Can Maltipoos Stay at Home Alone (FAQ)

When you own a dog, there will eventually be a time when you will need to leave your dog at home alone. It just happens! While it is not ideal, we know that such a situation cannot always be avoided.

So, can dog breeds like the Maltipoo stay at home alone? 

can a maltipoo stay at home alone
Can a Maltipoo stay home alone? How long can you leave a Maltipoo alone?

Well, that is a question we are going to answer on this page. We also want to give you a few hints and tips on ensuring that it is as ‘easy’ as possible for your dog.

Can Maltipoos Stay at Home Alone?

Maltipoos can stay at home alone. However, as with most dogs, it isn’t really recommended for extended periods.

Most owners claim that their Maltipoo does okay at home on their own. It does take a little while for them to get used to it, but the Maltipoo, when given a few toys, is more than happy to stay at home on their own for a few hours.

However, what you do need to remember is that the Maltipoo is a very social breed of dog.

It needs interaction with humans or other dogs to keep it entertained. If it doesn’t get this, then it could get lonely. In fact, it could end up suffering from separation anxiety. 

This means that you really should be avoiding leaving your Maltipoo at home alone for long periods.

cream wavy maltipoo puppy
A cream or light brown wavy coated Maltipoo puppy. This super cutie will likely be non-shedding and may be hypoallergenic.

What happens when your Maltipoo suffers from separation anxiety?

In most Maltipoos, they will cry or growl when they are left at home alone. When you get home, you will find that they end up being incredibly clingy. They won’t leave your side. We presume that this is because they are afraid that you are going to leave them again.

In the worst-case scenario, you may find that they end up destroying objects in the home. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety are particularly prone to destroying furniture or eating plants.

It is worth noting that every Maltipoo will have its own personality. You may end up with a Maltipoo that will never suffer from separation anxiety, and some will end up with a dog that suffers from a severe case of it.

Can you train the Maltipoo to deal with their separation anxiety?

You can. However, it is going to take a bit of time. This means gradually leaving your dog alone for more extended periods and providing them with complicated toys so they never really have the ‘time’ to miss you.

mini maltipoo puppy fully grown size
A fully grown miniature Maltipoo is a super tiny dog! White coated wavy.

Tips for Leaving Your Maltipoo Alone

While we would never recommend that you leave your Maltipoo alone, we know that there will be times when you have no choice. We want to give you a few tips on ensuring that your dog is fine when left alone for long periods.

Avoid Leaving Them Alone for More Than 4-Hours Initially

Your dog will need to use the bathroom at least once every 4-hours. Puppies will need to use it more frequently than that. In fact a Maltipoo puppy may poop up to four or five times per day!

This means that if your dog does not have access to somewhere to use the bathroom (i.e., a small litter box, or perhaps access to an enclosed outdoor area), then you need to be coming back to your dog. This is why it is difficult to recommend that you get a puppy if you work very long hours away from home.

An option is to consider a dog toilet option – or even build a porch potty. I created a self-draining balcony dog toilet for our puppy Max. A year later and he still uses it exclusively!

See our guide on how to deal with a Maltipoo that pees everywhere inside the house. Step-by-step guide on how to overcome such an issue.

Of course, you can always have somebody to look after your dog, which leads us neatly onto the next tip.

can you leave a maltipoo at home alone
Can you leave a Maltipoo at home alone?

Socialize with Your Dog Before You Leave

If you plan to leave your Maltipoo alone for a more extended period, make sure that you socialize with them beforehand. Your dog needs attention, after all. As we said before, this is a very social breed of dog. You can’t just ignore it then disappear for hours. It isn’t fair on the Maltipoo. In fact, this wouldn’t be fair on any breed of dog.

Shortly before you leave, you will also want to ensure that you take the Maltipoo for a walk. Maltipoos do not need long walks. Twenty minutes should be about ideal (they have little legs and get tired quickly!). It should be long enough for them to use the bathroom.

When you are out, you must leave some water and food for your dog to access. Some people do not because they feel it will make the dog need the bathroom quicker. However, this is just animal cruelty. Dogs always need to have access to water. Please do not deny them access to this, particularly if you are heading out for hours on end.

Gradually Increase the Amount of Time You Leave Your Dog Alone For

You shouldn’t be leaving your Maltipoo alone for hours on end right away. You will want to build them up to that point, mainly if your dog is on the younger side of things.

Start out by leaving the room for 15-20 minutes at a time. You can then graduate to an hour-long trip to the store. As you do this, your dog will become used to being left alone for long periods.

white maltioo adult smiling
What a beauty! White Maltipoo adult. Photo by Brian Johnson & Dane Kanter /CC BY

Hire a Dog Walker

If your dog is being left alone for long periods, then try to find a dog walker. Ideally, you would pay for a reputable dog walker. This way, you will know that your Maltipoo is in the safest possible hands. Although we are aware that the costs of a dog walker can be prohibitively expensive for many. 

The alternative is to ask a friend or family member to check in on your Maltipoo. If you go down that route, make sure that you can trust whoever is looking after your dog. Maltipoos do not have any special care requirements, but you need to know that the person you select will show up. This is why some people go down the dog walker route.

Remember, a Maltipoo won’t require that much in the way of walking. They need about 20-minutes per day. The only reason you need somebody coming to check in your Maltipoo is for that social contact and ensuring that they use the bathroom.

Puzzle Toys

Part of the reason as to why dogs suffer from separation anxiety is because they get bored. If they have nothing to do, their minds will start to wander, and they will begin to miss you. Therefore, if you plan on leaving your Maltipoo alone for long periods, you will want some way to distract them.

A lot of pet owners will pick up some quality toys for their Maltipoo. This is a very playful breed of dogs, so they will enjoy having a selection of toys within easy reach. Of course, you will want to ensure that whatever toys you select will be safe for your pet to use when they are on their own.

Our recommendation is to pick up ‘puzzle toys.’ Maltipoos are dogs with a reasonable amount of intelligence, and they will love solving ‘puzzles’ to receive treats. If the toy is interesting enough, your Maltipoo will barely know that you are gone.

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A slow feeder puzzle game like the incredibly popular Outward Hound slow feeder puzzles can provide brain stimulation and distraction for your Maltipoo. This one is my favorite and is simple enough for puppies – but becomes a favorite even for older dogs. It works perfectly with smaller breeds like the Maltipoo.

Some puzzle games are geared at larger dogs and less challenging for resourceful small species. Outward Hound knows this, and they release a variety of challenges! 

You can also pick up some frozen dog toy puzzles. These take a while to ‘solve,’ and your dog will get a nice treat at the end of it. This is the sort of toy that will keep your dog entertained for hours and hours on end. The simplest (and still MVP) frozen dog toy? Stuff a Kong with treats – freeze it in advance. Voila! The perfect frozen puzzle treat for a Maltipoo.

maltipoo puppy haircut
A Maltipoo puppy with a summer haircut!

Consider Adopting Two Dogs

If you can afford it, and you have the time to dedicate to two dogs, then why not adopt two of them? Just make sure that the breeds are compatible. Two Maltipoos or another family friendly small dog would be brilliant here. We wouldn’t really recommend getting a dog much larger than the Maltipoo. This can lead to ‘bullying,’ and leaving the dog alone wouldn’t really go down well in those situations.

If you are introducing a new dog to the family, you shouldn’t leave it alone with the older dog right away. You need to ensure that the two of them get on well with one another. The Maltipoo can be quite a territorial dog, and thus it may take a little while for them to warm up to a new dog entering their space. Thankfully, this is a breed that can be trained to get on well with other animals.

Learn the best age gap between dogs in our detailed article here.

It is important to remember that adopting two dogs will not negate the dog’s need to use the bathroom. You should still be avoiding leaving them alone for longer than four hours. The purpose of having two dogs is really to combat social anxiety.


The Maltipoo is a dog that can be left at home alone. However, they shouldn’t be left alone for longer than four hours. They will still need to use the bathroom, and they are prone to social anxiety. However, this is still one of the ‘better’ breeds to own if you absolutely must leave a dog at home, just make sure that they are given something to keep them occupied while you are out.