Are Bernedoodles Good With Cats? Questions and Practical Guide to Bernedoodles and Cats

There are cat people and dog people, and people who love both! If you have a cat and are looking at getting a new puppy you might be wondering how well it will play with your existing cat.

are bernedoodles good with cats
Are Berendoodles good with cats?

Bernedoodles are an amazing Poodle Mix cross breed. They are the product of crossing the giant and noble Bernese Mountain Dog with a purebred Poodle.

Bernedoodle puppies are typically gentle with a zest for life and spending time with their owners. But how do Bernedoodles get on with other pets? Are Bernedoodles Good With Cats?

Can Bernedoodles Live With Cats? Are Bernedoodles Good With Cats?

Are Bernedoodles Good With Cats? Questions and Practical Guide to Bernedoodles and Cats 1

The temperament of a Bernedoodle can be really laid back and relaxed. This is a great vibe for cats in the household. If your Bernedoodle exhibits a calm and relaxed trait then you are unlikely to have any issues between cat and Bernedoodle.

Are Bernedoodles good with cats?

Yes, Bernedoodles can co-exist and live happy with cats. Every situation is unique, but many owners report a cordial and positive relationship between can and Bernedoodle.

Dogs that get along with cats typically fall into the affectionate and playful Toy breed category (like Teacup Goldendoodles), or sporting style dogs (like the Labrador, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle).

Dogs that do not get along with cats are typically hunters, herders and sight hounds (RSPCA Australia). Not all of these dogs will be aggressive, but some can just annoy the daylights out of the cat. This makes for a testy and unhappy relationship.

Owners have told me that they had the best success introducing cats to Bernedoodles when

  • The cat was established first and has the upper hand
  • Expect some paw swiping or nose swats for a nosy Bernedoodle
  • Make sure the cat has plenty of opportunity to escape to heights
  • Older cats that cannot jump easily, or kittens who have not developed a safety escape mechanism are most at risk of having problems

The laid-back and chill personality that Bernedoodles often inherit from the Bernese Mountain Dog makes them a fairly good match for most cats. 

Kassie owns a 4-year-old Bernedoodle and also a 12 (!) year old rescue cat. She told me “Look they don’t love each other, but they get on well enough. They actually get closer in winter because the cat wants to snuggle near (the Bernedoodle).”

Bernedoodle Puppy 101 from our Oodle Life YouTube channel!

What Kind of Poodle Mix Breeds Are Good With Cats

Golden Retrievers are known for their zest for life and fun loving playfulness. Labradors can be protective and gentle.

As a result both the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle are generally seen as positive matches for loving with cats.

are bernedoodles good with cats

It always helps when the cat has the upper hand and is in the household first. If introducing a new kitten you are going to need to set a safe space and clear boundaries early. This pathway is much more challenging.

Remember that not every match will be perfect

  • Some cats will just be grouchy and not be interested in spending time with a Bernedoodle. They may hiss or scratch at the puppy for… years
  • Some dogs will be aggressive or too excited towards cats
    • This is despite great breed characteristics for the Bernedoodle

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cats and Berner dogs
Sometimes with dogs and cats the best you can hope for is a mutual tolerance.

Tips to Have Your Bernedoodle Get Along With Your Cat

The first few weeks of a new dog will be stressful even for the most relaxed cat.

Food, litter, and a rest spot for the cat must be moved to an area that is cat exclusive and the dog cannot access. Do this before the dog arrives, not on the day your Bernedoodle makes its presence known.

  • Expect some friction to begin with
  • Work on commands like ‘Stay’ and ‘Sit’ as a  number one priority with your new puppy

If you are crate training then it is much easier to introduce your new dog. Simply bring the cat into the from where the puppy is sleeping in its crate. Do not rush the cat to the crate – simply carry on as normal and spend time with the cat as you go about your day.

Once there is some familiarity, you can introduce your puppy on leash. Gradual progress is all that is needed.


Some Bernedoodles and cats will become best friends. You might even get that super cute photograph of them lounging around together!

For many cats and dogs though, the best we can hope for is a tolerance. As long as both animals have their space and feel safe, this working relationship can be maintained. This means they can live safely in their own house.

If a gradual and patience approach is not yielding success, you may need to consider the services of a trained animal behaviour specialist.

Does your Bernedoodle like cats?

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