15 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and every dog parent considers their dog to be the most beautiful of all breeds. While all dog breeds are charming in their own way, some stand out from the pack owing to their distinctive features.

This article lists 15 most beautiful dog breeds in the opinion of most dog lovers worldwide. So, if you are considering adopting one of these, be ready to be swept off your feet.

most beautiful dog breeds
15 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

1. Australian Shepherd 

Because of their striking eye color and beautiful coat patterns, Australian Shepherds stand out and are easily recognizable. However, their luxuriant, multicolored coats shed heavily. As a result, this stunning dog is high maintenance. 

blonde Australian Shepherd
A blonde Australian Shepherd at the beach

Also, the dog is not just beautiful; it also packs brains. The dog can easily outsmart novice owners and declare itself the leader of the pack. The dog is also a workaholic, so you must keep it busy. 

An Australian Shepherd belongs to the working dog breed and will herd as that is what it was bred to do. And it does not have to be livestock; Australian Shepherds herd dogs, cars, and even children. So, consider these characteristics before adopting the dog.

Use firm commands when training these dogs. Early socialization and exercise are a must. Adopt them if you have large homes or yards where they can play, run, goof around, and exhaust their energy. The dog can develop destructive behaviors when it does not receive enough exercise and mental stimulation. 

2. Poodle

There is no denying the beauty and cuteness of this small dog breed. They come in three different sizes. A German breed originally bred as a water retriever, the Poodle rose to fame with the fancy haircut it received in France.

white Poodle puppy sitting
A white Poodle puppy sits and seems like it needs grooming.

Following this, it soon became the companion and preferred pet of the noblewomen in France. 

The intelligent breed loves to work in water and loves swimming. These dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. And as long as you meet their exercise requirement, they can adapt to apartment life well.

Different-sized Poodles have different exercise requirements. 

Poodles are great with children but a bit reserved with strangers. This is why they are often used as guard dogs. They also make excellent companions and therapy dogs. 

However, the breed loves its humans and does not fare well when left alone. The people-pleasing breed will suffer from depression and separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. 

3. Samoyed

The breed oozes beauty with its striking white coat, but its grin makes it stand apart from other breeds and has earned it the nickname “The Smiling Sammy.” Their coats are fluffy, dense, and long, as they served as a protective layer protecting the breed from the harsh weather of Siberia, their homeland.

Samoyed dog sitting
Samoyed dog sitting at the park.

Samoyeds are working dogs originally bred to herd reindeer and pull sleds. You’ll need to keep the dog busy because of this intrinsic characteristic. The dog tends to bark but does not make a good watchdog as it is amicable, even with strangers. 

The dog is playful and mischievous but not easily trained. They do not adapt well to hot environments and are better suited to cold regions. If you plan to adopt a Samoyed, be prepared to visit the groomer regularly, as that luxurious coat does not come easily. 

4. German Shepherd 

The German Shepherd’s athletic build, intelligent eyes, and wolf-like features make it look unique. The breed is relatively modern, being developed recently in 1899. A native of Germany, the German Shepherd was bred to herd sheep.

German Shepherd plays with a ball
German Shepherd hyper actively plays with a ball.

But today, the highly intelligent and versatile dog is mainly part of the police and military. 

German Shepherds are loyal and protective, but you’ll need to train them and socialize them right from the beginning. They are easily trainable, and their working dog ancestry makes them versatile and adaptable to any job. Whether it’s a service dog, police dog, or companion dog, the German Shepherd excels at every task.

The breed does not trust strangers easily and can become overprotective and aggressive when protecting its humans. The dog needs love and attention, and its beautiful coat sheds heavily. So, if you have the time to train and groom the dog, you can consider bringing the beautiful and loyal breed home.

5. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is stereotypically beautiful. The breed’s lush coat with amazing colors, gorgeous eyes, and wonderful temperament make it exceptionally lovely. Bred in the cold regions of Siberia, the Siberian Husky is a versatile working dog.

Siberian Husky panting at the park
Siberian Husky panting after playing at the park.

The dogs are highly intelligent and energetic, so you must always keep them on a leash. Also, their intelligence does not correspond to easy training, as they can act stubbornly. They often outsmart their owners and declare themselves the pack leader. 

Novice owners will have a hard time raising a Siberian Husky and must consider this when adopting one. Also, the dog easily figures out and masters things like opening doors and windows, which can inconvenience the owners.

However, the animal makes an amazing pet when trained and socialized correctly. Its energetic temperament can be infectious. Owning a Husky can be a bit difficult but very satisfying.

6. Saluki

With beautiful round eyes, an elegant neck, and flowing fur, a Saluki has the aloofness of a royal canine. The dogs are slim and tall, and their bodies are perfectly balanced with tall legs. If and when you catch a Saluki standing still, you will be able to appreciate its exotic looks.

Saluki dog breed
The tall and skinny dog breed Saluki

Salukis were bred to accompany kings on hunting adventures and be companions to kings and pharaohs. The Egyptian breed is very ancient, dating back to 7000 B.C. Also, the unique features are not selectively bred into Salukis but have developed naturally. 

The animal still has many of its hound traits. The dog is independent and does well even when left alone. Just make sure you meet its basic needs.

Although it does love staying around humans, it is not a necessity. 

Salukis are reserved with strangers but are great with other pets and children. They have a high energy requirement and need lots of exercise, a big fenced yard, and mental stimulation for optimal growth and development. 

7. Pomeranian

The teddy bear-like Pomeranians are known for their lush coats and cute haircuts. They were originally bred in Germany as companions for queens and nobles. However, today, the highly intelligent Pomeranians make terrific watchdogs, therapy dogs, and hearing assistance dogs. 

Their coat is what makes them so famous. They come in around two dozen color variations. The dog has a double coat that sheds heavily and needs regular grooming. 

Another factor that makes the breed exceptionally cute is its small size. They are the smallest Spitz breed, weighing only 4 to 5 pounds and standing at around 8 to 11 inches. They do not have many exercise requirements and do well in apartments.

They love children and other dogs but can get easily injured with rough play as they are fragile. 

You can train the Pomeranian easily compared to most other tiny dog breeds, but house training can be challenging. Also, the animal does not do well in hot environments and is prone to various breed-related health issues. 

8. Weimaraner

Also known as the Gray Dog or the Silver Dog, the Weimaraner has a striking appearance with its easily recognizable gray coat. The dog is athletic, streamlined, and graceful and comes in two coat varieties—short-haired and long-haired. The dog needs regular grooming regardless of the coat type.

Weimaraner looking up the tree
A Weimaraner looking up the tree in the backyard.

However, grooming a Weimaraner is not very time-consuming. 

Weimaraners are gentle with children and make fantastic family pets. Also, they are easily trained but have high exercise needs and need physical and mental stimulation. They have a high prey drive and do not do well in families with smaller-sized pets.

However, you can tackle this issue with early socialization and proper training.

9. Irish Setter 

Undeniably gorgeous, the Irish Setter has a long, silky, and flowy coat. Their coats come in various colors, like strawberry blond, red, and mahogany. To add to the good looks, the dogs are fun-loving and have outgoing personalities

Irish Red and White Setter
Irish Red and White Setter looking on his side for a photo shoot.

Irish Setters are enthusiastic and energetic and love to work. They have high exercise needs and are well-behaved and easily trained. But they are also hyperactive and keep their owners on their toes.

If deprived of attention, the dog will destroy anything it gets a hold on.

Irish Setters are excellent with children. They may view small animals and other pets as prey, but when socialized at an early age, the breed can get along with almost anyone.

10. Papillon

Papillon means butterfly in French, and the dog is named so because its ears look like butterfly wings. The animal has big puppy-dog eyes that make it look innocent. Their pointy ears are ridiculously cute and make them easily recognizable.

Papillon dog
Papillons are tiny and cute pups! But they are ENERGETIC

The animal is small and easily adapts to apartment life. While the dog may look like a lapdog, it is not. Papillons are intelligent and love to please their humans. They are easy to train and excel at agility trials. 

They are a friendly breed that is gentle with children and gets along with other pets. They have moderate exercise requirements, so seniors, singles, and families may adopt them. 

11. Maltese 

The Maltese is a tiny dog that weighs less than 7 pounds. The dog has a beautiful silky white coat that can become so long that you can gather it into a top knot. 

beautiful Maltese dog on a bench
A beautiful Maltese sits on a bench.

Although the gorgeous coat makes the dog look exceptionally beautiful, it also adds a great deal of work for Maltese parents. You will need to groom its soft fur coat thoroughly and gently. However, the coat is hypoallergenic and great for people with allergies.

The dog is tiny but still needs a little exercise. These dogs are alert and make excellent watchdogs. 

12. Silky Terrier

A Silky Terrier is a small dog with a distinct and beautiful coat. Its long, silky coat has different colors on different body parts. So, the legs and head are red or tan, and the back is steel blue. 

Silky Terrier standing outdoors
The Silky Terrier standing outdoors.

However, do not get fooled by the small size of the breed. These dogs are energetic and can keep up with almost anything their owners do. Their versatility makes them suitable for various jobs, from accompanying their owners on hikes to fending off intruders.

These dogs love their family and do not fare well when left alone. They need regular exercise and mental stimulation. They adapt well to apartment life.

13. Shiba Inu

The dog’s dense coat, round head, pointy ears, and small beautiful eyes give it an adorably cute and attractive look. It has the look of a fox, only cuter. The Shina Inu is originally from Japan and was bred for hunting. 

It is very intelligent and strong-willed, so it is better suited for experienced owners who know how to train and socialize a dog. They will need to be socialized from puppyhood, trained and given enough exercise. If not, Shiba Inus can develop bad temperaments and will not accept children or other dogs.

4. Dalmatian 

One of the most recognized dog breeds, the Dalmatian is also one of the most beautiful dogs. Their origin is still unclear, but the breed was perfected in Dalmatia. Their coats are beautiful with whimsical polka dots, which are unique and comical. 

Dalmatian sitting on a gray background
Dalmatian sitting on a gray background

They were believed to be bred for war, but today, the dog exhibits high versatility. They are part of the firefighter’s pack and participate in agility tests and hunting. 

They need a large space to play, run, and jump. And when socialized correctly, they get along well with other pets and children and make fantastic family pets. 

15. Afghan Hound

The ancient dog breed has a very dignified look. The uniqueness of the Afghan Hound sets it apart from other dog breeds and makes it beautiful in its own way. The athletic dogs have an elegant build curtained by long, silky hair

Afghan Hound stands
Beautiful Afghan Hound standing proud.

A native of Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound was bred as a hunting dog. These dogs need ample exercise and mental stimulation. They need plenty of space, too.

As they are independent and intelligent, they are difficult to train. 

They shed a lot, too, and need regular grooming. Considering their exercise needs and stubborn nature, an Afghan Hound is unsuitable for apartment life and novice owners.


Dogs have beautiful hearts. These loving creatures do not hesitate to put their lives on the line for their loved ones. We hope you now know all about the 15 most beautiful dog breeds that tend to turn heads wherever they go.