Best Cavapoo Breeders In New Mexico (2024 Update)

Looking for reliable Cavapoo breeders in New Mexico? With the surge in the popularity of Cavapoos, most pet enthusiasts would love to own these loveable creatures. These pups are pretty adorable, and they have amazing traits. 

Cavapoos are easy to get along with, and they love being around kids and adults. They also get along quite well with other animals. With these admirable traits, you and your family will definitely enjoy spending time with your pup.

Cavapoo breeders in New Mexico
Best Cavapoo Breeders In New Mexico
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Cavapoos are a crossbreed of Poodle and Cavalier King Charles. These pups enjoy living in apartments and tiny homes, making them a great choice if you don’t have a big space in your yard. It’s also worth noting that these pups are hypoallergenic.

Therefore, getting a puppy from your local breeder won’t make you sneeze.

One of the main concerns when looking for Cavapoo breeders is to find a reputable breeder you can trust. Most individuals have expressed their concerns when dealing with puppy mills. 

Puppies never get quality training, and adopting them is usually a big issue. To ensure you don’t have to go through the trouble of working with puppy mills, here are some of the best Cavapoo breeders in New Mexico.

Fino Lagotto

Fino Lagotto is a dog breeder in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The breeder often strives to ensure their puppies find the best family match. If you’re looking for a healthy and intelligent puppy that will make your family feel complete, this is the right breeder to work with.

fluffy cavapoo dog
A particularly fluffy Cavapoo dog

Part of the breeder’s core mission is to make sure the dogs they bring to this world are safe, happy, and get the attention they deserve. They have a strict adoption program, indicating that they are very protective of their little pups. This is a good sign that you’re dealing with a breeder who loves their puppies.

Fino Lagotto usually evaluates their clients’ details to ascertain they are the perfect match for their dogs. If you consent to their breeding philosophies, they will help you with the adoption process.

Contact Details:


Phone: (505) 660-6666

Email[email protected]

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kokopelli Cockapoos

Pet enthusiasts will agree that the best dog breeders are the ones raised in family-owned breeding programs. Kokopelli Cockapoos in Farmington boast of being the best Cavapoo breeders in the Southwest. This is the place to be if you’re looking for the perfect Doodle of joy.

lying down Cavapoo puppy
Cavapoo puppy lying down on the ground.

Kokopelli Cockapoos are very passionate about raising dogs and ensuring they find the perfect forever homes where they get the love and care they deserve.

Their Cavapoo breeding program focuses on health, confirmation, temperament, and the desirable looks of Cavapoos. Most individuals fancy the teddy-bear appearance of Cavapoos, and Kokopelli Cockapoos strives to ensure their pups meet their clients’ pet preferences.

Kokopelli Cockapoos produce the best quality Cavapoos that make great companions. Their pups undergo training from a tender age. All puppies go through early training to develop their social skills, obedience, and neurological stimulation.

One thing you’ll love about Kokopelli Cockapoos is that they don’t just train dogs to become pets, but they focus more on ensuring their pups become an essential part of the family.

Kokopelli Cockapoos also stand out from other breeders in New Mexico since their puppies undergo rigorous health checks and offer breeder support 24/7. If you’re a new puppy owner, this breeder will walk you through the entire journey to guarantee you raise your pet just as you initially planned.

It’s also worth noting that Kokopelli Cockapoos has an active social media page where they post regular updates about their pups. You can keep track of your pups before you bring them to their new home.

Contact Details:


Phone: (505) 327-1781

Email: [email protected]

Location: Farmington, New Mexico

Blue Diamond Family Pups

There are not so many Cavapoo breeders in New Mexico, meaning it’s not a bad idea to consider having your furry friend delivered right to your doorstep. Blue Diamond Family Pups delivers designer Cavapoos to Albuquerque, Belen, and Corrales, among other destinations.

Blue Diamond Family Pups is a family-owned breeder that brings up its puppies on a 10-acre farm. Their interest in raising pups was influenced by how excited their kids were when they had puppies for the first time. Since then, Blue Diamond Family Pups has been delivering healthy and happy pups to various destinations across the nation.

While they offer a variety of pups, they are particularly interested in breeding and raising F1 and F1b Cavapoos. Most of their puppies grow to about 12-20 pounds and have a life expectancy of approximately 11-16 years.

Blue Diamond Family Pups raise their pups to ensure they have calm, sweet, and loving temperaments. They use their mini-farm to their advantage since puppies can play around and interact with other animals on the farm.

Cavapoos on their farm grow to become great service or therapy dogs. To get your puppy delivered to your home, contact this breeder to know whether there’s a Cavapoo litter awaiting a new home.

Contact Details:


Phone: (330) 260-4600

Email[email protected]

Location: Sugarcreek, Ohio

Vicky’s Toy Puppies

If you don’t mind driving a few hours to get your puppy from the neighboring state, Vicky’s Toy Puppies is a breeder with a proven track record. This breeder has a particular liking for shed-free tiny dogs. They know that people live in small spaces and would want to adopt manageable pets within the small areas.

Therefore, breeding tiny dogs is the perfect way to ensure they meet their clients’ needs.

Vicky’s Toy Puppies follows a strict upbringing program to ensure their pups get the best care they deserve. All their puppies grow in rubber-coated cages that provide comfort and safety. The sleeping environment is relaxed.

Pups grow up in a family setting, where they get to play with kids. The breeding environment also helps with socialization since the puppies mingle with adults. This makes it easy to adjust to new settings when going to new homes.

Vicky’s Toy Puppies prioritizes the health of its puppies. Apart from the regular health checks pups undergo, the breeder ensures the dogs are well-groomed at all times. 

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.vickystoypuppies.com/

Phone: (940) 937-8392 or (580) 318-4337

Email[email protected]

Location: Childress, Texas

Tips to Find a Reliable Cavapoo Breeder in New Mexico

To ensure you don’t work with a breeder that might disappoint you, consider asking them a few questions concerning their breeding program. Some of the things you should find out include the following:

  • Confirm whether the dog’s parents undergo DNA and OFA tests. Go through the dogs’ health records before adopting them.
  • Check with the breeder whether they offer health guarantees.
  • Confirm whether you can visit their home before adopting your Cavapoo. A visit to the facility can help you to determine how well the pups are taken care of.
  • Find out how long you have to wait to adopt a healthy puppy from the breeder.


Cavapoos are slowly gaining people’s attention in New Mexico. As a result, you’ll realize that there are not so many Cavapoo breeders in New Mexico. Finding a good breeder you can trust can be a challenge, especially if you’re a new pet owner.

Use the recommended options in this guide and follow the recommended tips herein to weed out unscrupulous breeders efficiently.