Why Do Maltipoo Stink? 5 Reasons Why a Maltipoo Might Smell and HOW TO FIX

why do maltipoo stink
Why do Maltipoo stink? Common reasons and the easy solutions to a smelly Maltipoo.

It is usual for dogs to smell, but sometimes it can get unbearable, and giving your pet hugs and kisses are no longer pleasant. Stink-y!

In fact, during these stinky times, you want to stay as far away from the offending odour as you can. Given how cute Maltipoo puppies are – this is not ideal!

Trying to work out why your dog stinks is tricky. This is because there are so many possible reasons why! The good news is that once you find out, you can eliminate ALL causes without much difficulty.

So lets identify the cause and figure out exactly why your Maltipoo puppy smells!

maltipoo puppy haircut
A Maltipoo puppy with a summer haircut!

Why Do Maltipoo Stink? 5 Causes and Solutions

There are several reasons why your Maltipoo stinks, here are five causes and solutions to the problem.

Maltipoo Bad Oral Hygiene

Oral health problems will make your dog’s mouth smell regardless of the breed. If it has got to the point where you are gagging any time your dog breathes, it’s time to do something about it. 

There are several reasons why your dog might be suffering from bad breath.

  • Their food might not be digesting properly
  • Your dog is eating too many carbohydrates
  • Your dog might have a bacterial infection due to a build-up of tartar
  • Tooth decay is pretty rare in dogs – but can happen

Solution: Whether your dog’s breath stinks because of a tartar build-up or 

digestive issues, your first step is to get to the root of the problem and find out the cause. 

If the diet is the problem, you will need to make the appropriate changes. Make sure you are brushing your dog’s teeth every day or taking a trip to the Vet to have them professionally cleaned.

a maltipoo puppy
What a super cute Maltipoo puppy. They can be smaller than even a Teacup goldendoodle!

Maltipoo Eye Gunk

Eye drainage causes a brown liquid to form around the eyes; when the fur becomes moist, bacteria will start growing. It will create a horrible smell.

When a dog’s eyes start tearing up, it may be an indication that there is an underlying health problem. In many cases, it is often conjunctivitis. However, it is advised that you take your dog to the Vet to get an accurate diagnosis.

Solution: To start, if you are guilty of never cleaning around your dog’s eyes, make it a regular part of their grooming routine. 

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It is dead set easy to clean the eyes of a Poodle mix. See this guide for cleaning the eyes and ears of a Cockapoo.  Just use a tear stain remover.

You can do this by using a damp washcloth and gently wiping around the eye area. Make sure you use a different part of the cloth for each eye to avoid transferring bacteria.

Another option is to use wet wipes; look for wipes that have been specially made for dogs and use the same method as with the damp cloth, except you can use one wipe per eye.

Maltipoo Stink from Inadequate Grooming 

If you fail to bath your Maltipoo every four to five weeks, it is going to smell. Therefore, it is essential that bathing your dog often becomes a regular part of its grooming routine.  

Solution: When bathing your dog, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. As you are probably aware, dogs’ skin can be quite sensitive, which means you need to limit bathing your dog every five to six weeks.

Often when a dog smells, we are tempted to bath more often. By doing so can cause skin issues. However, if there is a specific reason you would need to give your dog an additional bath during this time, such as getting sprayed by a skunk, then do so. 

mini labradoodle puppy playing outside
A super cute miniature Labradoodle (named Max)

Maltipoo Smell Caused by Diet 

Nutrition and diet play an essential role in the health and condition of your dog’s fur, which has a direct impact on how they smell. You will find that dogs who eat raw food rarely smell because they are consuming wholesome, healthy foods that lack fillers, chemicals, and junk.

Dogs who eat high-quality kibble also get an abundance of the nutrients they need to improve their fur. See the best foods for Maltipoo puppies reviewed in detail here.

Solution: If you want your dog to remain healthy, which includes the way they smell, you will need to change their diet. It is essential to know what foods you should not be feeding your dog: 

  • Food From Abroad: Contaminated food from abroad is a common cause of death in dogs. Pay close attention when reading food labels because some manufacturers get their meat from China. Still, if the food has been mixed in America, they will label it as being made in the United States. Look for kibble that has been made and sourced in America, New Zealand, or Canada. These countries all have safety standards.
  • Generic Meat Products: One of the worst ingredients in dog food is generic meat products. When you see the words, “The exact source has not been identified,” on a label, what it means is that the meat oil or the animal fat could have come from any animal. Think literally from anywhere. Meat can be from diseased, disabled, dead, or dying animals, meats from the supermarket that have expired, or roadkills. Unfortunately, this is the norm, and it has been well documented.
  • Meat by Products: Any part of an animal that is considered unfit for human consumption is referred to as a ‘by-product.’ This means that the dog food could be made up of undeveloped eggs, intestines, toes, spleens, lungs, and anything else you can imagine.
  • Fillers: The majority of the brands you see stacked on the supermarket shelves are made with fillers. These are cheap ingredients used to make the food appear more than it is. The problem with fillers is that they are nutrient deficient. Fillers make dogs feel full, but as soon as they have finished eating, it comes out the other end. Fillers are usually found in pulp, seeds, husks, hulls, and corn.
  • Artificial Additives: Artificial additives include coloring, chemical preservatives, and flavoring. They can cause several allergic reactions in your dog; these include digestive upset, nose discoloration, and poor coat health. More severe health conditions include cancer, organ damage, and neurological issues.
black goldendoodle puppy
A beautiful black Goldendoodle puppy!
Photo by Bennylover CC-by-SA no modifications

Now that you know what not to feed your Maltipoo, here are the foods you should be feeding your pet:

  • Little to no Gluten: Gluten is a significant problem when it comes to dog health issues. Often, when a vet decides that a dog is allergic to grains, the real question is gluten. The alternative is to feed your dog brown or white rice, or your quinoa with no gluten.
  • No Fillers: The best quality kibble will contain no fillers at all. The only ingredients it will have are fruit, vegetables, and real meat. 
  • 100% All Natural: Make sure you are feeding your Maltipoo with 100% all-natural foods. When you read the food labels, make sure they do not contain any artificial or synthetic additives. Suppose you see the word “Tocopherols” on a food label. In that case, it is a natural vitamin blend containing natural plant herbs such as green tea extract and Rosemary. These ingredients are fine.
  • Supplements: There are also several healthy supplements in some foods that provide your dog with additional health benefits. These include chondroitin and glucosamine, which are useful for keeping the cartilage and joints healthy.
    • They are an excellent supplement for Maltipoo because they are prone to elbow and knee issues.
    • Omega-three acids are essential for the hair and skin, which is a massive plus for Maltipoo because they have hair and not fur. You will also find omega-three in flaxseed.
    • Probiotics may keep the gut healthy, and antioxidants boost the immune system remain in good working order.
    • Most dogs will be FINE without ANY supplements though if the base diet is healthy. Only buy the best Maltipoo appropriate foods.
    • Although not necessary for the diet – it is safe for Maltipoos to have the occasional snack of carrots, bell peppers, or its even okay for dogs to eat asparagus.
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A healthy and well fed Maltipoo puppy will poop an average of twice per day. Some dogs do poop more! But look for the consistency (of timing and texture) to know your Maltipoo is healthy.

Maltipoo Stink Caused by Skin Conditions:

Maltipoo often suffers from skin problems; a bad diet can lead to a build-up of oil on the skin, which causes excess fat.

The dog might also suffer from candida or a yeast infection. If so, you will notice a strong sweet smell coming from the dog. 

Solution: If the skin condition is related to the dog’s diet, try changing the food your dog is eating to see if that helps. If not, you will know that the smell is related to another issue. 

To get rid of the smell due to candida or a yeast infection, start by treating your dog with a topical anti-fungal shampoo. If the cause is bacterial, consider the best anti-bacterial dog shampoo for Poodle mix coats.

However, if the problem persists or you just want peace of mind, take the dog to the Vet; they will be able to prescribe a more advanced treatment option. 

Product Review of Best Smelling Maltipoo Shampoos

Some gentle smelling Maltipoo shampoos will help keep your dog’s hair smelling fresh and healthy until it’s time for another bath. 

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Buddy Wash: If you are looking for a super-refreshing smell, Buddy wash is perfect. It is combined with mint and Rosemary, and it’s a shampoo and conditioner in one. 

4 Legger: This is an organic shampoo made with aloe and lemongrass essential oil; the smell is wonderfully refreshing and will give your dog’s hair that added shine. A bonus is that this shampoo contains anti-fungal properties, and Maltipoo’s are well-known for their fungal infections.  

Earthbound: Specially formulated for dogs with a white coat, it is made up of oatmeal and aloe, providing a refreshing and long-lasting smell.  


Now that you know why your dog stinks, it’s time to resolve the issue. But once you have put the above advice into action, you can go back to the extended tender hugs and slobbery kisses you have been missing.