Cockapoo Lifespan – How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

When you are looking for a new pet, there is a lot to consider. You want the perfect dog that will fit into your life perfectly and provide years of love and companionship. 

But how do you know if a Cockapoo is right for you? How long will a Cockapoo puppy be around? What is the lifespan of a Cockapoo?

what is the cockapoo lifespan
Cockapoo Lifespan – How long do Cockapoos live on average?

Let’s chat about Cockapoo lifespan and give our advice on how long this Poodle mix breed lives. All the information so that you can make an informed decision before committing to a new family member.

The average life expectancy of a Cockapoo

The hybrid Poodle mix Cockapoo lives a life average for its size but much longer than many other breeds.

bluebell background for Cockapoo
A bluebell field background for Cockapoo. (Image: Instagram/@murphy_the_irish_cockapoo)

The life span of a Cockapoo is typically 13 to 17 years. 

It inherits its longecity from both the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parent breeds.

So on average, you would expect Cockapoos to live for approximately fifteen years. This only provides an approximate guide for how long a Cockapoo will live. Some will live longer or shorter!

What is the oldest Cockapoo?

The oldest Cockapoo on record reportedly lived to 23. I know of Cockapoo owners who have had 19 and 20-year-old Cockapoos! 

cockapoo puppy next to a cake how old
The oldest Cockapoos sometimes hit 20+ years of age…

We have the pet parent of a 17-year-old Cockapoo on the Oodle Life email list – and I love getting updates from her owners!

Cockapoo Maximum Age

With all that said, the maximum age the average owner should expect is probably around 17/18, and this is *very* old for a dog. This is right at the high end of a Cockapoo’s lifespan.

How can you keep a Cockapoo healthy?

If we look after the mental and nutritional needs of our Cockapoo – it will live longer.

cockapoo puppy
A Cockapoo dog sits proudly

It is as simple as that!

A happy Cockapoo that is fed properly will live the longest.

Provide your Cockapoo with proper care and kindness, and your Cockapoo will live a long life.

A healthy mind and a happy dog make for a long life!

hyper Cockapoo in jacket
A hyper Cockapoo wearing a jacket running crazily. (Image: Instagram/@murphy_the_irish_cockapoo)

Provide your Cockapoo with the proper medical and grooming care. Give attention to any problems early and train plus socialize your dog from an early age. All these facts contribute to your Cockapoo living longer.

Cockapoos will need to be cared for differently as they age, so parents should proactively prepare for the changes ahead.

There will be a change in diet, nutrition, grooming, and exercise as your mixed breed dog ages-plan for this to ensure a smooth transition and maximum lifespan.

How much exercise for a long Cockapoo life?

A Cockapoo’s high energy levels make them need plenty of exercise. At least 30 minutes a day is necessary to keep your pup happy and healthy.

A Cockapoo can be a perfect pet for those who live in apartments because they enjoy being inside but will probably need more attention than other breeds.

happy cockapoo puppy running
Photo by Ray Larabie /CC BY

They can go stir crazy if left alone. (Just like Goldendoodles)

Make sure you leave your pet with some stimulating toys and ask a friend or family member to stop in every few hours.

ready for a walk Cockapoo
Dogs need regular exercise to maintain their healthy body. (Image: Instagram/@adventures_with_cooperw)

It is vital to give Cockapoos enough exercise, but not too much for their sake. They should get ample playing time indoors or outdoors for them to stay at the right weight and maintain a sense of contentment. 

You don’t necessarily need to go for a marathon – long walks or jogs are not necessary. This dog will do circles and laps all by themselves.

Taking care of your Cockapoo is crucial because they are high-energy dogs and can be very stubborn.

What makes a Cockapoo die early?

Eye problems and Ear Problems can lead to a short Cockapoo lifespan. Poodle dogs are prone to wax, bacteria, and eye boogers. Left unchecked, this can create inflammation-causing infections.

dog bluebell field cockapoo play
The beautiful Dora (Cockapoo) in a field of bluebell flowers. Used with written permission from the talented Jayneboo.

Ear infections are common in Cockapoos because the corners of their eyes and ears often have exudate. 

Eye problems can also be caused by cataracts, glaucoma, or corneal ulcers. All these conditions can lead to blindness which may again mean a short lifespan for your dog.

Blood problems and cancers also can shorten the lifespan of a Cockapoo. Some risk is unavoidable and due to genetics. Another risk comes from a poor diet or exposure to unnatural chemicals.

But the most common causes of Cockapoo death are related to two different things.

Pet obesity and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pet obesity kills Cockapoos – 

50% of dogs in the USA are overweight or obese.

It’s crucial Cockapoo puppies get the correct levels of essential nutrients to help them remain active and energized. It out our responsbilioty at a Cockapoo owner to prevent pet obesity.

Vets recommend pet owners feed their animals high-quality food, either one or two times a day, depending on the size and activity level of the animal. 

But we must be cautious not to feed our companion dog too much food. They live a realtively blessed and lazy lifestyle. Too many calories can stack the dangerous weight on quickly.

When in doubt, feed them according to the instructions on your pet’s food packaging. Pro tip: use a scale rather than the scoop – this means once you hit the right amount, there is zero guesswork.

Is my Cockapoo obese?

Because they are super fluffy – it can be difficult to tell if a Cockapoo is overweight.

cockapoo puppy dog door
A Cockapoo puppy sits patiently near a front door.

Although you can’t usually tell by looking at a Cockapoo, many are overweight. Make sure your pet has reached its ideal weight by carefully examining its anatomy.

When viewing your dog from above, they should have a waist. It should dip in slightly through the coat. This can be tricky to see on wavy coat dogs or Mini Cockapoo pups.

Can you feel ribs? If you cannot feel ribs when gently searching using your hands to push through the Cockapoo coat – it may be diet time.

A surefire way to check is simply asking your Vet when you next take your Cockapoo in for routine checks. There are no “standards” for hybrid breed dogs but your Vet will give you average guidelines for a healthy small dog.

Motor Vehicle Accidents kill the most Cockapoos

Cockapoo dogs can’t resist chasing a squirrel or rabbit across the road. Nearly 25% of all dog-related deaths are caused by cars! 

So be careful to watch our Cockapoos when you take them for walks and keep them on your side of the street, so they don’t dart out.

It doesn’t have to be causing prey either – if your dog is not secured correctly, it can escape and roam free. Even the bravest dog can become spooked or scared and run the wrong way towards a road.

Even the smartest Cockapoo does not fully understand the danger that a road or motor vehicle causes.

What are the “life stages” of a Cockapoo?

cavapoo vs cockapoo
This article compared the Cavapoo Vs Cockapoo

1. Puppyhood

  • Cockapoos are very playful and energetic during their puppyhood. They will most likely jump, chew on anything they can find (including your favorite shoes), and have a lot of energy to burn off! Be prepared for accidents in the house because puppies don’t know when nature is calling yet…
  • Puppyhood lasts from age 0 to 12 months of age. The temperament of a Cockapoo pup will be sweet but a little… chaotic

2. Adolescence

  • Your Cockapoo will be a teenager at around 12 months of age. This is the time when they are most likely to start wandering off and getting into trouble. There is less silliness – but expect some testing of boundaries!
  • Luckily adolescence only lasts for about six months for smaller Cockapoos and 12 months for larger.
  • Adolescence starts from age 12 months

3. Adulthood

  • Adult Cockapoos are friendly, trainable, and the product of your hard work in socializing and teaching. They can be a little more stubborn than puppies and adolescents, but they are still playful.
  • Adult is from age 18 months to about eight years old

4. Senior Cockapoo

  • Older Cockapoos WILL slow down and require less food and exercise. They may always be your playful puppy, but expect some slowdown in their senior years.
  • Older designation is from about age eight years old
  • Older dogs need special care and attention. They may need extra food and medication, or they might have some special needs for exercise and mobility aids
  • Truly senior is around age 12 years old – 18 years of age depending on the dog’s size

Remember, some dogs could live up to 20 if their owners take care of them well enough looking after their health

Average Age of Smaller Dogs

Cockapoo dog Lifespan Compared to Larger Dogs

cockapoo puppy at a party
A cockapoo ready to party

– The average lifespan of small dogs is around eight years old – 12 years of age

Across all breeds of small dogs

Cockapoos exceed this at up to 17 years of age for a Miniature Cockapoo.

Larger dogs live shorter than small breeds like the designer dog breed Cockapoo. 

  • Larger breeds live an average maximum of 11 to 14 years, as they’re more at risk from health issues like heart disease and cancer.
  • Giant breeds like the Bernese Mountain Dog often live a maximum of 7-8 years. 

Cockapoo Lifespan Compared: If you take care of your pet well enough by providing regular exercise, correct nutrition, and veterinary visits, you can expect the longer end of a small dog lifespan. Much of their health will rely on our actions as the dog owner.