Are Maltipoos Good Dogs? The Good and Bad Maltipoo Traits

Maltipoo’s are adorable dogs, but do you know if they will be the right fit for your lifestyle? Are Maltipoos good dogs?

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right dog breed. Will my puppy bark too much? Will my designer dog shed all over my furniture? What about exercise and grooming needs? What is the perfect dog for my family?

Get answers to these questions by reading our guide on everything you need to know about Maltipoo’s. We have done all of the research to learn what it takes to own one before taking one home with you.

infographic for are maltipoo good dogs
Are Maltipoo Good Dogs?

Are Maltipoo Good Dogs?

When you first start looking at getting a Maltipoo, many questions go through your mind.

How much grooming do they need? Are they good with kids? Will my Maltipoo get along with other pets in the house? Is it hard to train them? What kind of health problems will I have to deal with down the road if I adopt one as a pet today?

This guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not this dog is right for your family. It covers unique aspects of having a Maltipoo – from grooming and training through health problems so that by the end of it all, there won’t be any surprises!

Bad Things About Maltipoos

a maltipoo puppy sits on the grass
A Maltipoo puppy sitting on the grass

Maltipoo + Kids = Not Always a Match

Small children and small dogs don’t always mix well together. Sometimes the Maltipoo puppies do not play nice with the kids in the family. This can cause problems for both parties involved if they aren’t prepared beforehand.

Yes, Maltipoo’s can make great pets for some families, but they should only go to homes where there is an adult who will pay attention to them at all times. They often do not play well with little children because of their size and energy level. 

Your child must understand that your Maltipoo is a living creature. Even though he looks like a stuffed animal or teddy bear – your Maltipoo has feelings and will let them be known! 

Maltipoos are not always the best dog breed for families with small children because of their size. Small dogs can sometimes be MORE prone to injuring (or being injured) by children.

Maltipoos can be challenging to train because they’re stubborn and independent

cafe au lait coffee maltpoo
Coffee color Maltipoo or Cafe Au Lait Maltipoo coats are in hot demand. This soft golden beauty is a non-shedding creamy delight! Photo: Unsplash/Amy Elizabeth

Maltipoos are highly intelligent and resourceful, which makes them difficult to train. Their intelligence is one reason why many people love this breed. Still, it’s also the same reason why training them can be challenging.

Maltipoos are stubborn and independent. They can be challenging to train because they have minds of their own.

You’ve probably heard that small dogs are easier to train than larger breeds, but this isn’t always the case with a Maltipoo. These adorable little pups will do what they want when they want, which makes training them more difficult than other dog breeds.

While it may take longer for you to properly train your Maltipoo, there are several effective ways you can get on the right track and make them an obedient companion in no time at all! It just takes time and dedication.

The key with any dog is consistency when you train them. Suppose you want your dog to follow commands consistently. In that case, you need to keep in mind that every time he does something right or wrong, there needs to be some kind of consequence, whether good or bad, for them (positive reinforcement/punishment). 

Otherwise, they will never learn what behavior you want from them (negative reinforcement/reward).

Maltipoo dogs are sometimes vocal, and barking can be an issue

Maltipoo dogs are known for their vocal and barking tendencies. Many Maltipoo dogs are so vocal it almost seems like they think they can talk!

Some Maltipoo’s bark all the time, some only in specific situations like when they’re playing or if there is a stranger nearby.

If you blindly adopt a Maltipoo expecting a mute dog, you will run into trouble. You may find your Maltipoo’s barks can be disruptive to sleep and relationships with loved ones

Maltipoos are often hyperactive and vocal, which can be an issue for dog owners and neighbors alike. Sometimes Maltipoos bark all the time, but this is something that you need to keep in mind before adopting one of these fluffy creatures. 

A noisy pet can also annoy your neighbors, so make sure you’re prepared when bringing home a new bundle of joy.

Utilize distractions, toys, and exercise to tire your Maltipoo puppy out. A tired dog will bark less! But never expect your teacup Maltipoo to be a silent dog.

Separation Anxiety

mixed color maltipoo wavy puppy
A mixed color apricot and white Maltipoo puppy cuddles. A rare color of coat!

The Maltipoo is a social dog and can develop separation anxiety. Their new owner needs to be sure that they can spend enough time with them. Otherwise, the Maltipoo may become anxious when left alone.

If you want a dog who will love being around people, then the Maltipoo might be right for you! They really enjoy spending time with their owners and like to snuggle up on the couch or in bed at night. This is why Maltipoo are a popular breed of therapy dog and also common as a type of companion dog.

It’s crucial to consider how much time you’ll be able to dedicate to your pup before adopting them. If they are left alone for too long, they may develop destructive habits and even depression!

It’s hard when you’re a dog owner and have to leave home for work. I know how stressful it can be worrying about leaving your furry friend behind alone all day. The hard truth is that if you frequently need to leave your Maltipoo alone, they might genuinely struggle with loneliness.

Strategies to prevent separation anxiety include

  • Slowly expose your puppy to more extended periods of being left solo
  • Provide plenty of distractions (toys and puzzles)
  • Exercise or walk your Maltipoo before you leave them alone (a tired dog is usually a happy dog)
  • Consider asking family, a neighbor, or dog walker to visit your Maltipoo on days they are left alone for any significant time

The Best Things About Maltipoo’s

Maltipoos are good dogs for people who like small, fluffy dogs. 

white maltipoo dog sitting on couch
A white adult Maltipoo sitting on a couch. Photo by Mitchell /CC BY

The Maltipoo is the perfect pet for those who want a fluffy, cuddly companion that stays puppy size forever! Their small stature makes them an attractive choice for families who need to pick up their dog in a hurry.

Maltipoos puppies are a hybrid of two popular toy breeds, a Maltese dog and a Poodle. They have the best traits from both parents – they’re hypoallergenic like a purebred Poodle and playful like Maltese dogs.

The Maltipoo dog breed is one of my favorite Oodles because they’re so cute and tiny! It’s hard to find a dog that’s both adorable and compact. The Maltipoo will always be your puppy, even when it gets older; its diminutive size makes it perfect for any family with kids or pets.

Smaller dogs are also often easier to travel with – either in camper vans or by air travel. A larger designer dog like a Goldendoodle or Cockapoo can require the whole back seat and leave less space for other human travelers or luggage.

Maltipoo dogs have a long lifespan for a dog (13-20 years)

Knowing how long your dog will live is important because you can plan for the future and make sure that your pet is well cared for. 

How long does a Maltipoo live? 

Maltipoos lifespan, like most other things in life, depends on genetics. The average Maltipoo has an expected lifespan of 15 years (13-20 years), but some dogs have been known to live up to 20 years or more! But many factors affect a mixed breed lifespan, such as their environment and lifestyle. 

Poodle and Maltese dogs both live for a long time. The smaller the Poodle (think Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle), the longer it will live.

Lifestyle choices will affect the lifespan of your Maltipoo pup. For example, suppose you let your dog run free outside all day. In that case, they are likely to get into fights with other animals (even hawks), which could cause serious injuries or even death. 

Routine Vet visits are also a vital component of the Maltipoo breed living a long time.

Maltipoos are hypoallergenic, making them a good option for people with allergies 

fully grown maltipoo cream
A fully grown cream colored Maltipoo.

Owning a dog is great, but if you have allergies, it can be hard to find a good breed that doesn’t shed.

Maltipoo dogs are very healthy and make an excellent pet for many allergy sufferers. They have hypoallergenic qualities that cause them to not shed like some other breeds of dogs.

A popular choice for allergy and asthma sufferers – we should always remember that no dog is a truly 100% hypoallergenic dog—even a Maltipoo with a curly Poodle parent.

Allergies and reactions are generally caused by skin protein called dander, which is commonly found in dogs’ hair and saliva. Sure, a Maltipoo’s coat will not shed (which is why many allergy sufferers are A-ok with the breed) – but they still shed skin cells and have lots of saliva.

This means it is possible that an allergy sufferer can suffer from a Maltipoo. The hypoallergenic coat does require some specific Maltipoo grooming – but this is effortlessly managed using basic tools. Increased coat maintenance is a common trait of and non-shedding designer dog breed. With the correct shampoo and brushes – DIY grooming of a Maltipoo is relatively easy. 

Maltipoo dogs are good for apartments

Maltipoo dogs are suitable for people who live in apartments because they don’t need much space to exercise – but they can also be a pocket rocket! The excellent Maltipoo temperament is not too destructive, which is perfect for those with smaller homes.

As an indoor dog – Maltipoo’s are a great compromise between small dog breeds and giant dog breeds. They have the energy of a larger breed without the space requirements!

Maltipoo dogs are the perfect solution for apartment dwellers. They’re small and energetic, which means that you’ll get all of the benefits of a dog without needing a huge backyard or spending your entire weekend cleaning up after them!

As a pet parent, you will need to make sure your home is dog-proofed and that you have a lot of time to spend with them. Secure all poisons (even toilet cleaner and edibles), and remove chewable furnishings to avoid destruction or expensive Veterinarian trips.

Maltipoo owner feedback tells us that apartments with lifts or stairs are also easy to manage with a Maltipoo. They have the energy to walk everywhere – but we can easily pick them up if any issue presents. The best of both worlds!

Despite being perfect apartment dogs, Maltipoos love to walk and run, and even don’t mind swimming!

Drawing a Conclusion – Are Maltipoos Good Dogs?

maltipoo before haircut
Maltipoo BEFORE a haircut: look at how long the Maltipoo coat can get! Photo by T S Smith /CC BY

When you consider all the facts, yes, Maltipoos are an excellent small dog breed. 

Maltipoos are attractive crossbreed dogs. They make the perfect teacup puppy for people who live in small apartments or want a dog that won’t shed much. 

Many Maltipoo owners enjoy having their dog as an indoor pet because they have minimal fur shedding, keeping a home clean and fresh smelling. 

While some find Maltese Poodle mix stubborn when it comes to training, they can be trained with patience and persistence. Poodle hybrids continue to surge in popularity. I can only see the Maltipoo becoming one of the top five hybrid dog breeds in the future.