How Much Does A Maltipoo Cost? (2024 Maltipoo Prices)

Maltipoos are popular dogs because of their size, adorable faces, and lovable personalities. They are the crossbreed of Toy Miniature Poodles and Maltese.

This breed has white, brown, or cream-colored curly fur and adorning faces. These features keep them looking like lovable puppies long into adulthood. 

how much does a Maltipoo cost
How much does a Maltipoo cost? (Maltipoo Prices)

So, the question is – how much does a Maltipoo cost?

Purchasing a Maltipoo From an Online Breeder

When looking at Maltipoo breeder websites, you will find some steep prices. Costs for Maltipoos generally range from $1,000 to over $4,000

Varying characteristics affect the cost of the Maltipoo puppies. Fur color, geographic location, the breeder’s reputation, genetics of the parents, and health warranties are all considered when breeders list their pups for sale.  

It is crucial to learn the puppy’s ancestry and the breeder’s operations before purchasing a puppy from them. 

These factors can influence how much a Maltipoo costs from each breeder. 


Classified ads for puppies are common, but not all classified ads are legitimate. While some may be genuine, not all posts show accurate depictions of the puppies for sale. Most classified ads have Maltipoo puppies listed for $500 to over $3,500

Maltipoo puppy costs stack up. An expensive breed!
Maltipoo puppy costs stack up. An expensive breed!

Usually, private citizens or non-professional breeders post classified ads. For this reason, it is critical to research and ask as many questions as you can to ensure you are not getting scammed. 

Puppy mills and negligent home breeders often post classified ads to sell their pups, and if you are not careful, you could spend quite a bit of money on a puppy with serious health issues. 

When purchasing a dog from a classified ad or a Craigslist posting, do not trust breeders who offer or suggest meeting you halfway or in public places. People who suggest meeting up to sell you a puppy, often do not want you to see where or how the puppy has been raised. 

Without the breeder’s address, you also run the risk of having no options for returning the puppy should there be issues after purchasing. 

Requesting health guarantees and information on the breeder and their breeding standards can make purchasing a Maltipoo safe and secure. Remember, if a Maltipoo is priced low, there is usually a reason!

I would recommend going with your gut and ensuring you get a reputable breeder.

cream wavy maltipoo puppy
A cream or light brown wavy coated Maltipoo puppy. This super cutie will likely be non-shedding and may be hypoallergenic.

Maltipoo Rescues

Maltipoo rescues are great for those looking to adopt a specific breed. Many times rescues house a particular breed and rehome them once they are fit for adoption. Prices at rescues are significantly lower than at privatized breeders. 

When adopting from a rescue, you can find the most loving dogs looking for their forever homes. I think it is a great way to form a lasting bond with an animal that needs a secure attachment with you.

So, how much does a Maltipoo cost at a rescue?

Normally, the Maltipoo from a rescue facility can cost anywhere from $100 to $600

brown maltipoo fully grown dog
A fully grown apricot color Maltipoo. Trending towards a tan or brown coat. Photo: PD/Flickr

Shelter Adoptions 

Shelter adoptions are always great for pet parents who do not have a lot of money to spend. Maltipoos are lovable puppies that do not often end up in shelters, so finding one may be difficult. 

You can always ask your local shelter to add you to a waiting list. When a Maltipoo comes in and is available for adoption, they will call you to see the puppy. 

Shelter costs for Maltipoos can run anywhere from $50 to $300. Puppies are usually more expensive than senior dogs. Shelters also host discount adoption specials when their facilities become overcrowded. 

Keep in mind, that when you adopt from a shelter, you may not get a full health report on the dog, and you may not get any information about what the dog’s life was like before arriving at the shelter. Some shelter dogs are skittish or timid, and some do better in homes that do not have small children or other animals. 

Every dog is different. Each dog’s personality should be taken into consideration before being adopted. Making sure you are a match with the adoptive pup eliminates the shelter cycle and the need for potential rehoming. 

taking care of dogs
A young woman taking care of dogs in an animal shelter.

Important Factors To Consider When Getting a Maltipoo

When purchasing or adopting a Maltipoo, it is crucial to verify their health first. Other key factors to consider would be the dog’s weight, coat type, fur color, and personality. Other influences include its’ parents’ behavior and appearance, and its genetics, when available. 

Where Did The Puppy Come From/How Was it Raised?

There are a lot of crucial factors in adopting a puppy. First, you should know the puppy’s origin, what its parents act and look like, and how it was cared for before meeting you. 

You should know what the breeder’s operation is like, and how the puppy was cared for before meeting you. Acknowledging a puppy’s demeanor and behavior will help you see if the puppy is a good match for you.

all black coated maltipoo
A truly all black Maltipoo coat is rare

Ask Questions 

When visiting a Maltipoo rescue facility or a shelter, it is important to ask many questions about the adoptive dog and the facility. Some rescues and shelters have information on a dog’s previous vet records, and others have relevant information on the dog’s life before being at the shelter or rescue. 

Knowing whether the dog is up-to-date on shots is critical for the dog’s future health. Ask about medications the dog has been on and whether or not a dog has been spayed or neutered. Many shelters today use microchips, and this can be life-saving if your dog gets lost or stolen. 

maltipoo puppy smiling
A super happy Maltipoo puppy

Research the Breeder

Responsible breeders with an established, lucrative business can create their adoption processes. Most trusted breeders will have potential pet parents fill out an application before setting up a meet-and-greet. This process is the easiest way to weed out pet parents who they feel may not be the best match for one of their pups. 

Some breeders request photos or additional information about where the puppy will live and what conditions they will remain in throughout their life. 

For example, some breeders want to know if applicants live in an apartment or a house. They ask about fenced yards, other animals living in the home, whether or not the family has children, and whether or not the dog will be left home alone for extended periods. 

A breeder who cares will make you jump through hoops to qualify to adopt one of their puppies. Do not let that frustrate you, it just means they truly care about their animals. Their goal is to breed healthy puppies and match them with families so that everyone is happy. 

Breeders who truly love their dogs and care about the well-being of the puppies they sell are more honest and upfront about a puppy’s health and genetic history. This honesty gives pet parents a sense of security and safety, knowing they are bringing home a happy, healthy puppy.

adopting a dog application
A woman is filling out a dog adoption form.

Request the Breeder’s Health Guarantee 

Most professional breeders offer a one-year health guarantee. They will also give veterinarian papers regarding the dog’s health. These breeders provide information on their puppy’s vaccines, deworming information, and flea and tick prevention recommendations. 

Genetic issues that get passed down from generation to generation are not always foreseen during the early stages of the puppy’s life. Respectful and responsible breeders will offer any health-related information upfront.

This information will let you weigh the options and risks that may be associated with your particular Maltipoo and decide whether or not you want to move forward with purchasing or adopting the puppy. 

A Maltipoo puppy posing for the camera.

Inspect Photos 

When purchasing a puppy from an online breeder or a marketplace advertisement, it is important to inspect the photos of the Maltipoos. Look at the puppy’s fur color, size, face, and even the photo’s background. 

If the background of the photo looks misleading, then it probably is. If the puppy looks unkempt or as if it is living in a small, dirty room, or unclean cage, this may not be the most trusted breeder to buy a puppy from.

man searches through online
Searching dog information, breeders and rescues online.

Estimated Costs of Owning a Maltipoo

Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your Maltipoo is not the only cost associated with owning one. Consider these annual costs:

ItemCost EstimateDescription
Initial Puppy Cost$1,000 – $3,500The purchase price for a Maltipoo can vary based on breeder and pedigree.
Veterinary Exams$200 – $300/yearRegular check-ups to ensure your Maltipoo’s health.
Vaccinations$75 – $100/yearNecessary shots to keep your Maltipoo healthy and protected.
Food$30 – $50/monthHigh-quality dog food suitable for small to medium-sized breeds.
Grooming$40 – $75/monthRegular grooming is required due to the Maltipoo’s curly, hypoallergenic coat.
Toys and Treats$100 – $150/yearRegular replacement of toys and treats.
License and Microchip$15 – $50/yearA one-time cost for the microchip and an annual license fee.
Pet Insurance$25 – $50/monthCoverage for any unexpected health issues.
Training$50 – $125/sessionPrice can vary based on individual trainer’s fees.
Bed, Leash, and Other Supplies$100 – $200/yearInitial cost for bed, leash, bowls, etc., with lower annual replacement costs.
grooming a maltipoo
Grooming a cute Maltipoo at a salon.

Maltipoos – Worth Every Penny

It can cost upwards of $12,000 to $15,000 throughout your Maltipoo’s life with food, vet bills, and other expenses. But I say the reward will far outweigh the expense. These loyal, playful, and lovable dogs are the perfect breed for most families! 

So, we have just now learned the answer to the question, “How much does a Maltipoo cost?”