Goldendoodle Barking: Practical Tips When Your Goldendoodle Barks At Everything

Barking is a completely natural thing for our puppies to do. Goldendoodles are an amazing Poodle crossbreed, but they are not perfect.

They bark! Even gorgeous miniature teacup goldendoodles bark.

goldendoodle barking

Goldendoodle barking expresses a bunch of different emotions. There can be multiple barking triggers. The type of bark will vary depending on what the Puppy is experiencing at that moment.Excessive barking can be annoying to other dogs and neighbours.

It is unreasonable to expect a Goldendoodle puppy to never to bark.


Excessive barking is a negative behaviour trait. You need to intervene and train your Goldendoodle

Learn more and take steps to prevent this problem.

Do All Goldendoodles bark?

Not all Goldendoodles bark, but many do. Some only bark when they are in public due to excitement. Others bark all the time.

There is no predisposition to the breed, it varies dog to dog. Almost all of the long list of Poodle mix breeds can experience problem barking.

F1 Goldendoodles, English Goldendoodles, even Teacup Goldendoodles will bark sometimes.

Causes of Goldendoodle Barking

Let’s first look at some common causes of your Goldendoodles barking (or howling) to help us first understand why they do it.

If you understand why a puppy is barking then you can make a plan to prevent barking.

The most common causes of excessive barking according to the RSPCA (Australian Animal Society) are:

Barking Trigger One: Territory

Almost all owners agree that our Goldendoodles are super intelligent. 

Like most smart breeds Groodles are territorial. It’s just their nature.

They can become very territorial if something or someone strays into their space. Goldendoodles want to protect their area, and also protect you.

Barking is a dogs first defence against potential intruders. An increase in barking can be expected if they feel their security is being compromised.

Goldendoodle about to bark
A stranger came in so the dog was about to alert the owner. (Image: Instagram/@tucker.dood)

Barking Trigger Two: Fear

If your Goldendoodle feels threatened then they may bark in an attempt to ward off danger (and protect you!)

It could be a reaction to loud noises.

  • Fireworks and motorbikes
  • Noisy children
  • Simply a strange, uncertain new situation
  • Airplane noise
  • Garbage trucks or delivery drivers

Barking Trigger Three: Attention Seeking

Most dogs love attention. Family friendly and socially relaxed Goldendoodles are no exception. 

A Goldendoodle Barking is an easy way to get attention.

Remember though that not all barking is bad! An attempt by your Groodle puppy to attract attention can be for legitimate reasons. This might be alerting you that they need the toilet or that their dinner is (hopefully not over) due!

If the dog is in pain from an infection, sunburn or is having indigestion – your dog may bark. A Goldendoodle that is licking its paws excessively AND barking might have ticks, parasites or paw infections.

PRO TIP: If you install a doggy door and allow your puppy to take themselves out to toilet – this can reduce barking!

If you live in an apartment or your Puppy does not have garden access – make your own DIY Apartment Porch Potty! It’s a fun DIY project .

Toy Goldendoodle barking
Hypoallergenic, playful and pretty! The petite Toy Goldendoodle size is perfect for those after a small transportable dog.

Barking Trigger Four: Separation Anxiety

Intelligent and social dog breeds such as Goldendoodles are prone to suffer from separation anxiety.

Extensive separation anxiety can have a negative impact on your dogs mental health. 

Feelings of anxiety due to separation from the owner is a common cause of excessive barking.

You may also see other negative behaviours such as aggressive chewing or paw biting in puppies experiencing separation anxiety.

Barking Trigger Five: Health Issues

Pain or feelings of discomfort arising from various health or medical issues can cause a dog to bark or whine.

Check your Goldendoodle for any painful areas that cause a reaction if touched.

Be mindful of other signs such as limping or constant scratching, or paw licking. 

Identify health issues early as persistent niggling health problems can cause excessive barking.

goldendoodle puppy barking

Barking General Six: General Loneliness

Although domesticated, dogs are still natural pack animals and can suffer if left alone.

Goldendoodles need proper physical or mental stimulation. 

Anxiety, stress and barking can happen in dogs that feel neglected.

If you need to leave your Goldendoodle at home while you work, consider early morning play and exercise. Freeze a Kong or make some puzzle toys and mental enrichment activities for your dog. Here is a list of 35 indoor dog games and activities that you can keep your dog entertained for hours.

A tired puppy is a happy puppy! There is a difference between a tired dog, or a Goldendoodle that is lethargic.

How to Stop Goldendoodle Barking?

So what are some things we can do to limit your Goldendoodles barking? 

There are proven methods that help resolve the most common causes of barking.

1. Barking Strategy ONE: Create A Quiet Zone

Does your Goldendoodle bark and get stressed when you leave the house? This can be a sign of separation anxiety. Dogs like Goldendoodle and Labradoodles are predominately indoor dogs.

Try setting up a doggy quiet zone.

This needs to be somewhere safe, relaxed and away from the front door. 

Try including:

  • A baby gate that prevents access to areas that trigger the anxiety (for example the front door).
  • A TV or radio to provide background noise to give them something to focus on. You could also try something like a white noise machine or phone app which can be effective and very satisfying for your dog.
  • A treat dispenser toy or puzzle filled with treats with the purpose of keeping them entertained and busy. You can find these in all good pet stores and they’re great to give to your dog when they need distracting as you exit the house! Our list of 35 indoor dog activities also has some DIY options you can make.
bully stick for Goldendoodle
The dog is busy chewing a bully stick. (Image: Instagram/@chewie_mini_goldendoodle)

2. Barking Strategy TWO: Sight Barriers

Try blocking your dogs direct line of sight to the obvious barking triggers such as the front door or living room window. 

A Goldendoodles natural instinct is to protect his territory at all costs from threats. Even though Goldendoodles are friendly and good with kids, they are alert to intruders and change. They might lick the intruder, but will at least alert you to their presence!

So blocking the view of the postman or delivery driver can really help keep your puppy calm. 

Try closing the blinds or pulling the curtains to cut off the direct view.

Goldendoodle heard the ring
A dog heard the doorbell ring. (Image: Instagram/@autumndoodledoo)

3. Barking Strategy THREE: Lots of Exercise

Always make sure your Goldendoodle is getting lots of physical and mental exercise throughout the day. 

No matter what your circumstances are, that the dog gets walks every day. Exercise is important.

Like other Poodle mixes like Bernedoodles, Goldendoodle dogs have bundles of energy. 

Excess energy can potentially cause negative behaviour. These are most commonly barking and chewing.

It’s getting easier and easier to find a reputable, trusted dog walking service. Check your local community social media for reliable friendly dog walkers.

If you don’t think you’ll be home in time then get someone else to do it for you! 

baby goldendoodle barking
Even teacup Goldendoodles are prone to barking. Luckily Goldendoodles are razor smart and ready to learn to stop barking.

Hit up friends or family and see if they’ll be happy to take your furry friend out for a walk while you are busy. Goldendoodles are super cute, and people love dogs. You will likely not need to twist their arm too much to get an occasional dog walk.

Another tip is to try using energetic games such as fetch and tug of war early every morning. Tire your Goldendoodle out! Remember that mental enrichment games are a great way to tire our your Goldendoodle.

A tired Goldendoodle is very different than a lethargic Goldendoodle, learn the causes of lethargy and when you should be worried.

The muffin tin game is an easy and cheap DIY brain game for dogs. See more dog videos on our YouTube channel!

4.Barking Strategy FOUR: Barking? Ignore it!

Don’t give your Goldendoodle any attention whilst in the throes of Goldendoodle barking.

Your attention is essentially a reward. 

So do the opposite….turn away, ignore your barking Puppy and don’t say a thing. Consider even standing up and leaving the room. Close a door and create a physical barrier between you. Return only when the barking stops,

Be patient and reward your Goldendoodle with a treat ONLY when he stops barking completely

This takes endurance on your behalf. If you dog is a stubborn barker you will feel like a human Yo-Yo before the training kicks in!

This type of positive reinforcement training can be super effective. Combine it with perseverance and patience.

Goldendoodles are very intelligent and can often pick this up super quick. If it is a battle, you Puppy is still intelligent. Just stubborn. Stick with it!

Barking Prevention Methods to AVOID

So far we’ve discussed a few methods to help prevent your Goldendoodle barking but which methods should we avoid?

  • Spanking your dog or using devices such as electric shock collars. These methods cause pain, are unpleasant and can lead to a further anxiety in your dog. Try more positive reinforcement methods such as those previously discussed.
  • Shouting at your dog. This can be bad for a dog already in a difficult emotional, stressful situation. Shouting may actually worsen this negative behaviour and in most cases doing so will not help improve your dog’s behaviour.
    • Try positive reinforcement methods to build a bond and understanding with your dog so that you don’t have the urge to raise your voice.
  • Allowing your dog bark excessively. This can cause a real nuisance to not only you and the family but also to neighbours.
    • Nip any issues like this in the bud and take action to curb your pooch’s excessive barking using some of the methods above. 
    • Contact a canine behaviour specialist or professional dog trainer if you feel you need further guidance.

Barking Goldendoodle Conclusion

Remember, training should always be a positive experience for you both so don’t get stressed if your Goldendoodle doesn’t pick it up immediately! 

All dogs learn at different speeds so just focus on gradual progress towards the goals you have set. 

More exercise or dog park play is NEVER a bad thing. A tired dog is a happy dog, and is less likely to bark.

Mental enrichment is important, keep your dog busy with frozen toys like Kong’s, or indoor puzzles and dog games.

Positive reinforcement training can also be a really great way to build a bond with your Goldendoodle. Try to have fun in the process and succeed as a team!

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