Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced? [What You Need to Know]

You have probably seen dog owners dress their dogs in fancy clothes, collars, leashes, and whatnot.

But what about a dog piercing? Can dogs get their ears pierced?

can dogs get their ears pierced
Can dogs get their ears pierced? [What you need to know]

If you are thinking of getting your dog’s ears pierced, it might be best to think about what you are getting your dog into!

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your dogs’ ears pierced.

Let’s get started!

So, Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

The short answer is NO!

Getting your dog’s ears pierced is considered animal abuse! Puncturing a hole in your dog’s ears is animal cruelty.

Why is that? The mere act of getting human ears pierced is painful enough; how much more if it’s a dog who has more sensitive ears?

A piercing and earrings may be normal for humans, but dog ears and other animals are more delicate and prone to pain.

Unfortunately, some dog owners compromise their dog’s health and physical well-being just for aesthetics or to look cute.

It is just not natural or beneficial for the dog in any way!

In fact, it may even be illegal in certain states, and you may be apprehended by animal control and charged for animal cruelty!

While it is possible to have your dog’s ears pierced, it is not the right thing to do as it can lead to several health problems for your dog.

brown and blue eyed dog
A pointy eared dog with one blue eye and one brown eye

What Are the Effects of Having Dog’s Ears Pierced?

Getting an ear piercing is normal for humans, but you cannot say the same for dogs! Dogs are more prone to health risks if you give them ear piercings.

Here are some health risks of having your dog’s ear pierced.

1. Ear Infections

A dog’s ear is already prone to infection on its own. What more when you tear a hole into your dog’s ear? Leaving a hole in your dog’s ear can cause it to be more susceptible to external elements.

Because dogs love to run around outside and play in the dirt, they are already exposed to a lot of germs and unknown stuff that could cause infections.

Not to mention the piercing itself!

We do not know where that piercing has been and if it is even clean! Metal piercings and earrings are full of bacteria that you do not want going on your dog’s ear.

Do not make it worse for them by piercing their ears!

checking dog's ear
A vet checking a dog’s ear.

2. Causing Pain and Discomfort

Even a human piercing can be painful sometimes!

As mentioned earlier, dog ears are thin and delicate. If you pierce them and add a piece of metal, it will just add to the pain!

If a dog comes home with a new piercing, it will just spend the rest of its life scratching and being uncomfortable.

The dog may scratch and scratch to get rid of the piercing, which just adds to the discomfort.

When dogs scratch excessively, especially with a piercing on, it can cause the ears to bleed and become infected, and we don’t want that to happen!

Dogs love to shake their heads as well. Doing this AND scratching with an ear piercing can also be painful for them.

Cute sleepy cavapoo
Cute sleepy cavapoo lying on bed

3. Loss of Hearing

If you pierce your dogs’ ears, there is always a risk that it will not be done correctly!

Whatever the cause is, getting your dog’s ear pierced can cause nerve damage to the ear. This could eventually lead to the loss of the dog’s hearing.

Most dogs also rely on their hearing to look out for their owners, so act like a good dog owner and do not make your dog’s life difficult by giving them an ear piercing.

sad dog with owner
A sad Dachshund sitting on a lap.

Is It Illegal to Pierce Your Dog’s Ears?

There has been a lot of debate about whether piercing animals should be legal or illegal.

In some cases, ONLY a licensed veterinarian or dog groomer can conduct an ear piercing, but others argue that this issue is just a matter of common sense.

And we have to agree.

If you pierce your dog’s ear or any pet for that matter, it is considered animal cruelty, and we all know that animal cruelty is indeed illegal.

All pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, etc.) are very delicate and should always be handled with care as some bodily modifications are meant for people only.

a vet holds a dog
A dog being held by a Veterinarian.

Other Dog Practices to Avoid

It is not just dog ear piercings that dogs have to go through! Other dogs go through specific practices that are just as harmful and uncomfortable to the dog’s lifestyle.

Ear Cropping

Ear cropping removes a part or all of a dog’s ears and taps the rest vertically, resulting in the dog’s ears pointing upwards instead of the natural flopping downwards.

That’s why you sometimes see a dog with folded ears.

The problem with this procedure is transforming a dog’s natural ears into a different shape. Imagine having your own ears taped or folded forever!

This process could lead to hearing loss and infection.

Tail Docking

Similarly, docking removes a part of a dog’s tail, usually with surgical scissors. Again, this is an unnecessary alteration of a dog’s natural body part.

Docking can have emotional effects on dogs. As we all know, dogs wag their tails when they get excited, but it may be difficult for them to convey emotions or interact without it.

Additionally, docking can cause a nerve tumor, making your dog irritable or aggravated.

What to Do Instead?

If you really want your dog to look as fashionable as possible, there are way better and safer ways to do so without having to damage the body!

You can start with a simple collar and leash! You can still take your dog out for a walk, and the collar will help keep your dog by your side.

If you want something more fashionable, you can buy or sew a nice sweater to keep them stylish and protected! Make sure your dog is comfortable and always avoid harmful ingredients!

If your dog isn’t warming up to the clothes or accessories, ditch them! (NOTE: Remember to consult your vet or do prior research before dressing up your dog!)

dog with glasses
A cool Chihuahua in a fancy clothing and sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs get their ears pierced? No, they cannot, and you should not pierce their ears.

Animals are delicate creatures, and they are also your friend! It should be basic courtesy and human decency to treat them well and let them live naturally.

If you made the mistake of getting a dog ear piercing (or cat, bird, or any pet), do the right thing and take them to the vet to have them removed and treated!