Can Goldendoodles Howl? (And How To Stop)

Howling is a common issue for many dog owners. But how common is it for Goldendoodles to exhibit this behavior? In this article, we will answer that question and more. Read on to learn more about a Goldendoodle howl. 

can Goldendoodles howl
Can Goldendoodles howl? Do Goldendoodles howl for fun?

Do Goldendoodles Howl?

Let’s get straight to the point. If you are wondering if a Goldendoodle howls, the short answer is yes. Nearly all breeds are capable of howling in certain situations. 

However, you should go a step further and consider why this behavior is so common. Knowing that will help you to determine any issues your pet is facing. It will also give you an indication as to how you can resolve your pet’s concerns. 

In the next few sections, we will reveal some of the main reasons why Goldendoodles howl. After that, we’ll tell you about a few ways that you can stop the noise.

Goldendoodle stands on water howling
The dog standing on a water howling. (Image: Instagram/@rexthetexasgoldendoodle)

Reasons Why Dogs Howl

If you notice a howling dog nearby, you may wonder why they are making such a scene. Dogs can howl for several reasons based on the scenario they are in. Read on to discover a few of the most prominent causes of a dog’s howl.

Communicating With Owners

The most important reason behind a dog’s howl is its desire to communicate. Like humans, dogs are social animals. Part of being a social animal is having a way to share thoughts and feelings with those in your group. 

Domesticated dogs are direct descendants of grey wolves. Long ago, the ancestors of modern dogs lived and traveled in packs, much like how wolves continue to do today. Part of being a successful pack is knowing how to communicate with your other pack members. One of the many ways a dog can do that is through howling. 

Over the centuries of domestication, humans have removed dogs from their wild setting. That also means removal from their packs. However, while dogs have left behind their wild pack ways, they have not forgotten what it is like to be social. 

In the modern world, dogs still have a desire to communicate. The most obvious replacement for their packs is the human families they live with today. As such, dogs are quick to communicate with their owners as best they can. 

If you notice your dog howling, they are trying to share some information with you on a fundamental level. They may be in some form of distress. Or, they may just be excited to see you. The following few points will address some of the specifics of what your Goldendoodle might be trying to communicate to you. 

golden dog howl at beach

Expressing Pain

Occasionally, your dog howl may be a sign that they have a physical injury. Since dogs cannot speak the way we do, they need to use a bark or howl to tell us when they are in pain. 

It can be challenging to tell if pain is the reason for your dog’s howl. If you think that might be the case, look for other signs of an injury.

When your dog is hurt, they may limp or show another odd movement pattern. They may also be very sensitive to your touch. If you notice those symptoms at the same time your dog is howling, you should think about taking them to the vet. 

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dog’s health. So, if you think they have an injury, try to find a vet right away so they can uncover any ailments and give your dog the help they need.

A Sign of Loneliness

Not all problems in life are physical. Some are the result of a poor mental state. That fact holds true for humans and dogs alike. 

With that in mind, you should know that your Goldendoodle puppy may be howling due to an emotional issue. Most often, that distress comes in the form of loneliness. 

Goldendoodles are a social breed that loves to spend time with their loved ones. When they don’t get that chance, they may not feel their best. You really can’t leave doodle dog breeds alone (even tough standard Labradoodle dogs are highly social).

Be sure to give your Goldendoodle plenty of attention each day. While they are not necessarily a needy breed, a Goldendoodle still might howl so that they can get more attention from you. 

goldendoodle loving to howl outdoors

Response to a Howl-Like Noise

If you are like me, you are probably one of those dog lovers who likes to watch a lot of Goldendoodle videos online. In many of those videos, you can see all kinds of dogs howling at seemingly random noises. 

However, a closer listen might reveal another reason why dogs howl. Often the noise that your pet is responding to sounds a lot like another dog’s howl. 

That noise can come from any sort of long, high-pitched source. For example, sirens and tea kettles are some of the most common noise-making objects that could inspire your dog to howl in response. 

If that occasion unfolds with your Goldendoodle, you shouldn’t worry. Howling at a noise is not often a sign that your dog is scared or in pain. Instead, it is most likely that they are just excited by the idea of communication with another dog. 

How to Stop a Goldendoodle From Howling

At this point, you know some of the reasons why your dog is howling. Now, it is time for you to learn some tactics that will help you stop that from happening. After all, excessive howling can become a nuisance even with the most beloved pet. 

Ignore the Howling

This first suggestion might seem counterintuitive, but there is a good reason why it works. By ignoring howling, you are conditioning your dog to understand that making noise is not a way to get what they want. After a while, your dog will give up and try to gain attention in a quieter way. 

Be careful when using this method. If your dog is howling because they have a legitimate grievance, respect their needs and give them the help they need. 

Provide Positive Feedback When Your Dog Is Quiet

This next tip takes a more positive approach. It begins with you recognizing a few common instances that cause your dog to howl. 

Once you know those scenarios, you can give your dog a reward any time they manage to remain quiet when they would normally make noise. This will give your Goldendoodle the message that it is much better for them to pipe down. 

golden doodle howl nature

Give Your Dog Entertainment

Recall that Goldendoodles, and all dogs, are social beings. That means that they need a certain level of attention to keep them happy every day. If you are not keeping your dog entertained, they may begin howling. 

Dog separation anxiety is a common cause of a howling dog.

Try to make sure that your dog has plenty of opportunities to play with you. This will not only curb howling. It will also strengthen the bond betweem pup and pet parent. 

But what about times when you are away from home, and you cannot give your dog any attention? This issue is a common cause of anxiety for many dogs. But there is a remedy. 

If you expect that you will be away from home for a long time, leave out some toys for your adult dog to enjoy. That way, they will have plenty to do in your absence. Puzzle toys or a frozen Kong treat are common distractions that occupy the brain of your dog. 

As an alternative, you can consider getting another pet. That second furry friend may be what you need to fulfill your Goldendoodle’s social needs. Older dogs learn to enjoy the company of puppies (though you might deal with some healousy or attacking intially).

If your dog seems to have too much energy (and lets be real, you will rarely find a lethargic Goldendoodle) – consider an extra walk in the morning or organising a friend or professional dog walker.

Goldendoodle with animal toys
Dog playing with his animal toys. (Image: Instagram/@olie_the_golden_doodle)

Other triggers of dog howling

Other noise related howling triggers include

  1. Loud noises, car horns, 
  2. Strangers are coming to the house (think the mail man)
  3. Other dogs in the neighbourhood barking or howling
  4. High pitched noise such as fireworks and screeching cars can trigger a howling response. 
  5. Birds or owls chirping or screeching (birds are prey, but owls are actually predators to small dogs)

Loud music is also another potential cause of why you might hear dogs howling. Lots of use use the radio or Spotify to keep a dog company and provide ambient noises.

But some dogs actually “sing along” to music and certain songs or genres. So if you are leaving music on (or the neighbors like to blast some Fleetwood Max) this can actually be a howling trigger. Remember that dogs hear much better than humans so the trigger can be far more quiet than what you would notice.

Fun dog howling fact - My favorite TV show "The Office" is yet another example when it comes to triggering dogs into howls, because they have loud yelling and screams all throughout the episodes. 

There are so many dogs that bark or howl when Michael Scott yells! It is one of the most amusing quirky trends I see people complain about reddit or dog forums. 

I would understand the reasoning behind a dog's howling at the Walking Dead or a show with dogs on screen - but the Office is one of the most complained about dog howl inducing shows!
black and white goldendoodle dog
A black and white Goldendoodle coat color

Do Goldendoodles Howl More Than Other Breeds?

If you are a prospective Goldendoodle owner who is worried about howling, don’t be. Goldendoodles are not more likely to howl than other breeds. 

Just like the parent breed Golden Retriever, Goldendoodles ARE vocal and sometimes bark alot. But there is no predisposition to howling (some dog breeds do howl more like Alaskan Malamutes and some German Shepherd dogs).

Some Miniature Goldendoodle families are actually super quiet (hard to believe). That lack of vocalization is one of the main reasons why pet owners choose certain breeders when they buy a Goldendoodle. (Editor note: We believe any reputable breeder can’t seriously claim to produce dogs that do not bark or howl)

However, just because Goldendoodles tend to be on the quiet side does not mean that they will never bark or howl. As is the case with any breed, individual Goldendoodles will have different behavioral characteristics. 

barking Goldendoodle puppy outside
The puppy walks towards the owner. (Image: Instagram/@_roxiedoodle)


Goldendoodles are excellent pets. But like any dog, they can howl and bark from time to time. If that happens to you, you should be prepared to understand why your dog is howling and a few ways you can fix the issue. 

Howling may be a sign of distress, or it might just be your dog’s way of communication with you. Either way, it is good to have a solid understanding of this basic means of canine communication. Hopefully, this article has given you the insight you need to stop your Goldendoodle from howling.