How to Stop Your Maltipoo from Barking All Day Long?

how to stop a maltipoo from barking
How to stop a Maltipoo from barking?

Find the best ways to stop your dog from continuous barking. 

Dogs, including Maltipoo, are an epitome of cuteness. The way they walk, how they love you and care for you is bound to make you fall in love with them. Their playful behavior can brighten up anyone’s life.

However, listening to them barking all the time can definitely ruin your day as well as night. Apart from you, it is also hard to understand what is wrong with your Maltipoo. What are they trying to communicate?

To help you out of this confusion, we will guide you through: 

  • Does a Maltipoo usually bark a lot?
  • Major reasons why your Maltipoo is barking
  • Best ways to stop them from barking too much
  • Worst ways to handle their barking

So, let’s dig in deeper!

Does a Maltipoo Bark a Lot?

Before we talk about other things, it is crucial to understand if your Maltipoo barks typically – the same as other dogs, or is there something wrong with your dog?

Firstly, Maltipoo is a mix of Maltese and Toy Poodle. These breeds usually bark, but they aren’t known for barking a lot or barking too loudly. Additionally, as Maltipoo is a small breed, it does bark.

In short, Maltipoo does not bark continuously or aggressively. 

However, if it is barking a little, that is a natural trait, and special attention is not needed.

Reasons Why Your Maltipoo Keeps Barking

If you think your dog is barking excessively and without any good reason, try to look out for specific reasons below.

brown maltipoo fully grown dog
A fully grown apricot color Maltipoo. Trending towards a tan or brown coat. Photo: PD/Flickr

Lack of Attention or Loneliness

One of the significant traits of every dog is that they need your utmost attention and love. A Maltipoo is no different. So, whenever your Maltipoo feels alone, the barking can start.

Now, this also depends on the age of your Maltipoo. If you have an adult Maltipoo, they will not bark as much as Maltipoo puppies. Such Maltipoo dogs feel secured and know that their masters are going to love them anyway. In some instances, when you mess up their schedule, they may start barking excessively.

However, if we talk about younger Maltipoo dogs or puppies, they need a lot of attention and love to make them trust you. So, these puppies require your constant attention every other hour or even minute. 

Boredom Problems

Just like other dogs, Maltipoo dogs are also hyperactive and overexcited to begin their day. So, you need to stay active and playful while dealing with them. 

If you do not take your dog regularly for a walk or even for any other outdoor activity, it can cause extreme barking. Maltipoos ideally walk for 20-30 minutes per day.

Barking can also occur when your Maltipoo goes through a prolonged period of inactivity. This makes Maltipoo or even other dogs habituated to barking and becoming a part of their routine.

Fear, Nervousness, and Anxiety

One of the primary reasons why dogs bark continuously is because they are scared and anxious about something.

If Maltipoo dogs keep barking a lot, the owners need to check if there is an underlying fear. This fear could be anything like fear of vehicles, sirens, firecrackers, children, strangers, or any other. 

Additionally, if you have adopted a Maltipoo, there are chances that your dog isn’t very comfortable with you yet and feels anxious. Past episodes of animal abuse can result in your dog feeling scared and barking a lot. 

Underlying Health Problems

Dogs cannot convey their pain through words. So, they often resort to barking

Maltipoo dogs also tend to bark a lot when they have physical pain or other health problems. It could be food poisoning, viral or bacterial diseases.

So, if you suspect that it could be an underlying health issue as your Maltipoo just started barking a lot out of nowhere, give a visit to your trusted Vet. They can help in diagnosing the problem and provide medication to your Maltipoo. 

Something else to consider is there are any grooming issues with your Maltipoo. Do they have uncomfortable or knotted fur? Is there dry skin or even dog sunburn? If the barking is seasonal and new – consider what has recently changed in the weather or the environment.

stop maltipoo from barking

Gut Health Causing Barking?

Another interesting point to consider is the diet of the Maltipoo. Caring for a small healthy dog like the Maltipoo nutritionally reasonably simple. Just line up some quality Maltipoo dry food and some treats, and they will be in a good place.  

If you are using lesser quality food, OR have recently changed the diet – consider the effect this might have on the comfort of your Maltipoo and their digestion. A dog cannot tell you if they have gas or a stomach ache. They can bark as a warning! Be mindful of nutrition and any changes or allergies that could be causing bark inducing pain.

How to Stop Your Maltipoo From Barking

Before you try to stop your Maltipoo from barking, you need to identify the reason why they are barking first. It is easier to fix the problem then.

Here are a few tips for answering ‘How to stop Maltipoo barking excessively’ question. 

Distract them

If your dog is anxious or afraid of something, your best option will distract them with something else.

Try giving your puppy a treat or give them their favorite toy to play with. This will divert their attention and make them stop barking. Learn more about how to play with a Maltipoo.

Keep in mind that some Maltipoo dogs’ nature to bark a lot, so keep them near you to make them feel safe and loved and reduce their anxiety.

Give Them Toys

Your Maltipoo hates getting bored. Once they feel bored, they will keep barking nonstop. They also bark when they feel lonely. 

Buying toys for them to play with is the perfect way to keep your dog away from being bored. Make sure the toys you pick are chewable and fun to play with. Some toys talk, move, or make noises when your Maltipoo plays with them.

It is a good idea to buy more than one toy, so your dog will not get bored with them. Your puppy is just like a child. If they play with one toy for too long, they will end up bored and uninterested. Frozen treat toys like a stuffed Kong can provide hours of entertainment.

Fun toys will teach your Maltipoo to play and enjoy independently without having you stay with them all the time. 

Make a Schedule 

Your Maltipoo is barking all the time, seeking attention from you? Then you probably need to set a schedule.

You need to set a daily schedule for walking and playing with your Maltipoo. When they get used to a fixed schedule, they will understand that they will get your attention sooner or later and stop barking at you. 

Older Maltipoos can learn much faster than younger ones. So, if you own a puppy Maltipoo, it is okay if they take time to learn and stop barking. Stay patient and try to ignore them when they bark. 

Try to not fall for the mistake most Maltipoo owners do, which is teaching your dog that barking brings attention. When they bark, ignore them and try to distract them with a toy. Do not ask them to stop, because this is considered attention for them. 

Important Note 

Maltipoos do not always bark at you for attention or out of loneliness. They can be barking for a valid reason. Your dog might be hungry, in pain due to a health problem, or in an urgent need of a walk. 

They could even be barking because their water or food bowl is spilled and cannot eat or drink. It could also be because they feel a threat, and they want you to pay attention.

So, before deciding to ignore or throw them their favorite toy, try checking for a valid reason for their constant barking. 

maltipoo before haircut
Maltipoo BEFORE a haircut: look at how long the Maltipoo coat can get! Photo by T S Smith /CC BY

How to Stop Your Maltipoo From Barking at Night?

It can be frustrating when you get interrupted sleep because of your Maltipoo’s constant barking in the middle of the night. It could be even embarrassing when your neighbors start complaining about how loud your dog is. 

Here are two tips to help you make your Maltipoo stop barking at night. 

1. Prepare Their Special Sleep Area

Try making a particular sleeping area for them. Make your Maltipoo sleep with their favorite toys, a bowl of water, and a comfortable bed.  

Maltipoo dogs are comfortable on the floor, on the bed – or even with consistent crate training. Just give them a comfortable spot, monitor the temperature, and provide at least a four-star experience. (Five-star doggy hotel service always recommended, though).

Your dog could be barking in the middle of the night simply because they are uncomfortable.

2. Have a Bedtime Routine 

Make sure your Maltipoo has eaten and had their walk at least two hours before bedtime. Additionally, try to give them a rest time for at least 20 minutes before taking them for a walk to ensure they do not end up with an irritated stomach and bowel. Find out how long you should walk you Maltipoo here.

You also need to get the entire house into a quiet mode for an hour before bed. Dim the lights, turn down the TV and music and close anything causing noises. This will make your dog as relaxed as possible when it is time to sleep.

If you blast dance music (or your latest Netflix addiction) and get your dog hyped just before bed – it is like giving sugar to a toddler. Enjoy the next few hours of distraction and hyperactivity!

Finally, if you do not have a self-serve dog toilet – it is essential to take your dog to the bathroom a few minutes before they sleep to make sure they will not wake up in the middle of the night with an urgent need a bathroom. This is particularly important for crate training OR for when your Maltipoo is a puppy.

mini maltipoo puppy fully grown size
A fully grown miniature Maltipoo is a super tiny dog! White coated wavy.

Things to NOT Do When Your Maltipoo Starts Barking

You can find various methods online to stop your Maltipoo from barking. However, some ways can make your dog numb and indifferent towards you. Now, no dog owner would want that, right?

Some of the things we would not recommend practicing are: 

  1. Using cruel and violent practices like using a shock collar. 
  2. Shouting loudly at your dog. This can make your Maltipoo more distressed and anxious. 
  3. Letting go of your dog’s barking habit. If you allow your dog to bark loudly every time, it can cause disturbance and nuisance for everyone around you. 

Like all highly intelligent social dogs – the Maltipoo breed learns far more effectively from positive reinforcement than punishment. 

A bag of treats and a consistently positive approach will remedy any situation far more effectively (and permanently) then any negative reprimand. 

We can be stern but also positive. Do not abuse our trusted position as the leader of the pack and educator to our puppy.

Is Maltipoo Growling Different than Barking?

Some Maltipoo dogs will growl. If it happens a little, this is fine. But the same as barking – uncontrolled or extreme growling is a problem behavior that needs intervention.

We detail why a Maltipoo might growl and the steps to resolve such behavior in our Maltipoo growling article. Growling occurs as often from confusion as it does from aggression. Lots of growling is even caused simply by creating a permissive structure. We accidentally train our Maltipoo dogs that growling is an acceptable form of communication.

Final Barks From Us 

Maltipoos are lovely dogs, and one of the most adorable dog breeds out there. However, excessive or constant barking can be annoying and frustrating. Use positive reinforcements to identify barking triggers and remove them.