9 Scrunchy-Faced Dog Breeds With Pictures! (2024)

Dogs come in several shapes and sizes with a range of physical attributes. One cute attribute many dogs share is a scrunched face.

Besides their similar faces, these dogs are different than each other in many ways.

scrunchy-faced dog
9 Scrunchy-Faced Dog Breeds with Pictures

Read on to discover nine scrunchy face dogs who would make an adorable addition to your family.

Boston Terrier

The popular Boston Terrier breed is known as the American Gentleman, thanks to its tuxedo-like black or brindle coat with white markings. In addition to their scrunched face, they are also known for their small stature, stub tail, and alert ears

Boston Terrier approaching
Boston Terrier approaching to the camera.

Boston Terriers emerged in the late 1800s in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally, they were bred for fighting and ratting. Today they are a non-sporting dog breed who loves humans.

They are gentle, friendly, and smart. The Boston Terrier’s intelligence makes it easy to train. However, sometimes these dogs are so smart they can be stubborn.  

This breed usually lives for around 12 years. They can have back issues, digestive problems, and issues with their brachycephalic head shapes. As a result of their shortened muzzles, they do not do well in extreme temperatures or with rigorous exercise. 


The big beautiful Bullmastiff is known for its big body, gentle personality, and wrinkled head. Their coats can be red, beige, or brindle. The beige dogs usually have black noses, muzzles, and ears. 

large Bullmastiff
A large Bullmastiff sits on the grass.

This scrunchy face dog is a true gentle giant despite its tumultuous origins. This breed was originally bred from the English Mastiff and the Old English Bulldog to catch poachers in England. Now it is a loyal and loving family dog.  

Bullmastiffs weigh between 100 and 130 pounds and measure between 24 and 27 inches tall. Since they get so big, it is essential to train them early and thoroughly. 

This breed usually lives for around eight years. They are prone to common health issues, including lymphoma, mast cell tumors, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and hypothyroidism. 


The iconic Bloodhound has a long history as a hunting dog. They are often used to track humans or similar scents thanks to their senses of smell and tracking ability. Bloodhounds are usually red or black with short coats. 

Bloodhound sits on the garden
Bloodhound sits on the garden and waits for his owner.

They can weigh between 89 and 179 pounds and measure around 25 inches tall. They have scrunched faces, prominent jowls, and long floppy ears

Bloodhounds are multifaceted creatures with loving personalities that make them great for families. They know they are better at tracking than humans. So, they will not always follow a human’s directions if they think they know better.

Therefore, early training is essential for a Bloodhound.

This breed lives for around eight years. They are prone to bloat, cancer, skin issues, and eye and ear problems. Bloodhounds can overheat easily.  

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a French Mastiff that uses its muscles to move objects and protect. Their scrunchy faces are partially the result of their brachycephalic face shape. This dog gets its name thanks to its presence around Bordeaux, France, since the 14th century.

giant Dogue de Bordeaux
What a face! The super large dog breed known as Dogue de Bordeaux

It took a few centuries before the breed had a single identifiable identity. 

This breed is powerful and muscular, with a large head and a wide-set shape. The coat can be a range of colors, including beige, red, brown, and black. Some white markings are sometimes present.

It can weigh between 100 and 110 pounds and measure between 23 and 27 inches tall. 

In terms of their personality, these dogs are sweet and loyal. Since they were originally bred for protection, these pups stick tight to their humans. They are prone to stubbornness, making it necessary to train them early and thoroughly.

You should socialize your Dogue de Bordeaux. 

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is another type of Mastiff dog known for its muscular body and squashed face. They also have large heads, short legs, skin folds, underbites, and a brachycephalic face. They can be white, red, beige, or brindle.

English Bulldog walks outdoors
An English Bulldog enjoys regular walking outdoors and it is good for their health

This breed can weigh around 40 to 50 pounds and measure around 15 inches tall. 

These sweet pups are known for their calm and friendly personality. Thanks to their patience, they work well with children, making them ideal family dogs. These dogs are usually fairly easy to train as long as you start while they are young.

It is essential to teach them to release items from their mouth

English Bulldogs only live for around six years. Common causes of death include cancer and heart problems. Other health issues include hip dysplasia, respiratory problems, cherry eye, and skin issues.

They are also prone to weight problems. 

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is another breed known for its scrunched face. Other characteristics include a short coat, pointed ears, wrinkled skin, a large head, and a short tail. They can be white, cream, beige, gray, red, brindle, blue, and black. 

chocolate French Bulldog tongue
A chocolate French Bulldog tongue out.

French Bulldogs are some of the most popular dogs across the world. Besides their adorable appearance, their popularity is likely due to their lovely temperament. They make great companion dogs thanks to their affectionate nature.

That love can be a double-edged sword since they can also be prone to separation anxiety. 

This breed has a lifespan of around five years. Unfortunately, this breed is prone to several issues, partially due to brachycephaly. They have respiratory issues, including difficulty breathing and a lack of temperature regulation.

French Bulldogs also commonly have skin problems, ear issues, and conjunctivitis. 


While most dogs on this list have short coats, the Pekingese is known for its long fur. This toy breed originally came from China and was popular as a companion dog. The flat, squashed face emerges from a mass of long and fluffy fur

Pekingese is one of the smallest dog breed.

They have tiny bodies and a range of coat colors. Their coats can be cream, beige, gray, or black. They usually measure around 14 pounds and measure between six and nine inches tall. 

It is no wonder that this breed makes a great companion dog with its sweet personality. They connect well with their humans, and they are usually pretty smart. 

If you keep this dog’s hair long, it is necessary to brush it regularly. They live for around 11 years. Some of the main health issues with this breed are heart problems, breathing concerns, skin allergies, eye problems, and temperature regulation. 


The cute little Pug is easily recognizable, thanks to its wrinkled face, little floppy ears, and curly tails. Pugs have compact little bodies with coats that can be beige or black. They sometimes have black markings on their ears and muzzle.

looks up the owner
A Pug looks up to his new owner!

It originated in China before arriving in Europe in the 16th century. They make great companion dogs thanks to their intelligence, affection, and charm. Unlike some other companion dogs, this breed works well as a family dog as opposed to a dog for an individual. 

The lifespan of the Pug is around 11 years. However, due to their squashed, brachycephalic snouts, this breed of dog can have breathing and temperature regulation problems. If you have a pug, provide some gentle exercise to avoid obesity. 


With origins in China, the Shar-Pei has a long history of being a beloved pooch with many skills. Traditionally, this breed is a hunter, guard dog, and herding dog. In terms of temperament, these dogs are known for their relaxed temperament, loyalty to their owner, and affection.

Chinese Shar-Pei sits on the grass
Chinese Shar-Pei sits and looks at his owner.

While they adore their owners, Shar-Peis can take some time to warm up to strangers.  

These dogs go beyond having scrunched faces. Their whole body is covered in loose rolls of skin. When they are born, their skin is quite loose, and it tightens somewhat as they get older.

Besides their skin, common features in this breed include a short coat, small ears, a curly tail, and a medium size. They usually weigh between 45 and 60 pounds and measure around 19 inches tall.

In terms of health, Shar-Peis have a few frequent concerns. Many of their issues are related to their eyes. They can also have problems with their immune system, digestive system, and a few cancers.  

Final Thoughts

When you see a scrunch-face dog on the street, it may be difficult to distinguish it from other breeds with similar features. However, there are plenty of different types of breeds with scrunched faces. These dogs come from around the world and have vastly different histories.

No matter your preferences with other canine characteristics, you will surely find a breed with a scrunched face that you will love.