11 Best Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell or Shed! (2024)

Dogs are stunning and vibrant creatures that offer love and life to the world, but sometimes they can smell. They can also shed and leave your house rife with sneezes and dander. A shedding or smelly dog can be troublesome for everyone, especially family members who are sensitive to the shedding hair that comes with some breeds of dogs.

However, many dog breeds smell lovely and are not prone to shedding. Usually, foul smells may come from dog hair that goes unwashed or ungroomed for long periods. Regular grooming can be challenging for busy owners, but the dog breeds on our list may not need frequent grooming and have a pleasant smell. 

dog breeds that don't smell or shed
11 Best Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell or Shed!

These dogs also have short hair that doesn’t shed or long, sturdy locks. Look through our collection of the best dogs that don’t smell or shed to decide which dog breed is the best for you and your household!


curly tailed basenji
Curly tailed Basenji

Basenjis are tall dogs who grow to be around 17 inches and weigh no more than 24 pounds. These dogs can live for 14 years and offer plenty of love and friendships. Basenjis are loyal but aren’t overly affectionate. This dog breed would rather spend time guarding your space than lay in your lap.

While Basenjis are perfect family guard dogs, they will likely get fatigued quickly when small children or rambunctious pets prevent them from their perceived duties. They will get along with others but prefer to remain true to their tasks like hunting, guarding, or relaxing.

Basenjis are a type of hound with short fur that doesn’t shed, and this dog breed prefers clean environments.

West Highland White Terrier

A West Highland White Terrier is also called simply a White Terrier. A White Terrier is a chirpy and loyal dog who would rather be at your heels than anywhere else in the house. This dog can be seen staring out windows when their owners are out or guarding the yard.

West Highland White Terrier
West Highland White Terrier on a plain background.

A White Terrier will usually bark to be friendly and will try to grab the attention of pedestrians walking past. This dog breed is short and will only grow to about 11 inches tall and weigh no more than 20 pounds. A White Terrier can live for 15 years. This dog breed doesn’t shed or maintain a foul odor. Bathing and grooming your White Terrier weekly will keep them clean and hygienic.


Dachshunds are often small, lovable dogs. There are various sizes of Dachshunds, but the most common type is the Miniature Dachshund which doesn’t grow taller than six inches and weighs under 11 pounds.

Dachshund under the sun
Dachshund standing on the grass on a sunny day.

The standard size Dachshund grows to be about 9 inches and can weigh up to 32 pounds. All Dachshunds have a lifespan of around 16 years and prefer to spend that time adoring their family members and playing with other dogs.

Dachshunds have fur, but this fur is short and doesn’t shed, making them perfect pets for busy families who can’t dedicate a lot of time to grooming.


Maltese dogs are playful and charming, but they are also gentle. These dogs have long locks that will need frequent brushing but won’t shed. This dog breed is a toy dog that weighs less than ten pounds and usually doesn’t grow taller than nine inches. Most Maltese will live for around 15 years.

Maltese and a peanut butter
A Maltese smells a peanut butter.

A Maltese is a perfect dog for those who love brushing dogs and enjoy the gentle, sophisticated nature of a curious and agreeable dog breed.


A Havanese is a small and highly intelligent dog with stunningly long hair. These dogs are outgoing and friendly.

Havanese puppy
Havanese puppy sits comfortably.

They also adore attention and spending time with children, their owners, and other pets in and outside the household. A Havanese will behave well in a dog park or on trips outside and will gladly introduce themselves – and you – to strangers.

A Havanese is easily groomed and can have their hair cut to make bathtime and grooming simpler. This dog breed grows no taller than 12 inches and weighs no more than 13 pounds. Havanese will live for around 16 years.

Chinese Crested

A Chinese Crested dog is lively and alert most of the time. These dogs prefer the company of their owner, other dogs, and small children to play with.

chinese crested puppy
The Chinese Crested is a beautiful and unique breed – but surprisingly energetic!

These dogs have poofy hair that is usually shaved down on their bodies and left poofy around their heads. The hair on this dog breed doesn’t shed and will not cause allergy flair-ups from dander.

A Chinese Crested dog is small and grows no taller than 13 inches and weighs 12 pounds at most. These dogs will live for around 18 years.


Labradoodles are a mixed breed, coming from Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. Labradoodles are not purebred dogs, but they are lovable and stunning all the same. They are affectionate and smart, but also a touch goofy. These dogs can offer you plenty of hours of fun, love, and cuddle time.

labradoodle sitting on the road
A Labradoodle comfortably sitting on the road.

Labradoodles are tall dogs and can grow to about 24 inches and weigh up to 65 pounds. These dogs have rich colors and curly locks that will need weekly grooming. However, a Labradoodle’s hair doesn’t shed and their hair is short enough to not cause a persistent odor

Groom and bathe your Labradoodle once a week to maintain their curly coat and hygiene. This breed is a great option for those looking for dogs that don’t smell or shed. 


Schnauzers are highly intelligent and lively. These dogs love having a job or duty to work on and will be friendly with familiar faces. Schnauzers can be tall and grow to around 20 inches and weigh around 50 pounds. Schnauzers can also live up to 16 years.

Giant Schnauzer standing
A Giant Schnauzer standing in a city park.

Schnauzers have a stunning and vivid coat of colors. This dog breed is iconic for the fur around their mouths that look like a mustache. T

hese dogs have patches of short hair on their bodies and long hair around their mouths and legs. However, these dogs are hygienic and don’t shed, making them ideal for families who want to forgo pungent odors and frequent bathing.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are loving and playful dogs who love going outside and spending time with their owners. The perfect day for a Shih Tzu would entail laying with its owner, playing with young children, and running in the backyard with other animals.

Shih Tzu in a hurry
Shih Tzu is in a hurry and needs to poop!

This breed of dog grows only about 11 inches and weighs no more than 16 pounds. A Shih Tzu can live for up to 18 years.

A Shih Tzu can have long hair, but many dog owners choose to have their Shih Tzu groomed so that their fur is short and gives them more room to cool off and play without getting caught on trees or branches outside. 

Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise grows no taller than 12 inches and weighs no more than 18 pounds. This dog can live up to 18 years and will spend as much time as possible cuddling with their family and playing with other dogs and children.

Bichon Frise so white
Bichon Frise is so white as a cloud!

A Bichon Frise has stunning, poofy hair that may need grooming two or three times a week, but won’t shed. This dog is small and won’t have a pungent odor when bathed at least once weekly.


Whippets are calm, playful, and loving dogs who would rather spend their time in the lap of their loved ones than doing anything else. Whippets adore children and other animals and are one of the friendliest dog breeds available.

gray whippet
A gray Whippet. Ash would be a great name for such a cute gray dog?

Many households with cats may benefit from whippets since these gentle giants also enjoy the presence of felines, especially if they are playful.

Whippets can grow up to 22 inches tall and weigh nearly 40 pounds, so introductions between your Whippet and small children or other pets should be done under supervision. A Whippet can live up to 15 years. The coat on a Whippet is short and requires only weekly brushing and bathing to maintain its sheen.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best dog breed for you and your household can be a challenge, but can offer your home plenty of love and vibrance. Some dog breeds have a distinct smell that can linger on their coat and stink up your couch. However, plenty of dog breeds can offer your family love and fun without smelling bad or shedding too much.

A Basenji may be the most hypoallergenic dog who loves to hunt and hails from Africa. Other dogs are small, like a Bichon Frise or Dachshund, who also have plenty of hair but don’t shed very much. These dogs can ensure that you aren’t vacuuming your floors all day without any time to play with your loveable pets.

Our list of the best dogs that don’t smell or shed can assist you in finding the perfect furry companion for your home, all while preventing bad odors and excessive baths or cleaning.