How Often Should You Walk a Maltipoo?

Walk time! Now watch the tail of your Maltipoo wag so hard they almost take flight.

Although Maltipoo dogs have fewer exercise requirements than the energetic Goldendoodle or Cockapoo – they still LOVE to walk.

But how much walking is the correct amount? Can you walk a Maltipoo too much?

how often to walk a maltipoo
How often to walk a Maltipoo? How long can we walk a Maltipoo for?

Your complete guide for walking and training your Maltipoo. 

A Maltipoo is an indoor breed with a lower exercise requirement. With that said, Maltipoo’s are sometimes packed with a ball of energy and will love to walk, play, and zoom.

A Maltipoo needs around 30 minutes a day of active play or walking. 

Why choose walking? 

Taking your dog out for walks has many benefits, and it is something you should be doing regularly as a dog owner.  

It is SUCH an easy win to take your Maltipoo on walks. There are almost exclusively benefits with no downsides.

Walking your puppy enhances their mental wellness, improves their overall health, keeps their muscles strong, gives them a healthy appetite, prevents boredom and destructive behavior, and many more benefits!

Our Maltipoo’s happiness depends on our actions. All you need to do is to take them on walks, give them their favorite treats, and let them exercise, and you have won their heart forever.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about why walking your puppy is necessary and how often should you walk a Maltipoo

cafe au lait coffee maltpoo
Coffee color Maltipoo or Cafe Au Lait Maltipoo coats are in hot demand. This soft golden beauty is a non-shedding creamy delight! Photo: Unsplash/Amy Elizabeth

Importance of Walking Your Maltipoo

Here are the reasons why walking your Maltipoo is essential.

  • It Is Important for Your Dog’s Health 

Walking your Maltipoo regularly is indeed critical for their overall health. If you stopped walking your dog for a while, your Maltipoo could gain weight in a short time. Given that more than 50% of dogs in the USA are overweight or obese (Lund study) – taking the time to incorporate walking 

Extra weight can lead to serious health problems. You need to give your dog an outlet to release their energy naturally and burn calories. 

  • It Enhances Your Dog’s Mental Wellness 

It is important to walk your Maltipoo as it improves their mental and physical health drastically. Your dog is just like a child. They need to explore the world, learn new stuff all the time, and observe their surroundings. 

If you take your Maltipoo out, it will stimulate their mind and keep them always excited. On the other hand, keeping your Maltipoo inside for too long can lead to boredom and destructive behavior, leading to health problems.

Don’t stress if you are temporarily stuck inside – there are indoor dog activities and games you can play with your Maltipoo that will tire them out physically and mentally. We list 35 (!) indoor dog games and activity ideas in this article.

  • Gives You the Opportunity to Train Your Dog 

The walking session is the perfect opportunity to train your Maltipoo some new commands. When you take your Maltipoo out for a walk, their mind is stimulated and ready to learn new things quickly.

So, never miss the opportunity.

Given how well Maltipoo dogs respond to positive reinforcement training – never forget to bring your dog’s favorite treats on the walk. Even practicing indoor commands like drop, stay, and sit is super fun to do while walking.

Even well trained Maltipoo dogs will benefit from continued training (plus they LOVE to get treats). 

  • It Helps Your Dog Socialize 

When you take your Maltipoo out on public or dog parks, they will most likely meet other dogs of their breed or different breeds. This will help them socialize more and remove the fear of other animals. 

This is very important, especially if your Maltipoo shows symptoms of anxiety. Taking your Maltipoo out for a walk will help them gain confidence and remove stress.

It can also make them more friendly with other people and strangers.

Of course, we must show precautions and carefully monitor our Maltipoo’s for signs of social fear or get tired of meeting new dogs or people. If the tail is tucking under the legs or elevated heart rate or drooling – take a chill moment and then finish the walk avoiding any further encounters.

  • It Prevents Certain Diseases 

Walking your dog has been proven to prevent certain diseases and cancers from harming your dog. This extends beyond just pet obesity – as heart health is vitally important. Just like with humans, exercise releases positive endorphins and other great healthy, supportive biological releases.

So, it is crucial to take your Maltipoo on walks regularly to keep them healthy and extend their lifespan.

how many walks for a maltipoo

When Should You Start Walking Your Maltipoo?

The first question you should be asking is when to start walking your Maltipoo? 

  • Your Maltipoo should be ready to walk when they are around 16 – 18 weeks old. 
  • You should also wait two weeks after your Maltipoo takes their last vaccination booster. 

This is the perfect age to walk your Maltipoo as their immune system is strongly developed. This will help them stay protected from various diseases and viruses. 

Before the age of 16 – 18 weeks old, you should start helping them start exercising at home. You can simply start playing with them. You can find many videos on YouTube and books on how to exercise your dog at home. Also, consider some early nose work or exploring to burnt some puppy energy.

You should also consider taking your little puppy to social classes. These are often known as puppy preschool. Helping your dog socialize at an early age can help them become more confident and remove fear and anxiety. 

mini maltipoo puppy fully grown size
A fully grown miniature Maltipoo is a super tiny dog! White coated wavy.

How Often Should You Walk a Maltipoo?

Now, the critical question is, how often should you walk a Maltipoo? Before we answer your question, you need to know that the number and duration of walks depend mostly on your puppy’s energy level and the state of their mental and physical health. 

An average puppy should be taken for a walk at once or twice a day. The older your Maltipoo gets, the longer their walking session should be. This, however, does hit a maximum once they are fully grown. With a fully grown Maltipoo, gauge their excitement and need for exercise by testing different durations.

As your Maltipoo gracefully ages – reduce the intensity, frequency, and duration of the walks.

A commonly followed rule is “5 minutes walking per one month of age“. So on average, if your puppy is 3 months old, you should take them outside for 15 minutes every day. You are free to split the duration into short periods.  

Maltipoo puppies are socialized with humans, and they are often perfectly happy staying all day indoors. They do not require to be taken out for as long as other breeds. They need a minimum of 20 minutes of walking per day or 30 minutes of playing and exercising at home. 

This is much less than other dogs. Even the laziest Goldendoodle, for example, would be a bundle of unburnt energy if they only had 20 minutes of walking. 

Something to consider is that different exercises burn different amounts of energy. Running at full pelt on a beach with other dogs will burn far more than a leisurely stroll stopping to sniff the grass. Even large and robust breeds like the Bernedoodle can get very tired when swimming.

maltipoo model dog cute
What a beauty! Light and white coated Maltipoos can have soft and delicate fur. And a noble appearance! Photo by Brian Johnson & Dane Kanter /CC BY

Why Should You Not Walk Your Dog Too Often?

Taking your Maltipoo on walks too often can do more harm than good. You should not force your Maltipoo to walk too much, as it could hurt their joints and overexert them. 

Do not run or jog with a Maltipoo until their bones and joints are fully developed. Self-directed running and play are fine – but a jog or couch-to-5k program should be done without your Maltipoo. They are not big enough, nor do they have the endurance to be running companions.

Walks should be taken slowly and steadily, especially for Maltipoos, because they are small in size and too much exercise can damage their developing muscles.

Don’t take your Maltipoo for running, especially with other more giant adult breeds. Your Maltipoo may try to keep up with the adult dogs, which is too much effort for them. It can even reduce their confidence and cause anxiety. 

When Should You Not Walk Your Maltipoo?

There are certain times at which you should never walk your Maltipoo as it could cause health problems. 

You should never take your dog out for a walk right after they eat, on a full stomach. This can result in vomiting and bloating. Let your dog rest after their meal and maybe take a nap. Afterward, you can take your Maltipoo out for a walk.

You should not take your dog on very hot or very cold days. Instead, try to let them exercise at home until the weather is suitable for outdoor activities. 

white maltioo adult smiling
What a beauty! White Maltipoo adult. Photo by Brian Johnson & Dane Kanter /CC BY

Best Walking Tips for Your Maltipoo

It is incredibly essential to make sure that the Maltipoo is enjoying their walking time. However, if they are not, you may have to think why.

Now, there are many possible reasons for this. One of them being you may have been too harsh on your Maltipoo. This can cause disinterest. Be patient even if the Maltipoo is causing havoc (or trying to eat grass or… something worse they have found on the ground).

1. Go for a harness rather than a collar (for the attachment of a leash)

You may wonder that a collar is equally good compared to a harness, but that is not the actual case.

A collar that is restrained to a leash can pose a threat to your Maltipoo’s trachea. 

Collars are known to cause collapsed trachea, a condition where the tracheal rings (surrounds windpipe) collapse inwardly. In simpler words, this condition can cause severe breathing problems for your dog.

On the other hand, using a harness can eliminate this problem. Additionally, collars allow the dogs to run free that can ruin your command over them. A harness can provide enough control, to you, over them, along with giving them freedom. 

2. Keep a routine

Imagine for days the afternoon time is your napping time, and suddenly, someone asks you to workout. You wouldn’t like it now, would you?

Think similarly to the dogs. They may not like it if you disrupt their schedule. So, plan a proper time for your Maltipoo’s walk.

This can also ensure regularity and make them more enthusiastic about their walks!

3. Have a ‘bathroom time’ for your Maltipoo before walking

While this is more of a natural instinct to mark everything, you should also consider taking them to their bathroom area to decrease the frequency.

maltipoo puppy haircut
A Maltipoo puppy with a summer haircut!

Walking a Maltipoo in Warm Weather

Extra precautions need to be taken if you are walking your Maltipoo in warmer weather. The heat of summer can lead to dehydration, burns, and other health issues.

Summer is an excellent season for a vitalizing walk. However, there are certain things to take care of to keep your Maltipoo comfortable and joyous!

1. Keep yourself and your Maltipoo hydrated

Summer also means dehydration. It can get extremely tiring for your tiny pet to keep up with the hot weather. So, we recommend bringing a water bottle for you and your dog. A collapsible water bowl is an easily packable item for longer walks – or if you are driving somewhere with your Maltipoo.

Take breaks after a few minutes and offer your Maltipoo some water. This can help your dog stay refreshed and excited!

2. Look out for summer exhaustion

Dogs are enthusiastic creatures who won’t stop even if they are too tired. Thus, it becomes your duty to look out for heat exhaustion and its signs. 

If your Maltipoo is panting heavily, drooling excessively, and has slowed down a lot, you should definitely return to your home. 

3. Caution: Hot Ground Temperature!

The difference between comfort and paw damage for dogs is only a few degrees of heat. 

Some believe a dog can handle walking on surfaces up to 120F (48 degrees Celsius). However, if the ground temperature gets more than that, like suppose 125F, it can cause burns. Additionally, at or more than 140F (60 degrees Celsius) can cause blisters and severe scarring.  

So, check the ground temperature before you go for a walk during summers or buy protective paw accessories for your Maltipoo. 

4. Sunburn is a real thing for dogs

Can dogs even get sunburn? Yes! They absolutely can get sunburn on any bit of skin. Most Maltipoos will have enough hair that covers most of their body.

However, their noses, mouth, inner ears, and paws can all become sun-damaged or sunburnt. Read our detailed dog sunburn prevention and home remedy guide to find out how to avoid the worst of the sun’s effect on puppy and dog skin.

fully grown maltipoo cream
A fully grown cream colored Maltipoo.

Can you walk a Maltipoo in winter?

Walking in winter can get incredibly stressful for you and your Maltipoo. Still, it is safe to go out for a walk in most environments as it has various health benefits.

If your winters have ice, sleet, or snow as a feature – you may need to take extra precautions or forgo some walks during that time.

Here are some tips most can follow in winter to make walking in the colder months a breeze for your Maltipoo.

1. Warm-up your Maltipoo

Maltipoo, in their adorable outfits, is a sight to behold! So, bring out their warm winter clothes and keep them warm!

You can also buy paw accessories to keep their feet warm and fuzzy. Although dogs may be initially cautious or worried about dog shoes – they are a budget-friendly and wonderful accessory. A simple pair can stop the chilled pavement from transferring its icy temperature to the delicate paws of your Maltipoo.

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For cities that place salt or other ice reducing agents on the sidewalk – the dog shoes can protect the Maltipoo paw from the harsh chemicals.

Don’t bust the budget to grab a pair of dog shoes- the are many brands available. The one I chose for our miniature dog are here. They have a sizing chart that I followed (just measure the widest part of the broadest paw), and the sizing was spot on.

Max didn’t love the dog shoe straight away – but after a few walks, he adapted really well. The process of him learning to walk with the unfamiliar boots was also very entertaining (and we had plenty of treats on hand for him). 

2. Warm Yourself 

Do not forget to wear warm clothes if you’re going out for a walk with your Maltipoo. 

Remember that if you’re not feeling comfortable, you may not be able to keep up with your dog.

3. Look out for extreme temperatures

Some days you may have to face blizzards, snowstorms, etc. On such days, do not be harsh on your Maltipoo or yourself. 

Take a break for one day, it will be okay. Follow these tips, and your Maltipoo will love going out with you – even in the frosty months!

maltipoo puppy sit grass
A white small Maltipoo puppy waits patiently in the grass. Good boy! Photo: Unsplash/Xuan Nguyen

Final Word from Us

Like travel is to humans, walking is to dogs. Walks are an essential part of your Maltipoo’s daily routine. Please do not let them miss out on this. 

It is also necessary to have a proper walk duration to ensure the relaxation of your Maltipoo. Maltipoo dogs live for a very long time, and frequent walking will be a major factor in keeping them healthy.

So, go ahead, bring out your shoes, and go for an adventurous walk with your Maltipoo!