The 6 Types of Best Cockapoo Haircuts with Pictures! (2024)

As a pet parent, you need to do everything to keep your pet happy and healthy. Animal lovers would do anything for their pets, including giving them a nice haircut to make them feel comfortable and look even cuter. 

If you have a Cockapoo, you know they are not like other breeds. Of course, all dogs are adorable when they are puppies, but Cockapoos are one of a kind. Known for its intelligence, affection, low-shedding fur, and the perfect size for a family dog, the Cockapoo is the UK’s most popular hybrid dog breed. 

best Cockapoo haircuts
The 6 Types of Best Cockapoo Haircuts with Pictures!

A mix of the Cocker Spaniel and Toy Poodle, Cockapoos’ long, thick, plush, and curly fur and, most importantly, the funny mustache make them an adorable breed

But to keep their coats looking beautiful and fresh, you need to groom them regularly. Due to their hypoallergenic and non-shedding fur, Cockapoos are more susceptible to matting and tangles. 

Cockapoo looks at the window
A newly trimmed Cockapoo looks at the window. (Image: Instagram/@shivid_the_cockapoo)

If you want to groom your Cockapoo yourself, there are a lot of haircuts to pick from. You should choose one depending on your Cockapoo’s hair type and texture. 

To make it easier for you to decide on the ideal haircut for your pet, we have compiled a list of the best types of Cockapoo haircuts.  

The Cockapoo Coat: A Guide

Before jumping into what haircut will look best on your Cockapoo, you need to understand the coat variations of your pet. 

Cockapoos have a single, long coat that can be straight or curly. They come in a wide range of coat colors seen in Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. Their coats may also be in the hues and color combinations seen in Cocker Spaniel Poodles. 

Straight Coat

Like its parent, the Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo has a smooth, straight coat that is pleasant to the touch. Although the straight coat of the Cockapoo is typically the easiest to maintain, you must keep a few things in mind. 

Cockapoos with straight coats are more likely to inherit a double coat from their Cocker Spaniel parent. This causes these dogs to shed more

First and second-generation Cockapoo puppies, which have a higher proportion of Cocker Spaniel in their genetic composition, are more likely to have straight coats. 

Cockapoo straight coat
Cockapoo with straight coat standing in the yard.

Curly Coat

A Cockapoo’s coat has a low-shedding to non-shedding quality, making the breed a favorite among many. 

In addition, the curly hair of Cockapoos makes them allergy-friendly. Coats with a rough, almost wiry texture tend to tangle more than other coat types. Those with curly coats and longer hair will face this problem more often. 

Ignoring knots and tangles early on results in matting. As you may have guessed, Cockapoos inherit their curly coats from the Poodle parent. These curly coats are more common in backcross generations like F1a, F1ba, F2a, and F2ba Cockapoos, which have 50% or more Poodle genes. 

does a cockapoo bark a lot
Does a Cockapoo bark a lot? Do all Cockapoos bark?

Wavy Coat

The Cockapoo has a wavy coat that combines the best traits of both parent breeds. The coat is neither too curly nor too straight. A protective undercoat may accompany it. 

Cockapoos with wavy coats are attractive, and they shed less than those with curly coats, so they are easier to maintain. 

Now that you know everything about Cockapoo coats, let us take a look at some of the best types of Cockapoo haircuts. 

black and white cockapoo puppy
Black and white Cockapoo puppy with a scarf.

Cockapoo Haircuts

Cockapoo Puppy Cut

This is one of the most popular and most recommended cutting styles for the Cockapoo. You must have seen hundreds of Cockapoos with this haircut. This easy-to-style cut is ideal if you have Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Aussie Doodles, and similar breeds. 

The haircut is called puppy cut, but it will suit a Cockapoo of any age and doesn’t leave their hair too short. Puppy cuts are low-maintenance styles that uniformly trim the dog’s hair all over the body, about 1.5 to 2 inches. If your dog is energetic and enjoys running around and playing in the yard, this haircut is perfect. 

Both of these dogs’ parent breeds, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, were bred to be working dogs who would accompany their owners in the field. So being messy in the dog park is in its blood. This also means you will need to groom your pet regularly and keep its coat clean and healthy. 

cockapoo puppy dog door
A Cockapoo puppy sits patiently near a front door.

Teddy Bear Haircut

Cockapoos are sometimes also called teddy bears due to their resemblance to the soft toy. That is why the teddy bear haircut is among the top favorite haircuts for many families. 

During this cut, the groomer will trim your dog’s coat throughout, leaving it at a length of about 2 inches. They cut and clip your Cockapoo’s facial hair to a length of about ½ an inch to 1 inch to achieve the look of a spherical, fluffy puffball resembling a teddy bear. 

Cockapoo off to somewhere
The Cockapoo riding a car off to somewhere fun! (Image: Instagram/@teddy_doodledoo)

The groomer will reduce the body hair length to around 2 inches, a medium length, keeping things comfortable yet preserving their gorgeous fur. Retaining the soft texture of your dog’s fur is essential, so avoid cutting their hair too short. 

Although this is a low-maintenance haircut, your dog will need daily brushing to protect its hair from tangles and matting. 

Cockapoo teddy bear look
Cockapoo looks like a teddy bear in her new haircut.

Lamb Haircut

Many people favor the long and curly Cockapoo coat due to its low or non-shedding nature. However, even though curly-haired Cockapoos are suitable for those with allergies compared to other breeds, their coat’s rough and wrinkly texture is more likely to tangle. 

The lamb haircut involves cutting the fur to a medium length. This haircut trims and blends the dog’s leg hair—keeping it soft—and trims the ear hairs, keeping it fluffy. The haircut maintains the smoothness and silkiness of the coat.  

tan cockapoo dog
A tan Cockapoo dog. F1b and some F2 Cockapoos are low shedding and low allergy

Summer Cut

Humans prefer shorter hair during the summer, so why don’t your let your dog enjoy short hair too? The summer cut will keep your dog cool in the sizzling heat and offer you a much-needed respite from grooming. 

In addition, shorter hair doesn’t tangle as readily, so you won’t have to brush your Cockapoo as often. Dirt is also less likely to get lodged in your dog’s coat. The summer cut trims facial hair, head hair, leg hair, feet hair, and belly hair. 

Most owners take the summer cut into their own hands. They shave their dogs’ coats in late spring before the weather warms up and let the fur grow back before the autumn chill sets in. This might be a cost-effective solution for those on a budget. 

cockapoo haircut
Cockapoo haircut for the summer.

The English Bearded Cut

The long-bearded cut is a typical style among English Cockapoos. Long hair creates the appearance of a wider, narrower, and more oval face. The benefit of this haircut is that it requires less maintenance

A Cockapoo usually has a facial structure that falls somewhere between round and oval. The coat’s thickness and the hair’s texture determine the curl of the facial hair. 

The coat type and hair texture typically determine the right look. For example, getting a teddy bear cut with Cocker-style hair is difficult, whereas Poodle curls will not grow long enough to accomplish a bearded appearance. But, eventually, you’ll find the right haircut for your Cockapoo. 

blonde Cockapoo
Blonde Cockapoo is at the park.

Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel Cut

Cockapoos are members of the Cocker Spaniel family, so it’s only natural that you would use one of their parents’ cuts as inspiration. The Cocker Spaniel haircut is ideal if your dog possesses Spaniel DNA predominantly. 

Although, before getting this cut, you should remember that this is not like other low-maintenance cuts mentioned above. It will require extensive grooming as this haircut leaves the hair long and thick. You will have to trim, comb, and maintain your dog’s hair more frequently than you need to with other cuts.  

This cut involves trimming the hair around their eyes and face slightly shorter and leaving the hair on the head, legs, and torso somewhat longer. This haircut requires attention to detail, so ensure you get a professional groomer to do this. 

black and white Cockapoo
Black and white colored Cockapoo with white background.

Grooming At Home –Tips And Tools

You can easily groom your Cockapoo’s hair at home with some accessories. This only applies to their more straightforward grooming needs, not the complicated haircuts!

Here are some tools you will need:

Slicker Brush

While the slicker brush is a bit pricey, it is well worth the price for Cockapoos. It has exceptionally long pins and is delicate and malleable while still being extremely strong. In addition, you can remove thick, loose undercoats from dense coats as they go all the way down to the roots.

Dog Clippers

It is essential to give the dog a haircut using a clipper to keep their hair neat and reduce the likelihood of tangles. 

grooming Cockapoo at home
The owner is grooming Cockapoo at home. (Image: Instagram/@wwinnie.cockapoo)

Clipper Guards

Clipper guards are clipper blade attachments. These are perfect for those who want to keep their Cockapoo’s hair long.

Dog Shears

Straight shears are great for cutting length off your Cockapoo’s coat, while curved shears are best for shaping body hair, including hair under the belly, tail hair, facial hair, and paw hair. 

dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools for your dog.


Because of their thick curls, Cockapoos are prone to accumulating dirt, debris, and parasites like fleas and ticks. Compared to other Poodles, they do not shed much, but their fur does need a great deal of care.

Sometimes, you may be unable to locate a doggy shampoo, so you might think about using human shampoo, but this is wrong since dogs and humans have very different skin and hair. 

Human shampoo’s pH balance is unsuitable for dogs and can cause irritation and itching. It is better to let your companion remain smelly for a few more days than put them at risk of an allergic reaction. 

Detangler Sprays

Detangler sprays are leave-in conditioners that make combing easier for dogs and improve the general health of their coats. There are even some detanglers that can make your dog’s hair shine while protecting it at the same time.

Dog Hair Dryer

You may think blow-drying your Doodle’s hair is an unnecessary step, but it is essential. Using a dog hair drier will result in straight, fluffy, clean, easy-to-brush hair.

Grooming Table

Whether you are drying, combing, trimming your dog’s fur at home, or cutting its nails, dog grooming tables make hard-to-reach places more accessible and keep your dog in one place.

Having all the tools listed above is not compulsory, but they can make the grooming process more comfortable and safe for your dog.

Steps To Trim Your Cockapoo’s Hair At Home

doodle puppy having a bath
A small Doodle puppy having a bath


The brushing process prevents matted coats and removes dead hair. Dogs with extremely tight curls will need regular brushing.


Make sure you give your Cockapoo a nice bath using dog shampoo and conditioner. Once they are clean, brush them, and let them air dry. You will need to remove mats and tangles to prepare for trimming their hair with dog clippers.


Trim the Cockapoo’s fur with the desired style. Don’t try the complicated styles at home, as you might injure your pet. Cut your dog’s hair edges regularly to prevent matting.

Keep the curly tail hair short to keep grooming needs to a minimum.

How Often Should You Groom Your Cockapoo?

The best way to keep your Cockapoo looking intelligent and handsome is to give it a complete wash and clip every three months. For puppies, grooming once every four months is ideal. 

dog groomed
A white dog was groomed.


Cutting your dog’s hair can make a big difference in its appearance while preventing matting and tangling. To keep your Cockapoo’s fur healthy, you must regularly brush its hair. This will help remove the dirt and debris that may be stuck in your pet’s fur.  

It is important to remember that dogs have different types of coats, and each type requires a different grooming approach, tools, and care. Experts say that grooming your dog is as important as taking it to the vet, so don’t skimp on this vital part of dog care!