Male vs Female Goldendoodles – Which is better

So, you’ve made the decision to introduce a brand new Goldendoodle into your life. 

However, now you’re faced with the question of “Should I pick a Male or Female Goldendoodle?”. How can you decide between male vs female Goldendoodles?

male vs female goldendoodles
The choice between male vs female Goldendoodles is not as easy as it seems…

This is a question that stumps dog owners of all breeds, because the reality is that quite a lot can vary between certain breeds, a portion of which has to do with gender. 

Therefore, understanding the characteristics, and personality traits of both a male, and female Goldendoodle will go a long way in helping you find the best fit for you. 

two Goldendoodles sit on a chair
The two dogs sit on a chair for a photo. (Image: Instagram/@lizzodoodle)

To help you get started, we have come up with the following information. 

Male vs Female Goldendoodles Which is Best? 

The simple answer here is that NEITHER is better than the other. 

friendly Goldendoodles sitting together
The dogs take a quick break from playing at the park. (Image: Instagram/@frenkie_labradoodle)

Sorry to disappoint…

At the end of the day, you can’t really say that one is definitively better than the other, because they both carry several pros and cons. 

Much like humans, gender does not 100% influence behavior, it may play a role but dogs are able to develop extensive personalities, and display emotions that can cross all genders. 

So to say that one is better than the other is false.

However, there may be one gender of Goldendoodle  that is better SUITED for you, and your current circumstances, and so understanding the difference between male and female Goldendoodles is essential. 

So, even while the differences are subtle, to help you gain a better understanding we have conducted the following research, and laid it out below. 

Actual Differences Between Goldendoodle Genders

Male Goldendoodles are going to differ from female Goldendoodles primarily in regards to; 

genders of boy and girl goldendoodles
Should you pick a boy or girl Goldendoodle puppy?

Male and Female Goldendoodle Size and Weight Differences

One of the biggest (and really only) differences when it comes to male versus female Goldendoodles is the overall size both in terms of height, and weight. 

The average size difference between a male or female Goldendoodle is about 10% on average. Which means that even though not every female will be smaller than every male, the majority of them will be. 

Keep in mind as well that even though male Goldendoodles will likely end up larger than the female Goldendoodles, females tend to mature faster than males do. And so even though they may not be as big in the long run, they may be able to achieve their full-grown size at an earlier age. 

While both male and female Goldendoodles will look very similar in terms of features, coat textures, and general physique, there will be some slight differences in the dog’s build. 

Male Goldendoodles are likely to have larger bones, bigger muscles, broader shoulders, and more oversized paws. This doesn’t mean that there will never be a female Goldendoodle that isn’t bigger than a male, but that the chance is far less likely.

These oversized features can play a substantial role in determining the height and weight of the dog, and the difference in weight can climb up to 40 pounds! 

So keep these things in mind as you make your decision, size and weight will likely only be an issue if you have space limitations. 

But if you are trying to figure out which one is better for maybe a smaller space like an apartment or condo, then it’s a safe bet opting to go with a female Goldendoodle. But if space isn’t an issue, then you really aren’t limited any which way. 

which is cuter male or female Goldendoodles
Both male and female Goldendoodles are EQUALLY as cute and teddy bear like

Goldendoodle Best with New Puppies

Another difference between male and female Goldendoodles is how they treat puppies. 

Not to say that male dogs “mistreat” their puppies, but across all breeds female dogs exhibit more affectionate, and territorial behaviour when in the presence of puppies. 

The primary differences can be seen in how they respond to a litter of puppies, as well as other dogs of the same (or opposite) gender. 

When Goldendoodles are going through their youthful teenage phase, males tend to mark a lot as they develop sexually.  However, females on the other hand are more likely to become more protective of their litter of puppies than males. 

Males are more prone to developing a “territory” due to these markings, and can therefore be more territorial with dogs of the same gender. As previously mentioned, this generally crosses all breeds. 

On average, male dogs are more likely to exhibit territorial behavior to older dogs (due to the marking of territory), whereas female dogs are more likely to be protective of their young. 

Other than that, there is really no difference between the male and female Goldendoodle dog breed when we examine health, intelligence, training, and grooming.

goldendoodle male and female smiling
The happy smile of a boy Goldendoodle

What is the difference in temperament and personality between male and female Goldendoodles?

Even though many a pet owner naturally assume that there is a big difference in temperament between a male, and female Goldendoodle. There’s virtually no difference at all. 

Due to the fact that they are the same breed, they both carry the same intelligence of a Poodle, and the same amount of loving affection of a Golden Retriever. 

The one factor that will make the biggest difference in this department is their relationship with you, and those within their environment. If you return the favour, and shower them with love, attention, and do your best to keep them mentally stimulated. 

This should result in a tremendously social, friendly, and intelligent pup, no matter the gender. The amount to which dogs show their outgoing personalities, depend heavily on their day-to-day interactions with you. 

Are male or female Goldendoodles better with families?

Dogs are a lot like humans in that their behavior can be heavily attributed to the environment around them.

If you create a more negative, stressful, or neglectful environment for your dog, you are more likely to end up with a dog that exhibits these same negative traits. However, if you show them tremendous love, attention, and care, they will do the same to their dog owner. 

So, when it comes to families, Goldendoodles (either boy dog or girl dog) are not likely to lash out, and actually enjoy spending quality time with family members (kids or adults).

The only difference you may find is that male breeds are known to mark or hump things around their teenage years, whereas female breeds are more prone to becoming cuddly, and affectionate.

This generally takes place before the dog gets spayed/neutered. 

Are Male or Female Goldendoodles Worse Before Being Neutered?

Having a male or female Golden doodle pre-spay/neuter is likely to bring about the same circumstances. It just comes down to personal preference as to which you’d rather deal with. 

Many dog owners are under the impression that males are more aggressive than females before getting spayed/neutered. 

But in reality, a female in heat can become just as (if not more) aggressive than a protective unneutered males guarding his territory. In fact, some females are MORE territorial because they are so loyal to their families. Though in general neither is considered to be aggressive in nature. 

Does it matter what gender a Goldendoodle is?

Even though there are not too many differences between male dog and female dog Goldendoodles, it can matter for some depending on personal preference and environment. 

Nearly all females are smaller in terms of both size and weight when compared to males. This size difference is usually not too big, and will most likely go unnoticed (unless you are getting a Standard Goldendoodle). In this case, there can be up to a 40-pound difference between a healthy male, and female Goldendoodle. 

This can play a massive role if you live in an apartment, condo, or somewhere with less room for the dog to roam free. So if you prefer to have a smaller hybrid dog for whatever reason (be it spatial or preference), going with a female might be the better option.

can a goldendoodle run - a goldemndoodle running in a park with a stick
This Goldendoodle seems to enjoy running

Female or Male Goldendoodle Conclusions

To summarize, there aren’t really too many differences between male and female Goldendoodles. If you are looking to buy from a reputable Goldendoodle breeder or adopt form a Goldendoodle rescue – you can feel safe choosing either gender.

Contrary to popular belief, the temperament, personality, playfulness, friendliness, and emotions of a Goldendoodle do not vary by gender. 

Dogs are amazingly in depth animals, and they (much like us) rely mostly on the day-to-day interactions they have with us, and other dogs. 

If their environment is safe, secure, calm, inviting, positive, and filled with love and affection. Then you are just about guaranteed to get a calm, caring, positive, and loving dog right back (no matter the gender). 

Aside from the overall size of the dog, and the way they treat their puppies, any other aspect of the dog’s personality is completely determined from the life they live, and the people in it. 

Though, this is an important point still because the first step to pet ownership is understanding your (and your dog’s) personal preferences, and limitations. 

As long as you show your doggo immense love, affection, and teach them positive behavior, you’re going to end up with one happy, healthy pup in no time! (regardless of gender). (And consider a cool Star Wars or Coffee dog names… or a traditional dog name ending in Y sound).