Do Goldendoodles Make Good Running Partners?

Running is a healthy activity for living beings of both the two and four-legged variety. Many dog owners thoroughly enjoy a good run with their furry friend. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure it’s an activity that you can both enjoy. 

Do Goldendoodles make good running partners? Are Goldendoodles good running dogs?

do goldendoodles make good running partners
Can you run with a Goldendoodle? How far? Do Goldendoodles make good running partners (YES*!)

Dogs, just like humans, vary significantly in size and type, meaning some are more suited to running than others. If you own a Goldendoodle, you might be wondering if they will make a good running partner. Well, you’re in luck! Our guide will answer all of your questions regarding Goldendoodles and running. 

Are Goldendoodles Good Running Dogs?

To give you a short answer, yes! The Goldendoodle mixed breed dog was developed by combining the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. These two purebred dog breeds boast natural athleticism and a general willingness to please. This means that both breeds, and the resulting Goldendoodle combination, are likely to make great running partners.

Goldendoodle ready for a run
It’s the best time of the day to run! (Image: Instagram/@cooper_thegoldendoodle)

They make an excellent guide dog, trail dog, hunting dogs, though have no real reputation as good guard dogs.

That being said, every dog is different. Age, health, size, and attitude are all things to consider when taking your Goldendoodle for a run. Some dogs simply don’t enjoy it! We strongly recommend observing your individual dog see if they are suited to running and managing the risks outlined below so your dog doesn’t get injured during the activity.

When is it appropriate to take your Goldendoodle running?

Running is an excellent form of exercise for people and dogs alike. Still, there are some situations where it is not suitable to take your Goldendoodle running with you. 

can a goldendoodle run - a goldemndoodle running in a park with a stick
This F1b Goldendoodle sure seems to enjoy running

Are you wondering when it is appropriate to take your Goldendoodle running? The following conditions outline factors that indicate it is suitable for your Goldendoodle to accompany you on a run:

When they know how to walk on a lead

There’s no point teaching your dog to run before they can walk! Before you embark on a running adventure with your Goldendoodle, ensure they are responsive and well behaved on the lead. This can be done through obedience training which will teach your dog to listen to basic commands and prevent them from chasing after things while you run. You’ll also want to make sure they understand how to walk on the lead so that they don’t trip you over.

When they are old enough

The age of your Goldendoodle is something that should be taken into consideration. Puppies under the age of 6 months should definitely not be taken for a run. While they need exercise and plenty of opportunities to run and play on their own, taking them out for a run with you can harm their joints or even cause damage to their growth plates.

Even after 6 months of age, it’s worth consulting your vet to ensure your pup is mature enough to handle a run. On the other end of the scale, it’s not always appropriate to take old dogs for a run. Every dog ages differently, so make sure to keep in touch with your dog so that you know when running becomes too much for them.

When they are fit enough

Like people, dogs need to work up their fitness. If your dog hasn’t run with you before, you will need to start short distances and build up its endurance. Increasing the distance of your runs over time will ensure your dog can handle them safely and make it more enjoyable for you both.

When they enjoy it

Most Goldendoodles will be happy to be your ever-loyal and enthusiastic running partner, but keep in mind that every dog is different. Sometimes, a dog simply won’t like running with you, and that’s okay! Keep an eye on their behavior and assess them for resistance. If there’s no other reason for this behavior, they just might not want to run with you.

How far can your Goldendoodle run?

This all depends on the individual dog and their fitness levels! Goldendoodles are an active, athletic breed that can quite comfortably run distances of 10 kilometers*. However, you may need to work up to this. This is only true of a trained adult standard Goldendoodle dog. 

how far can Goldendoodles run a white goldendoodle running off leash
The distance a Goldendoodle can run depends on the age, size, and fitness level of the dog.

Don’t expect an untrained dog to run 10kms.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, so you can’t expect your furry friend to do a long run without any preparation. 

If you want to run a long distance with your Goldendoodle, start off small and build up. That way, their fitness levels will allow them to go the entire way comfortably, reducing the risk of injury. 

NEVER RUN DISTANCE WITH A PUPPY. Ever. Not even once. You only run with adult dogs.

You also should expect Teacup and Toy Goldendoodle (and even Mini Goldendoodles) to run MUCH shorter distances than a standard Golden doodle.

How can I start running with my Goldendoodle?

Most Goldendoodles will be happy to be a running buddy. Still, to make sure everything goes smoothly, it is worth introducing this activity slowly over time. You can follow the steps below to start running safely with your Goldendoodle.

f1 vs f2 goldendoodle sizes photo
F1 and F2 Goldendoodles can be different sizes.

1. Conduct basic obedience training

Before you even think about taking your Goldendoodle for a run with you, make sure they have a good grasp of basic commands. They should come when they are called, sit, and stay. It’s also good for them to know ‘leave it’ or a similar command where you can get their attention. This will come in handy as you don’t want them becoming too excited by people or animals when you are out running.

2. Take your Goldendoodle for walks 

As mentioned above, your furry friend needs to be able to walk before they can run. Spend lots of time in new environments with your dog on a lead, teaching them good manners while they are walking. This will get them accustomed to spending time on the lead and ensure they can walk in a straight line without getting distracted before you attempt running.

3. Start small

Your first run with your Goldendoodle should be over a relatively short distance. This way, you can ensure they are comfortable with the pace and distance while also monitoring and correcting their behavior if necessary.

Increase distances over time

Once you and your four-legged running partner have a good rhythm over short distances, begin introducing longer runs. Think of your own training and how you would build up fitness, then apply the same principles to your dog. They will need time to adjust and build up their fitness levels too.

What types of runs can I do with my Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle’s are naturally good runners meaning they’re great partners for short and long distances. With the proper training, it is absolutely possible to regularly take them on runs over 10 kilometers. 

run with Goldendoodle in the snow
Is it a good idea to run with your dog in the snow? (Image: Instagram/@therealdood)

Your Goldendoodle can accompany you on runs through the park, around your neighborhood, on the beach, or through the bush – the possibilities are endless! Just keep an eye out on dangerous terrain to ensure your dog’s feet don’t get injured.

What are the risks of having my Goldendoodle as a running partner?

There are two main risks when it comes to running with your Goldendoodle:

  • Your dog will get injured
  • You will get injured
puppy at the vet with owners one adult one child
A cute puppy enjoying a Vet visit

Your Goldendoodle might get injured from overexertion or from environmental factors. For instance, if you run your dog too fast or too long before they are ready, you risk causing harm to their legs and muscles. Introduce running gradually to ensure their body is ready for physical activity.

Alternatively, your dog can be harmed by cars or other things in your running environment. Make sure your dog is well trained and accustomed to the lead before attempting to run. Doing so will help to keep them focused and safe when you are running in new environments.

A lack of training can also cause injury to you, the owner. Dogs that aren’t well-mannered on the lead can trip you over if they get distracted or struggle to walk straight. Ensure that you can keep your dog’s attention so they don’t try to run after another dog, bird, or something else they find entertaining. 

What should be avoided when running with a Goldendoodle?

To make sure you and your Goldendoodle are kept safe when running, there are a few things to avoid:

Running with a retractable lead

Retractable leads can cause problems when you take your Goldendoodle running, so it is best to use a standard one instead. You’ll have better control should your running buddy get distracted. You need to get their attention quickly, preventing a situation from getting out of hand.

Goldendoodle ready to run
The dog is ready for a run! (Image: Instagram/@ guntherthedoodle)

Running in hot temperatures

Warm days might seem like the perfect time for a run, but if your Goldendoodle has a long or thick coat, they might not agree. Remember that your dog is likely to get hot before you due to their hair so avoid long runs on hot days. You can shave down your Goldendoodle to prevent over heating. Also look into dog sunburn (a real issue in some climates).

Running before your dog is ready

If your dog is too young or unfit, they are at risk of getting injured when joining you on a run. It is best to wait until your puppy is old enough and then slowly introduce running so that they have the fitness levels to keep up with you.

What things do I need to remember when running with my Goldendoodle?

Don’t take your Goldendoodle for a run immediately after they have eaten

Like with people, it is best to avoid a long run straight after your Goldendoodle has eaten. They won’t have had a chance to digest their food properly and this can be uncomfortable for them. A general guide is to wait 1-2 hours after your furry friend’s meals before embarking on a run.

Always bring water for your Goldendoodle

You need water when you run and so does your running partner! Always go prepared with some water for your furry friend so they remain hydrated, but avoid giving them too much water as this can make them bloated or cause them to vomit.

Be aware of hazards

Plan your running routes so that they are safe for your dog. Bricks and pavements might be too hot on a warm day and bush tracks might have uneven terrain or exposed roots that can hurt your dog’s pads. Choose running environments that are safe and be on the lookout for things that could potentially cause harm, like broken glass.

Keep up-to-date on flea treatments

You should regularly treat your Goldendoodle for fleas, but especially if you are planning on running with other dogs or in bush trails that might expose them to little parasites. Keeping up-to-date on treatments will protect your furry friend and keep them healthy.

How can I care for my Goldendoodle after a run?

Goldendoodles, just like their owners, can benefit from a few things post-run to keep them healthy and in good condition.


Finishing with a walk will give your Goldendoodle a chance to cool down. This is good for the muscles and will prevent them from becoming stiff.


Your four-legged running partner will need fluids after a run, just like you. While water is good for rehydration, make sure they don’t drink too much too quickly. 


If your dog is well behaved on your run, reward them with a treat. Running should be a positive experience for you and your Goldendoodle. (This NYTimes article about feeding your “athlete” dog is fascinating reading)

Running with your Goldendoodle can be a great way to spend time together and keep you both healthy. As long as you introduce the activity properly, reduce risks and give your Goldendoodle the care they need and deserve, you’ll have the perfect running partner!