults Scottish Deerhound tongues out.

How To Name Your Dog?

With a plethora of names out there, how do you figure out what’s best to name your pooch? Picking the perfect name for your new pup can seem like a daunting task, but with a little help, you’ll be sure to find the right fit in no time. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the name you choose should be something that you and your family will feel comfortable using on a daily basis. After all, you’ll be saying it a lot! With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when naming your dog:

1. Don’t pick something that sounds like a command

Naming a dog that sounds like a command is a recipe for a whole lot of confusion for your dog, and probably heaps of frustration for you! Names like Bo and Po can be easily misheard of as “no,” and you’re going to have one confused dog when you call him in for dinner and it sounds like a correction. 

Shih Tzu and owner
The owner commands Shih Tzu to do his “thing.”

2. Keep it short and sweet

Sure, if you want to name your dog Pocahontas, knock yourself out. However, just think of how many times a day do you have to yell “Pocahontaaaaaas!!” and keep that up for the next decade or two? 

If you’re going for a long name, make sure there’s a cute nickname that you can use, like Pocky or Poke.  

cute Biewer Terrier sits
Biewer Terrier sitting pretty!

3. Match your dog’s personality with the name

Unless you are being ironic and call your Great Dane “Midget” or your Chihuahua “Goliath,” take your pup’s personality when it comes to naming your dog. 

dog personality types
7 Dog Personality Types – Which one is your dog? (Quiz)

4. Make sure it doesn’t sound like other names in the household

Imagine having 4 dogs with the names Zip, Beep, Kip, and Nip. Now holler at ONE. I’ll bet the whole bunch of them are gonna come running. 

same breed
Two dogs of the same breed.

Final Thoughts 

Picking your dog’s name can be a whole lotta fun, so try different ones until something sticks. We hope this list helps!