10 Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot (Photos)

Even the most beautiful dogs can be talkative, loud, or whiny. Excessive whining can be challenging for dog owners who want some peace. Although a struggle, some dog breeds are more prone to being whiny, especially if they thrive on social interaction and prefer the company of their loving owners.

The whiniest dogs are sometimes those needing extra love, care, and attention. These dog breeds may be more active and prefer fast-paced, outdoorsy environments. 

dog breeds that whine a lot
10 Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot

However, pay close attention to why your dog is whining. There may be more to a whine than a simple need for affection and interaction. In this article, we’ll discuss the many reasons dogs might be more vocal, and which breeds are known to whine.

What Causes Excessive Whining?

There are plenty of reasons for excessive whining. One of the foremost reasons can be an emotional struggle. Dogs are just as prone to emotional distress as humans, and dog owners should keep a close eye on the emotional and mental well-being of their dogs to ensure that they are doing well and don’t suffer quietly.

puppy crying
A puppy is whining when left alone.

Additionally, dogs may need something they aren’t given or may have some internal aches and pains that a veterinarian can treat. Here are some common causes for whining:

Separation Anxiety

Your dog may whine a lot if they suffer from separation anxiety. This issue will be most notable when you leave and return home. Note how your dog behaves as you walk out the door.

If your dog is whiny and refuses to calm down as you walk out the door, it may have intense separation anxiety.

Lack of Attention

If you and your family are busy for an extended period, your dog may become whiny and demand more attention. When your dog whines for more attention, show them affection and spend quality time with them. Usually, dogs are calm and don’t feel too clingy when they receive a proper level of affection.

They Need Something

Your dog may be hungry, thirsty, or need to relieve itself. Whining is particularly common when your dog has an upset stomach and may need to use the bathroom. Take your dog for a small stroll, offer plenty of water, and ensure access to food.

You’ll know there is another issue if your dog whines after these needs are addressed.

They May Feel Emotional

Dogs have intense emotions, just like humans can. Ensure your dog is calm and feeling loved by giving them some quality attention every day. A simple hug and a kiss on the head can go a long way with your dog.

They May Be Feeling Pain

Your dog may whine if they feel pain. If nothing else stops their whining, you may have to take them to the veterinarian to ensure there are no long-term problems afflicting them.

10 Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot

Some of the most family-friendly dogs are those with a penchant for whining when they need something or have an emotional or physical need. It may come as no surprise that there are plenty of small dogs on the list, as small dogs are notorious for their loudness and whininess.

Consider investigating further if your dog is usually quiet but randomly starts to whine a lot. It may be in their genetic makeup, but ruling out a problem is the first step to handling your precious pup.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are active and outgoing dogs who thrive the most in outdoor locations. Although this dog breed will need plenty of rest in a crisp environment, Siberian Huskies have no problem whining when they want to go back outside. This dog breed may be vocal about nearly any of their desires and will wait impatiently for you to get what they need.

Siberian Husky with towel
Siberian Husky wrapped in a white towel while sitting on a couch.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most famous dog breeds. Not only does this dog star on many police department canine units, but they are also perfect for families with plenty of space. German Shepherds are vocal and will gladly alert you when they need to potty, eat, or require attention.

German Shepherd unwell
German Shepherd lying on the ground.

German Shepherds are loyal and loving but enjoy their independence. They likely won’t whine for attention.

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles are adorable dogs with high intelligence and confidence in themselves. This dog breed is self-sufficient, meaning they love spending time outdoors, playing with others, or just exploring.

Toy Poodle with toy
A Toy Poodle waits patiently for his owner.

Toy Poodles will usually whine when they want to go outside, go for a walk, or need some water. At the end of the evening, your Toy Poodle may vocalize a little for attention, but this doesn’t happen often.


Dachshunds are notorious for their long body and frame. These dogs are hunters and remain low to the ground. These dogs will chase down lizards, geckos, and other low-lying creatures in a backyard.

do Dachshunds shed
Do Dachshunds shed? (Types that do)

Dachshunds may even chase cats, squirrels, and other critters who can easily climb away from them. If they see small critters through a window, you bet you’ll hear about it.


Chihuahuas are graceful dogs who are bold and sassy. These dogs will never back down from a fight and will challenge anyone they perceive to be a threat. Chihuahuas will gladly alert everyone around them to their presence by using their voice.

Chihuahua barking and whining
A Chihuahua puppy barking and whining alone in a room.

These dogs enjoy being loud and drawing attention to them.


Beagles are curious dogs happy to spend all day outside chasing critters on the lawn. This dog breed is a classic family dog and will whine when they want to play or if they need something. Beagles have no problem being vocal when they need anything at all.

Beagle lying on the carpet
Beagle lies on the carpet and not feeling well.

Beagles can get very attached to their family members and should be monitored for emotional distress and separation anxiety.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are stunning dogs who are loyal and loving. This dog breed adores playtime and will gladly spend all day outside in the snow. Alaskan Malamutes will thrive in conditions where they have plenty of people and animals to play with and may whine when they feel lonely.

Alaskan Malamute
A proud Alaskan Malamute in the yard. Woof!

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are endlessly lively and smart dogs who are often the life of the party. This dog breed loves having a job to do and will wake up happy to get to work, complete a task, and make their owners happy. Australian Shepherds will whine for attention often when they feel they need feedback, something to eat, or time outside.

an older Aussie shepherd
An older Australian Shepherd


Pomeranians are small dogs who are easily taken on adventures. These dogs are curious and lively, often taking a stand against other dogs when they feel threatened. This dog breed only grows about seven inches tall and weighs under 10 pounds.

Pomeranian puppy on the couch
Pomeranian puppy barking and whining on the couch.

Pomeranians will whine for nearly any reason and makes up for their small size by being excessively vocal.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are friendly dogs who have a high intellect and are obedient. These dogs will gladly follow commands and are eager to please their owners. These dogs are rather small and only grow around 14 inches tall and weigh no more than 20 pounds.

Miniature Schnauzer toys
Miniature Schnauzer’s toys at the background.

These dogs may whine for attention when they feel they aren’t receiving enough.

How To Train Your Dog To Be Less Whiny?

You can likely train your dog to be less whiny when their whines are a result of attention-seeking behavior. If there is nothing emotionally, mentally, or physically wrong with your precious pup, you can train them to manage their whines so they are less disruptive.

Start by using training treats and verbal commands like sit, stay, and wait. Your dog may not realize that you will always come back for them when you leave. This may cause them to be extra whiny and clingy when you come home.

Train them to accept your absence by asking them to sit and stay for several seconds at a time.

Lengthen the time of your absence until you are out of the room for a minute at a time. Reward your dog with plenty of training treats and affection so they know how loved and wanted they are.

A Basenji being asked to wait during training
A Basenji being asked to wait during training. They respond to movements as well as verbal cues.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most stunning dogs also have a penchant for loudness, whining, or overall rowdiness. For example, some dogs like Siberian Huskies and Australian Shepherds are active dogs who require a lot of attention and may become whiny when they don’t get the attention they require.

Some dogs may get whiny and loud from something as small as boredom to a larger problem like hunger or another need. Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior to determine if there is an underlying issue that you should address for your pup.

You might wind up with a loud, whiny dog, whether you want a rambunctious and outdoorsy dog like a German Shepherd or Alaskan Malamute, or a small dog who loves to exercise its voice. However, bring your dog to the veterinarian when their whininess persists with no clear solution as to why they may be vocal. Sometimes, emotional or physical distress can be managed with the help of a veterinarian and medication.