Best Dog Flea Shampoo for Humans (2024)

As a dog owner, you’ve likely encountered a flea or two. Despite best efforts, sometimes things can get a little out of hand for you and your fur baby. It can be challenging to resist the urge to scratch, and it’s even more complicated when the bites keep coming.

As with any ailment, prevention is the best cure. So, let’s look today at the best flea shampoo for humans.

dog flea shampoo for humans
Best Dog Flea Shampoo for Humans

The Best Dog Flea Shampoo for Humans

The torment of itching might have you running to the nearest big box store to pick up flea shampoo from the pet aisle. However, you’ll need to resist the urge until you finish reading this list.

We’ve compiled a list of shampoos made for humans that will keep those pesky blood suckers away.

Nature Love Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Nature Love’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and conditioner offers several benefits for your hair.

Nature Love Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner Duo | Clarify + Shine | Revitalize Hair and Scalp | Purifies Without Stripping | Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Made in USA (25 oz each)
$29.95 ($0.60 / Fl Oz)
  • NATURE LOVE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR SHAMPOO AND CONDITONER DUO: Includes 25 oz shampoo and 25 oz conditioner. Apple Cider Vinegar nourishes hair, restoring balance and shine.
  • NATURE LOVE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR SHAMPOO (25 OZ): This clarifying and revitalizing shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair using the power of apple cider vinegar and leaves hair with a healthy burst of...
  • NATURE LOVE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CONDITIONER (25 OZ): Leaves hair with a healthy burst of shine and vibrancy. Uses the power of Apple Cider Vinegar to restore pH balance, leaving hair moisturized with...
  • PURIFY WITHOUT STRIPPING: Its acidic pH smoothes and purifies without stripping the natural oils essential to healthy-looking hair. FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This clarifying formula for all hair types can...
  • Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Made in the USA.
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The primary ingredient, apple cider vinegar, is a natural ingredient that deters fleas from jumping onto you. While it doesn’t kill them or prevent bites, fleas dislike apple cider vinegar and will do their best to avoid it.

In addition to grossing fleas out, this shampoo clarifies and revitalizes your scalp and hair. It restores pH balance and leaves your hair moisturized.


  • Deters fleas 
  • Moisturizes your hair


  • Does not actually kill fleas
flea to human hair
Can you humans get fleas from dogs?

Rusk Sensories Bright Chamomile and Lavender Brightening Shampoo

This Chamomile and Lavender Brightening Shampoo smoothens your hair and leave it bright and healthy.

RUSK Sensories Bright Chamomile and Lavender Brightening Shampoo, 35 Fl Oz, Color-Enhancing Conditioner Improves Color and Tone of Lifeless, Dull Silver, Gray or White Hair
$23.98 ($0.69 / Fl Oz)
  • HOW TO USE: On gray hair it brightens dull gray tones and adds shine On blonde hair it negates unwanted brassy tones Adds protection to all hair types with UVB absorbers Apply to wet hair and massage...
  • SAVE MONEY & YOUR HAIR: Color and chemically treated hair needs extra care to keep color vibrant and moisturized Low-quality hair products dry hair out and strip out the dye Investing in RUSK products...
  • VALUE YOU CAN EXPERIENCE: RUSK hair care products are designed to achieve fabulous looks and long-lasting results Experience tailored service by choosing RUSK products suited to your individual needs...
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: RUSK hair care products can be used on all hair types whether you're looking to bring back vitality to fine, limp, and faded hair, or need a styling product to define and tame...
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: RUSK provides top-of-the-line salon quality hair products made with high-grade ingredients and innovative hair technology to produce consistent and excellent results Choose from...
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Aside from those great benefits, chamomile and lavender are great ways to help take care of your skin and prevent fleas from biting you. Lavender is proven to be as effective as commercial chemicals at killing fleas. Meanwhile, chamomile will soothe your skin where the flea bit you.

Consider it a win in a bottle.



  • You need to pick products that match your budget
shampoo bottle
Getting shampoo in an orange bottle.

Honeyskin Organic Tea Tree Oil & Honey Shampoo

Honeyskin’s Organic Tea Tree Oil & Honey Shampoo is what would be referred to as an “all-kill” if it were a pop idol. Not only does it moisturize and cleanse your scalp, but it also repairs damaged hair and promotes growth. If that wasn’t enough to sell you on it, it’s free of parabens and sulfates, and best of all, it gets rid of fleas!

Organic Tea Tree Oil & Honey Shampoo - Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera & Coconut - Dandruff & Scalp Flake Treatment - Soothes Itchy Scalp With Deep Hydrating Conditioner - Sulfate Free - Made in U...
$20.39 ($2.55 / Fl Oz)
  • Enjoy softer, thicker hair with Honeyskin Hair Growth Shampoo. Our Tea Tree Shampoo is specially formulated so you can experience thick, healthy strands. This hair loss shampoo uses scalp-stimulating...
  • Not your ordinary hair products, our Hair Growth Shampoo is packed with apple stem cells that work to stimulate the dormant hair follicles on your scalp, so you have more of your scalp actively...
  • Give your hair the nourishment it deserves. Infused with a custom and premium blend of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil, Honeyskin Organic Hair Shampoo promotes hair growth, and soothes and relieves dry,...
  • Our Clarifying Shampoo washes away dirt and oil, clears buildup, and removes the residue from styling products while leaving your scalp clean and moisturized. This sulfate free shampoo is perfect even...
  • Your hair deserves a better, more natural approach - one that makes them soft, manageable, and free of dandruff. Honeyskin created this organic anti dandruff shampoo that is free from harsh chemicals...
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The ingredients are the real star of the show here. Tea tree oil repels fleas, while Manuka honey helps prevent infections with its antiseptic capabilities. Coconut oil helps heal your skin from any bites and keeps it moisturized and healthy.

Aloe leaf juice is one of nature’s best healers, and is often used to heal small cuts and sunburn.


  • Natural, made in the USA
  • Repels fleas effectively


  • Might not actually be organic
different shampoos
Different shampoos to choose from for dog fleas.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Rocky Mountain Barber Company made tea tree oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus shampoo for daily use. You can use it on all hair styles and types.

Men's Shampoo - Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint & Eucalyptus for All Hair Types by Rocky Mountain Barber Company
$13.99 ($1.75 / Fl Oz)
  • Simple Ingredients - Feel good about what you’re using on your hair
  • No Artificial Fragrances – Our shampoo uses essential oils for its scent and contains no artificial fragrance.
  • Lathers Easily – Our shampoo can be used daily and lathers quickly
  • Forest Mint Scent - Our signature scent features a blend of Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil
  • Made In Small Batches - Means a fresher shampoo with fresher ingredients.
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The cruelty-free shampoo is made in Canada in small batches to ensure freshness. It contains genuine essential oils and not artificial fragrances.

Tea tree oil and peppermint oil deter fleas from jumping on you. Peppermint oil can keep fleas away for up to 48 hours.


  • Refreshing smell
  • Made in small batches
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No SLS or parabens


  • Container is small for the price of the shampoo

OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

OGX’s Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo comes from a well-established brand. Many people rely on this particular formula to help them with dry scalps.

OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo, Nourishing & Invigorating Scalp Shampoo with Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil & Milk Proteins, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free Surfactants, 13 fl oz
$13.36 ($1.03 / Fl Oz)
  • HELP HYDRATE & NOURISH YOUR HAIR with our shampoo for damaged, oily, & frizzy hair that needs extra moisturizing & nourishing love. Our daily use formula helps to smooth hair, reducing appearance of...
  • NOURISH & DETANGLE: OGX's Tea Tree Mint formula is for straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, thin hair. Gentle enough for fine hair & fierce enough for thick or coarse hair. Helps to nourish,...
  • BEAUTY PURE AND SIMPLE: OGX hair care products are inspired by nature. We don’t try to make hair look “perfect” because we’d rather make hair look fuller, smoother, straighter, curlier, or...
  • ROCK WHAT YOU'VE GOT: OGX hair care products are designed to bring out the best in your hair, no matter what type or texture. Whether you need quenching moisture for curly hair, protection for colored...
  • REAL QUALITY, REAL BEAUTY: Unattainable looks don't inspire us but originality does. OGX hair & skin care product collections are here to help you look your best. We’re beauty, pure & simple.
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This shampoo contains Australian tea tree and peppermint oils, which are both helpful in keeping fleas off your head . Both of these oils repel fleas. In particular, tea tree oil helps treat flea infestations in pets. It’s also believed to help reduce itching.


  • Smells great
  • Easy to find in stores
  • Paraben free


  • Contains silicone
choosing flea shampoo
A young girl choosing a dog flea shampoo for humans.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo

Paul Mitchell’s shampoo is a cream used on dry or unruly hair. It moisturizes and has a pleasant scent that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo, For Coarse Dry Hair, 33.8 Fl Oz
$48.50 ($1.43 / Fl Oz)
  • When nerves are frazzled and hair's wound up, take comfort in the soothing fragrance of lavendar, mint and tea tree oil
  • Ideal for coarse, unruly, and moisture starved hair, this rich hydrating shampoo helps impove strength and shine
  • Safe for color treated hair
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/25/2023 10:27 am GMT

As mentioned previously, tea tree oil is an excellent deterrent for fleas. This shampoo also contains lavender oil, which protects against mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and spiders. It may be able to repel fleas as well due to the similarity between ticks and fleas.


  • Smells great
  • Color safe
  • Vegan
  • Paraben and gluten free


  • Contains silicone
Woman washing her hair with shampoo to remove dog fleas.

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo & Conditioner

PURA D’OR’s shampoo is intended for anti-thinning and contains many valuable ingredients that will improve the appearance of your hair.

PURA D'OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning (16oz x 2) Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Clinically Tested Effective Solution w/ Herbal DHT Ingredients, All Hair Types, Men & Women (Packa...
$39.99 ($1.25 / Fl Oz)
  • THE ORIGINAL GOLD STANDARD AND UNDISPUTED LEADER IN HAIR THINNING THERAPY: Our low lather biotin hair thickening shampoo and conditioner set is formulated with biotin and our exclusive proprietary...
  • ORGANIC SHAMPOO INGREDIENT BASED: Our DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner Set is made with organic argan oil, vitamin e oil, tea tree oil and many more premium ingredients, all indicated on the...
  • PROTECT AND STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR: Our PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Biotin Conditioner set is made with an organic aloe vera base instead of a water...
  • IMPROVED HAIR APPEARANCE: Our anti thinning biotin shampoo and conditioner set is safe to be used as a daily routine shampoo and conditioner. Also works great if you need hair products for dry damaged...
  • THE PURA D'OR PROMISE: Healthy hair for happy customers. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our all natural shampoo and conditioner, let us know and we will give you a...
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There are numerous ingredients in this shampoo that will help your flea issues. Aside from tea tree oil, it also contains aloe vera, lemon peel, and grapefruit seed.

Aloe vera is moisturizing and can help with the itchiness and swelling of flea bites.

Lemons contain limonene which could act as an insecticide against fleas. On its own, it can be pretty mild, so it may take a more extended period of exposure to kill the flea. In the meantime, the limonene will certainly repel it.

As for grapefruit seed, it’s a great preventative to help repel fleas. It also has antiseptic properties that can help protect you from infection. Additionally, it’s an antioxidant that acts as an antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic.


  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Cruelty free
  • USDA certified biobased product


  • May cause hair loss (!)
  • Expensive for the amount of shampoo you get 
Shampoo that contains aloe vera can relieve dog flea bites.

Can Fleas Live in Human Hair?

Yes, it is possible for fleas to live in human hair.

There are over 2,500 species of fleas around the world. Of that, there are 300 species that are found within the Untied States. The number fleas that can live on and infest humans is even smaller.

There are only three species of fleas that can infest human hair. Those species are the cat flea, the dog flea, and the human flea.

owner hugging a puppy
An owner snuggling with her puppy.

How To Kill Fleas in Human Hair?

Having fleas is more than uncomfortable. It can affect your daily life! It can be challenging to resist the urge to scratch, but the itching can make you lose sleep.

Whether you use flea shampoo for humans or other alternatives, you’ll want to handle the issue as soon as possible for peace of mind and comfort.

Remedies for killing fleas living in human hair include:

  • Citric acid: Citric acid is a natural flea killer. Lemons, limes, calamansi, or any fruits with citric acid are perfect for keeping fleas away and killing them. The caveat here is that citric acid can cause burns, especially if you have sensitive skin. So, you’ll want to proceed with caution. 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is a miracle in a bottle. It’s good for your insides and your outsides, and fleas hate it. While it won’t kill them, it should deter them from jumping on and biting you.
  • Dish Soap: Dish soap is gentle enough for human skin, but harsh on fleas. Dish soap breaks down the flea’s exoskeleton and kills them as a result.

Of course, using a shampoo for humans that contains specific ingredients to deter or kill fleas is the easiest option.

apple cider vinegar
Is vinegar good for dogs?

Is Washing Your Hair Enough to Kill Fleas?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, washing your hair is not enough to kill fleas.

To get rid of fleas living on your head, you’ll need to wash your hair with a product that has ingredients that either kill or repel the pests. You’ll also want to comb your hair with a fine-tooth comb, similar to the one you’d use for lice, to get them out of your hair.

To ensure the fleas don’t return, you need to exterminate them from your environment. You’ll want to clean your living area and have your pets treated for fleas.

Does Lice Shampoo Kill Fleas?

While it’s not definitive, it’s possible that lice shampoo could kill fleas. You may need to repeat the process several times until you notice the fleas are gone.

Additionally, you will want to use the comb provided with the shampoo for maximum flea removal effort.

comb to remove dog fleas
Combing helps to remove dog fleas while using flea deterring shampoo.

Is It Safe to Use Pet Shampoo?

No, you should avoid using pet flea shampoo unless necessary. Flea shampoo made for cats and dogs often contains pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are a pesticide derived from chrysanthemums and are harmful to humans.

Pyrethrins can cause itching, burning, scalp sensitivity, and even psoriasis! Yes, that’s right, using pet shampoo can cause you to develop a skin condition.

Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding
A dog prepares for a shampoo. Is a dog ever truly ready for the bath though?

Wrap Up

You have many choices for shampoos that will help you get rid of fleas. Hopefully, you’ll give these different flea shampoo for humans a try and find the one that is right for you.

You will want to do a deep clean on your home to ensure that no fleas are living on your carpet or hiding in unsuspecting areas. Your pets will also need to get checked and treated for fleas. Otherwise, the problem will continue.

With a bit of diligence, you will overcome your flea problem.