Yorkie Images – Photos of Yorkie Terriers [Puppies and Adult]

The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog with a medium-length coat. The breed is named after the county of Yorkshire in northern England, where it originated. Yorkshire Terriers are often called Yorkies.

Here are dozens of our favorite Yorkie images – these feisty pups sure know how to pose for the camera!

yorkie images
Our favorite Yorkie Images – all coat colors and sizes

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Yorkies are Small Dogs

yorkie height
Yorkies truly are small dogs. They often stand as small as 8 or 9 inches to the shoulder when fully grown.

It is important to note that the Yorkshire terrier stands as small as 8 or 9 inches to the shoulder. These are small dogs!

Yorkies that meet the breed standard weight no more than 7 pounds. (4-6 is considered “ideal”).

In metric: These measurements translate to 21.5 centimeters from the shoulder and less than 3.2 kilograms in weight. Tiny!

yorkie in a grass field
Yorkies love to get outside and play. They will get knots, eye stain, and sometimes smelly ears.

Yorkies require regular grooming to maintain their coat and skin health. The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog with a medium-length coat. To maintain the coat and skin health of the Yorkie, it requires regular grooming. You will need to pick dog or puppy shampoo that matches the type of coat that a Yorkie has.

Eye stain (aka the dreaded dog eye boogers) is COMMON for small dogs and Yorkies are no exception. Luckily such eye stain can be cleaned away fairly easily.

Apartment dwellers LOVE Yorkies ❤️

Yorke playing outside
A happy Yorkie plays in the grass

The Yorkshire terrier is the perfect small pet for apartment dwellers who want a high-energy companion that can be taken on walks or trips around town, but doesn’t need as much space as a larger dog might require. They are much smaller than Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Greyhounds, and other popular dog breeds.

a yorkie puppy
Even super cute Yorkie puppies can get along with young children

Yorkies have been used successfully as therapy dogs because they’re so friendly with strangers and other animals. Yorkies DO get along with kids but every puppy is different. Slow and thoughtful introductions save a big headache down the line.

Yorkies come in many colors

official yorkie colors
The official Yorkie colors are a mixture of black, blue, tan and gold.
a black yorkie
A Yorkie with a predominantly black coat stands on a wooden floor.

There are a few different shades of Yorkie coat, with four different coat shades being recognised by the AKC. There is a fifth that is now recognized in the last two decades which is the “Parti” Yorkie.

a parti yorkie held to the sky
A Parti Yorkie looks skyward

The common colors that are officially recognized by the AKC include black and tan; blue and tan, black and gold, and blue and gold.

black and tan yorkie
How is this for a pose! A black and tan Yorkie

Red legged Yorkies are a common coat type that is not recognised by the AKC but is surging in popularity. All red Yorkies? Not often seen.

red yorkie and golden yorkie
Differentiating between red, tan, and golden Yorkies is… difficult.

The AKC now also recognized that “Parti” Yorkies are an official color type of a purebred. These Parti’s are black, tan, and white.

blue and tan yorkie
A blue and tan Yorkie on a black background to exaggerate the blue.

Check out the beautiful blue coat of this Yorkie – amazing to see such a color. It WILL lighten as the Yorkie ages.

black and gold yorkie
A classic Black and Gold Yorkie

The classic black and gold Yorkie coat. AKC recognized, and absolutely loved by Yorkie fans worldwide. So cute!

Yorkies are Fairly Healthy

Yorkies have relatively few genetic defects, which makes them an excellent choice for someone looking to adopt a new pup from a shelter or rescue organization or buy one from a dealer

yorkie in the snow
A Yorkie puppy in the snow. Keep them warm and they will have a blast!

Yorkshire terriers are a popular breed of dog mainly because they are small, have minor requirements for living, are low maintenance, easy to train, anti-allergic friendly and playful. These qualities make them the ultimate family pet.

golden yorkie
A truly Golden Yorkie coat. So beautiful!

Training Yorkies Can be challenging… But they are SMART

chocolate yorkie
A Chocolate Yorkie (aka a brown coat Yorkie)

Yorkshire terriers are also very intelligent, which means they can be trained to do tricks. They will learn anything you want them to do with patience and perseverance.

yorkie playing tug of war
Yorkies are strong minded and intelligent. They thrive when trained correctly. (Seen here playing tug of war)

To be house-trained, your Yorkie needs to know that it is unacceptable to relieve himself in the house and that there are designated areas for this behavior. A good way to teach a Yorkie house-training instinct is by establishing a routine. Give them a regular feeding schedule and take them out every few hours to their designated area.

Set up a crate or confinement area with some newspapers or pads for them to do their business on. Give him lots of love and affection as if he had completed a job well done!

are yorkies hyper
Adopting a Yorkie? Expect an energy-packed puppy that LOVES to play and run. They do tire out (eventually)

Yorkshire terriers are a high-energy breed of dog despite being small. Yorkies, as they’re also called, can be taken on long walks and trips around town.

Yorkshire terriers enjoy the beach. Yorkies will love running around in a dog park or playing in the sand.

an all black yorkie poo
An all black Yorkie Poo (Yorkie X Poodle Mix)

Yorkies can occasionally be strong-minded or misbehave. Yorkies may also not get along with other animals, which is why it’s necessary to slowly introduce them to other animals and make sure they are brought up with them from a young age.

Yorkies need an average amount of exercise and sleep 7-8 hours each day. Yorkies also live a long time!

Best Food For Yorkies
Choosing the best food for Yorkies? Make the right choice

Yorkie dogs were originally bred to hunt very small game (and even rats). So expect an energetic puppy with plenty of go-gettem!

Yorkshire terriers are a great choice for first-time dog owners because they have so many positive qualities. If you’re considering adopting or buying one, take some time to read about the Yorkshire Terrier breed before making any decisions.

Make sure that particular Yorkie will be compatible with your lifestyle and living situation!

black and gold yorkie has bath
A black and gold Yorkie having a bath

A super cute black and gold Yorkie having a bath!

yorkie being groomed
A Yorkie being groomed after a bath

Clean Yorkie hair – and time for a fresh cut. Stylish!

yorkie being shampooed
Working the soft Yorkie coat into a lather using shampoo