Cockapoo vs Poodle – Breed Comparison (with photos)

Sometimes parent dog breeds and their mixed descendants can be wildly different. However, poodles and cockapoos have more in common than you might think.

If you’re looking for an energetic dog that’s good with children, Poodles and Cockapoos are equally suitable. Here’s everything you need to know to help you make that choice. 

cockapoo and poodle smile
The smile of a happy Cockapoo and Poodle side by side

Breed Appearance of Poodle vs Cockapoo

Poodles and cockapoos can have various coat colors. These include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Apricot 

Other coat colors include:

  • Red
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Sable 
  • Silver 

Since the two breeds access many of the same colors, the main difference is in weight and height. Poodles are taller and heavier, while a cockapoo’s spaniel lineage makes it lighter and shorter than its poodle parent. 

Poodles have longer, statelier necks than cockapoos. They have straight backs and docked tails that, while short, can still wave with aplomb. Because poodles historically were duck-retrievers, they also have webbed feet that help them swim. 

The cockapoo’s appearance is harder to predict because it mixes poodle and cocker spaniel characteristics. Typically, though, their necks aren’t as elongated as on poodles.  

Cockapoos typically aren’t usually as heavy-maintenance as poodles because of less grooming. Additionally, their fur is less prone to trapping odors so that you can get away with fewer baths.

Coat Types of Poodle vs Cockapoo

Poodles are famous for being hypoallergenic. This is ideal if you or a family member has an animal allergy. A poodle’s tightly curled, woolly coat is the perfect solution because it doesn’t shed or produce that irritating dander. 

poodle vs cockapoo running outside
Both Cockapoos and Poodle are active dogs that enjoy outdoor play

Cockapoos, on the other hand, are a mixed breed. They’re part poodle, so there’s a chance the cockapoo you’re considering inherited that hypoallergenic coat from its poodle parent. It’s equally possible they inherited the longer, looser coat of its Cocker Spaniel ancestor. 

This variety means that a cockapoo coat can be:

  • Tightly-curled
  • Ringleted 
  • Straight

Depending on the coat type a cockapoo inherits, it might shed more than a poodle.

Size Difference in Cockapoos versus Poodles

Poodles come in three distinct sizes;

  • Standard
  • Miniature
  • Toy 
  • Teacup
Cockapoo at beach vs poodle
Both Poodles and Cockapoos are water loving dogs. They can be frightened of waves though

Cockapoos also come in various sizes. The size of an adult cockapoo depends on the size of its parents. 

Whether you opt for a standard, miniature, toy, or teacup dog also decides how big they grow. 

While both standard breeds are larger than their diminutive relatives, the standard poodle weighs considerably more than the standard cockapoo. This makes sense because standard poodles are also taller than their cockapoo contemporaries. 

Temperament and Personality in Cockapoos and Poodles

Personality is one of the primary reasons for breeding Cockapoos. Both parent dogs have warm personalities, and that shows in the resultant cockapoo. They’re sweet, affectionate, and often riotously funny dogs. 

super cute cockapoo and poodle
Choosing between a Cockapoo vs Poodle can be tricky – they are both super cute, hypoallergenic, and can be non-shedding!

They often inherit the Poodle’s energetic nature, too, so while they’re suitable dogs for kids, Cockapoos do better with older children who understand boundaries. 

The same easy, affectionate nature makes them ideal for multi-pet households. Cockapoos are relaxed enough to acquiesce to other pets and don’t mind if they’re a bit lower down the familial hierarchy than other pets. 

However, that affectionate nature makes them prone to separation anxiety if they get left alone too long. They don’t mind a bit of downtime while you run errands but leave it too long, and you’ll get to hear about it. 

Poodles are similarly absurd, fun-loving dogs. Like the cockapoo, they’re clever and learn rules and tricks quickly. 

Cockapoos playing in the snow
The two Cockapoos playing in the snow. (Image: Instagram/@sweetpup.stella)

They’re also highly energetic and require lots of playtime and indulgent rambling to prevent boredom. A great way to do this is through fetch. Poodles retain many of their hunter instincts, and however often you throw that ball, poodles never get tired of bringing it back to you. 

However, because poodles are naturally eager to please, they thrive on approval and attention. If they don’t feel they’re getting that from you, they may resort to habits like nuisance barking. 

They’re also loyal, and while not guard-dog material, don’t always realize this. Smaller breeds of poodles especially can become protective of their owners. This may get frustrating if the person they’re exhibiting aggressive behavior towards has every right to be in your poodle’s home.  

Health and Longevity [Do Cockapoos or Poodles live longer?]

Size plays a significant part in how long poodles and cockapoos live. 

naught parti poodle has torn up a pillow
A guilty looking two color Poodle

A standard Poodle typically lives up to 12 years, while a miniature poodle lives approximately 14 years. Toy Poodles live longer than either, some even reaching 17 years old. 

Determining how long a Cockapoo will live is challenging because their lifespans get decided by their heritage. Your best bet is to speak with a cockapoo breeder in detail about how long they expect the puppies to live. 

But a Cocker Spaniel typically lives to 14. Assuming that your Cockapoo has long-lived standard-sized parents on both sides of the gene pool and remembering that the average poodle lives to be 12, it’s a reasonable estimate that the average cockapoo will live to be 13. 

Breed-Specific Health Problems 

The other factor affecting lifespan is health problems. 

gray poodle happy at the vet
A gray Poodle happy at the vet. Toy or a small Miniature size.

Cockapoos’ floppy ears are prone to ear infections. Because they’re small dogs, they may also suffer from luxating patella. However, these are minor problems and easily treatable. 

Cockapoos also have a heritable condition that affects their eyes. This causes the retina to stop properly transmitting images to your cockapoo’s brain. Unlike other Cockapoo ailments, there’s nothing to do about this one except help them adjust to vision loss. 

Finally, Cockapoos have sensitive skin. Anything might give them allergies, and while there are hypoallergenic foods that can help, there’s no guarantee they will work. A good, sensitive skincare shampoo may also alleviate symptoms. 

Poodles have their own set of problems. They’re larger dogs, so more likely to suffer hip dysplasia than luxating patella. 

trainable poodle cockapoo
When choosing between a Poodle and a Cockapoo – size and temperament need to be considered

They are also prone to retinal atrophy and are usually the parent who passes it on to your cockapoo. 

Another common poodle health problem is Addison’s disease. Addison’s Disease affects adrenal glands, specifically their ability to develop hormones like cortisol. Symptoms include: 

  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss 
  • Hair loss 
  • Increased urination 

There are other symptoms, and because they are varied, it’s hard to diagnose Addison’s disease before it reaches critical levels. Vets treat it by administering replacement hormones, but this disease isn’t curable, and the hormone replacement only temporarily mitigates symptoms. 

Poodle and Cockapoo Needs and Training 

The readiness to learn is one of the significant commonalities between Poodles and Cockapoos. They’re both eager to please and respond well to positive reinforcement. 

good behavior from Cockapoo
A Cockapoo showed good behavior for not destroying the flower garden. (Image: Instagram/@keelothecockapoo)

Crucially, because Poodles are as emotionally delicate as they are comical, negative reinforcement can discourage them and damage the bond you want to build with them. 

Instead, treats are a powerful motivator. However, once a Poodle has learned what it needs to, put the treats away. Left to make their own devices, poodles quickly become overweight, if only because they make charming canine con artists who perform at the hint of a reward. 

Poodles also require incredible amounts of exercise, especially standard poodles. They’re also fantastic jumpers, and a bored poodle may decide to leap the fence to make a point. 

For a happy dog, you’ll need at least one long walk a day with your poodle, preferably the long, rambling kind. Alternatively, an exuberant round of fetch can appease it. 

adult cockapoo and labradoodle
Another breed to compare is the Labradoodle. Cockapoos vs Labradoodles – two gorgeous family dog breeds!

Conversely, Cockapoos are often laid-back. Smaller breeds especially do well in apartment environments. [Though some owners experience… varies. Some Cockapoos can be very hyper]

Whatever the size, the average cockapoo requires a mere 15 minutes of exercise every day, so if you have a fast-paced lifestyle, they may be the dog for you. That said, if you can spare longer, your cockapoo will be delighted. 

Cockapoos also need much less grooming than poodles. Without routine grooming, that curly poodle coat may matt. But cockapoos’ coats vary, and the longer, looser, and more relaxed coats don’t require as much upkeep. 

That said, you should still brush your Cockapoo routinely to keep it healthy or cut its fir to a shorter, more negotiable length. 

Cost Comparison 

Cockapoo puppies cost approximately $450-2600. Standard Poodle costs, on the other hand, average between $800-1,333. 

behaved Cockapoo puppy
The well-behaved Cockapoo puppy looks at his owner. (Image: Instagram/@kenji_cockapoo)

Note that Poodle prices often depend on size. Smaller dogs may cost less than their standard relatives. However, pedigree is also a consideration, and a standard poodle with a less purebred heritage will likely cost you less than a purebred miniature poodle. 

Finally, both breeds require you to spend money on primary healthcare like:

  • Neutering
  • Vaccinations 

And, if you aren’t prepared to undertake your Poodle’s coat maintenance yourself, regular grooming fees.

Final Thoughts  

While Cockapoos and Poodles have similarities, they’re still very different dogs. As you consider which is best for you, think about how much space your home has and how much time you’re able to spend exercising a dog. 

Allergies are also a factor because there’s no guarantee a cockapoo will be hypoallergenic. 

However, both poodles and cockapoos are fun-loving, loyal, and mild-tempered breeds, ensuring that whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong.