Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts (Photos)

Bernedoodles are ideal dogs for families who want a calm, gentle dog with the best intentions. They have similar physical features as Poodles but take their size and love for companionship from their other parent, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernedoodles take life slowly, with no rush and tons of play.

This laid-back dog breed also adores spending time with its owners and is always eager to make them happy. 

Bernedoodle haircuts
Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts

If you have a Bernedoodle, finding the best haircut for your pup can be challenging, but there are dozens of options to browse. Bernedoodle haircuts can make your Bernedoodle look like an adorable teddy bear or a fierce mountain dog. Some Bernedoodle haircuts are also some of the best Poodle haircuts. 

Best Bernedoodle Haircuts

Browse our best types of Bernedoodle haircuts below to find the best haircut or see which haircut matches your Bernedoodle!

Mohawk Cut

The mohawk cut is one of the most common Bernedoodle haircuts in grooming facilities all over the country. A Bernedoodle coat is forgiving and versatile. This dog breed has hair that works well when shaven down and left with just a mohawk and stripe down its back.

There are two ways to do a mohawk cut. The first way is by leaving a small mohawk on the top of your Bernedoodle’s head. The second way is to extend the mohawk down your Bernedoodle’s back until it reaches its tail.

Winter Cut

A winter cut offers your Bernedoodle a cute and cozy look without cutting their hair too short. Giving your Bernedoodle a winter cut will help them stay warm in cold conditions without their hair obstructing their eyes or making it difficult for them to maneuver.

f1bb bernedoodle dog smiliing
An F1BB Bernedoodle is 87.5% Poodle – but still retain the Berner personality

A winter cut is enhanced by growing out your Bernedoodle’s hair around their body but trimming the hair near their eyes.

Lamb Cut

A lamb cut will give your Bernedoodle a uniform and unique look about them. This haircut offers your Bernedoodle a poofy coat of hair that will make them look more like a lamb than a dog. Giving your Bernedoodle a lamb cut can help battle the heat by removing some unnecessary thickness to the coat.

Summer Cut

A summer cut is a haircut that will trim your Bernedoodle’s hair very close to its skin but leave a thin layer of hair. This haircut will help keep your Bernedoodle from overheating and help them remain clean.

f2 generation bernedoodle
An F2 generation Bernedoodle can have any shade of Poodle color coat (with hitns of the BMD)

A summer cut is ideal for Bernedoodles who live in tropical locations and combat some of the troublesome effects of heat.

Kennel Cut

A kennel cut is a simple, uniform haircut given to Bernedoodles and other Doodle dogs who spend plenty of time in a kennel. This haircut can combat the risk of fleas, parasites, or diseases transmitted between dogs.

brown and white Bernedoodle
A Bernedoodle waits for his owner.

Poodle Cut

Giving your Bernedoodle a Poodle cut can make them look exactly like one of their parents – the Poodle. This haircut can be done in a few ways and give your Bernedoodle an elegant and regal look.

f2 bernedoodle portrait
A close-up portrait of a F2 Bernedoodle

You can enhance a Poodle cut by leaving little poofs of hair around your Bernedoodle’s legs to make it look like they are wearing bells or resemble bell bottom jeans.

Puppy Cut/Teddy Bear Cut

The puppy cut is sometimes called the teddy bear cut. This haircut makes your Bernedoodle look like an adorable teddy bear. This haircut is most common for Bernedoodle puppies who have just received their first haircut.

face of an f1b Bernedoodle
The up-close face of a F1b Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle puppies often look like little teddy bears when they receive this cut, but older Bernedoodles can have a similar resemblance when their hair gets cut this way.

Grooming Your Bernedoodle at Home

You can groom your Bernedoodle at home when you have all the proper material, equipment, and training. You must ensure that your Bernedoodle knows the ropes and can keep calm even when the clippers turn on. Trimming your dog does not require you to have any certification or degree, but it can be helpful to look up online tutorials from trusted authorities.

When you groom your Bernedoodle at home, you can choose any haircut you like and imitate it exactly as you envision it. However, you should always know when it is time to call in professionals to help groom your restless puppy or those qualified to keep your dog calm during the process.

Tools You Will Need

You’ll need some specific tools to groom your Bernedoodle at home. To properly groom your Bernedoodle at home, here are some of the following tools you may need:

  • Trimmers or Clippers
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail File
  • Scissors
  • A Comfortable Location
  • Combs and Brushes
  • Shedding Blade
  • Grooming Shears
dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools for your dog.

Your Bernedoodle may not need some heavy-duty grooming shears, but they may require a shedding blade to help remove excess hair. Always start slow and take your time, praising your Bernedoodle along the way.

Train Your Bernedoodle

Before you begin grooming your Bernedoodle, be sure to get familiar with the equipment, the sounds they make, and how they feel. Be careful not to hurt your Bernedoodle with any of the equipment because that will only make them fearful of the experience.

an f1b bernedoodle
Despite having more Poodle genetics, F1b Bernedoodles still often have the distinctive tri-color markings (Jet black, clear white, and rust)

Consider using a week to get your Bernedoodle familiar with the tools by letting them sniff the tools and hear what they sound like before you engage in actual grooming. Use treats and positive reinforcement to make them comfortable with you grooming them.

When To Get Professional Help

It’s vital to know when to pursue professional help for grooming your Bernedoodle. It can be challenging to know when to throw in the towel and reach out to a pet grooming service, but this may be the easiest option.

dog nail trimming
Groomer trims dog’s nail using nail clipper.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to outsource grooming to a professional:

  • Your Bernedoodle is scared.
  • You feel too nervous grooming them.
  • Your Bernedoodle is not sitting still.
  • Your Bernedoodle is not trained for grooming with you.
  • You’ve accidentally hurt your Bernedoodle.

Seek out the help of a professional groomer to keep you and your Bernedoodle happy with grooming and ease as much anxiety as possible.

Tips for the Groomers

When you choose to see a professional groomer instead of doing the haircut yourself, you may want to ensure that you and your Bernedoodle are getting the most out of the experience. Although this can be challenging, some tips can make the process smoother and ensure that your Bernedoodle receives exactly the haircut you desire.

cordless clipper
A cordless clipper for dogs.

Communicate Exactly What You Want

Always tell your grooming service exactly what you want to be done with your Bernedoodle’s hair. Explain it to your groomer by pointing out different sections and telling them how exactly you want your Bernedoodle to look.

However, remember that mistakes happen, and hair will always grow back.

Show Pictures

When possible, pull up pictures of how you want your Bernedoodle to look. This can be an easy way to get the look you’re going for without any miscommunication. Pictures of other Bernedoodle looks can help you and your groomer figure out how to achieve the look and discover if that groomer is capable of creating the look.

Ask About the Process

If you have any questions, you should always ask the groomer who will be working with your Bernedoodle. Questions are always welcome, and a groomer will want to ensure that you and your dog are happy with the service and feel as safe as possible.

Final Thoughts

Bernedoodles are perfect family dogs because they are calm, loving, and goofy. Although they enjoy playtime with other dogs, animals, and small children, Bernedoodles are gentle and won’t roughhouse and hurt anyone while they play.

Bernedoodles have a luxurious coat of hair that mixes the curly nature of Poodles with the color combinations of Bernese Mountain Dogs. This dog breed also has many characteristics of its parent dogs, leading to a calm and gentle grooming experience. Bernedoodles are eager to please and easy to train, meaning grooming your Bernedoodle at home can be a fun and exciting experience. 

Ensure you have all the proper tools and that your dog is trained well to make grooming your Bernedoodle at home a dream come true. But it can be a challenging experience for busy parents, those without experience, or those with a Bernedoodle who is scared of trimmers. Know when to take your Bernedoodle to a professional grooming service to make things easier on you and your loving Bernedoodle.