Can Huskies Swim? Comprehensive Water Guide For Husky Owners

The Siberian Husky comes from cold and snowy environments like Alaska. However, if you have a Husky in a bit of a warmer atmosphere, you may want to take the pup to the beach or a lake, especially in the summertime. Yet, you may not know whether your Husky puppy likes the water or can even go for a swim.

Are you wondering, “Can Huskies swim?” In the detailed guide below, we will answer your question and outline how to teach huskies to swim. You will find out whether Huskies like the water and where to take your dog to teach swimming skills.

can Huskies swim
Can Huskies swim?

Ready to find out whether Huskies can swim? Then, read on!

So, Can Huskies Swim? Can You Teach Them?

Huskies can learn how to swim. They have enough buoyancy in their body when they enter the water. The pups can learn to move their legs in the water, stay up, and swim around. 

Husky swims across the river
The Siberian Husky swims across the river with her owner around.

However, many Huskies do hate the water and may not want to go in. However, you can train a dog slowly to enter the pool or lake and become comfortable around the water. Make sure not to push the dog too quickly in your swimming training routine.

Avoid throwing the dog straight into the water on the first day. 

Why Is It Harder and Sometimes Impossible for Huskies to Swim?

Huskies generally have high intelligence and their first introduction to water may cause their dislike of swimming. For example, if the dog fell into a pool and got slightly hurt as a puppy, the Husky won’t enjoy the water.

Otherwise, Huskies tend to dislike getting wet, but you can get them used to the sensation over time. Huskies also like routines and their preferred environment, which is why they may hate the idea of jumping into the water. They’re merely not comfortable in a different space.

Sometimes, Huskies may dislike swimming because of a genetic factor. Generally, Huskies are bred to become sled dogs or herding dogs, so you won’t see them playing in the water. Yet, you can teach the dog to swim and persevere until they start to like getting wet in the lake or pond.

Do Huskies Like Swimming in the Water?

You can find that some Huskies like splashing around in the water, especially if you introduce them to the concept of swimming slowly. For instance, if the dog’s owner or family is playing in the water, the pup is more likely to enjoy going for a swim.

Siberian Husky swims at the pool
A Siberian Husky swims at a clean pool during the training.

Huskies are hard-working dogs and can work in difficult environments. They can’t be called lazy. As such, these dogs are more likely to try a new activity and do their best to accomplish the task. 

You can find some Huskies enjoy swimming while others may hate it at first. 

Can Huskies Learn How to Swim?

With the right training and under the right environments, Huskies can learn how to swim. Over time, your Husky may even start to enjoy swimming in the water.

When training your pup how to swim, make sure to avoid dangerous conditions and hazards like:

  • Large waves
  • Storms
  • Slippery floors near a pool
  • Cold, freezing water

Huskies have been bred to herd sheep or run with sleds, so swimming at a beach is a completely different atmosphere for these dogs. Nonetheless, you can get your Husky comfortable with the water and learn to swim. 

The Benefits of Huskies Learning to Swim

There are numerous benefits that Huskies can get from swimming. The top benefits include:

dog with a ball swims at the pool
A Siberian Husky with a ball swims at the pool.

Huskies tend to live in colder climates. Therefore, finding a way to cool them down is essential if you live in a warm location. Swimming in cool water will also help the skin and health of a typical Husky. 

Swimming will help your dog get a great workout, burn calories, and reduce the risk of injury when exercising. Additionally, swimming will keep your dog mentally stimulated and prevent boredom.

How to Teach Huskies Swimming Skills?

When teaching your Husky to swim, start out slowly. You don’t want to overdo it. For example, on the first day or two, start with merely splashing in the water for a few minutes. 

After a week or so, you can have your dog start getting farther into the water and putting her legs and tail underwater. Make sure to monitor the dog and not leave her alone. You can also take your dog to a beach with other canines where your Husky can copy their behaviors when swimming.

Create a Training Plan for Teaching Your Husky and Other Vital Tips

Your training plan to teach your dog how to swim should include a way to introduce your pup to the water in a calm way. Do not throw your dog into the pool or leave your pup alone when swimming. 

Siberian Husky enjoys the pool
Siberian Husky enjoys the pool with her owner.

See if there are any streams or small ponds when you’re taking your pup to the dog park or hiking in the woods. Introduce your dog to the water using these small steps. 

You should also consider going for a swim yourself and taking the dog with you. Huskies tend to look to their owners for guidance. Therefore, swimming in the water together with your dog can help the canine become more comfortable in the water. 

Consider Hazards Before Teaching Your Dog to Swim

There are numerous hazards to avoid when you teach your canine how to swim. If your dog is struggling or looks like he’s in pain, take your Husky out of the water. Make sure your pooch is enjoying swimming or else keep him on dry land.

We outline the typical hazards below.

Hazards to AvoidWhat to Do Instead
Large wavesTake your dog to a calm pool of water
Storms or bad weatherKeep your dog indoors
Freezing watersTake your Husky to a heated pool
Slippery areasDry off the deck before swimming with the dog
Deep watersTake your pup to a shallow area in the lake

Picking the Right Place for Your Husky to Swim

SIberianYou can take your Husky to a beach, by a lake or an ocean. The best beaches will have other dogs around. Your Husky can learn how to swim by following the behavior of these other canines.

two Siberian Huskies at a beach
The two Siberian Huskies sits at the rocky beach.

You can also look for small ponds at a dog park where your pup can go for a swim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Huskies Swimming

Check out the top answers to common questions about teaching Huskies how to swim.

Can a Husky swim in cold water?

Dog breeds like Huskies have thick fur and even double coats. As such, they are more suited to swimming in cold water than other dog breeds. They can stay warm in cold water for longer periods than canines with thin coats.

Regardless, you don’t want your dog to end up in freezing water.

Do Huskies like beaches?

Huskies do enjoy spending time at the beach. They may like splashing in the water. Also, Huskies definitely love playing in the sand.

Bring a ball to throw around at a dog-friendly beach

Are Huskies natural-born swimmers?

Huskies are not known as natural-born swimmers. They tend to dislike the water since they’re bred to live in cold environments as sled dogs. Nonetheless, you can teach Huskies to swim.

The Final Word

Now you know the answer to: can Huskies swim? These pups are not known as natural-born swimmers and some may not even like the water. You’ll need to work with your dog to see if swimming is something he can learn. 

Give it a try and see if you can teach a Husky to swim. It’s definitely possible that your Husky will go for a dip in the water next time you’re at the beach.