My Maltipoo Is Too Hyper (How to Calm a Crazy Maltipoo)

my maltipoo is too hyper
“My Maltipoo is too hyper! What can I do?”

One of the comments we’d often hear from Maltipoo puppy owners is how hyper they are. From the constant barking to having zoomies – a situation when your puppy is running around the room uncontrollably, Maltipoo puppies are famous for having bursts of never-ending energy.

Being a mixed breed of part Maltese and part Poodle, Maltipoo puppies have become increasingly popular for many first-time pet owners and families with young children. Well-known for their gentle and playful, Maltipoo puppies are consistently praised for their smart minds. When they are actually calm Maltipoo dogs are cuddly and like to be held.

But what could be the cause of the Maltipoo puppy’s hyperactivity, and how can you calm it down? In this article, we’ll explain why your Maltipoo puppy could be acting this way and how you can control it with a little patience to go a long way. 

And without further ado, let’s address the concerns you have for your Maltipoo puppy by first answering…

maltipoo model dog cute
What a beauty! Light and white coated Maltipoos can have soft and delicate fur. And a noble appearance! Photo by Brian Johnson & Dane Kanter /CC BY

Why is your Maltipoo puppy so hyper?

For starters, many Maltipoo owners may find it difficult to match the energy of a Maltipoo puppy. It is one of the cons to consider when weighing up whether or not to adopt a Maltipoo.

While this often creates frustrating situations for Maltipoo puppy owners, let’s look at some reasons why your Maltipoo puppy is hyper, so you’ll know how to help them calm down later:

Your Maltipoo puppy is curious: Like any other puppy out there, your Maltipoo puppy’s curiosity may get the better of them. This results in their hyperactivity as they would often want to explore the world that revolves around them. From new sights and sounds to the different people and other dogs they meet, your Maltipoo puppy’s hyper activeness may be well attributed to the nature of them being curious. Thankfully, most Maltipoo puppies will outgrow this curiosity and calm down as they age.

Your Maltipoo puppy is over stimulated: Is your Maltipoo puppy over stimulated? As puppy owners, it’s highly common to see pet parents spoiling their Maltipoo puppies with a range of toys and other activities to keep them busy. While this is a great way to shower your pup with love, it could cause them to be overly stimulated and find it difficult to focus. Ultimately, this leads to your Maltipoo puppy having sudden bursts of energy, making it difficult for you to control them in the long run.

Your Maltipoo puppy is feeding off your energy: Did you know that your Maltipoo may be hyper because you are too? Very often, your Maltipoo puppy will pick up on your energy, leading them to believe that being hyper is normal. This is common for pet parents who leave for work in the morning and then come home in the evening, excited to play with their pups. For your Maltipoo puppy, this only means that they should act hyper to keep you entertained, causing the misunderstanding that being hyper is good Maltipoo behavior.

Your Maltipoo puppy lacks attention: Maltipoo puppies often act out in hyperactivity when they lack attention from their owners. This is as Maltipoo puppies naturally crave human interaction and regularly feel uncomfortable if they’re left alone for prolonged periods. Thus, if your Maltipoo puppy is feeling lonely, it’s very likely that you’ll see them doing anything they can to attract your attention – including being hyper.

maltipoo puppy haircut
A Maltipoo puppy with a summer haircut!

How to calm down a hyper Maltipoo puppy? 

So, now that you know the reasons why your Maltipoo puppy may be hyper, how can you help tone down their excitement levels? Well, here are some easy tips that you can follow to calm down your hyper Maltipoo puppy.

Take your Maltipoo puppy for walks or exercise with them often.

Maltipoo puppies are often bursting with energy, and a great way to help them wear off some of their hyper excitement is by taking them for walks. A 20-minute walk twice a day may be critical to help them wean off their hyperactivity and satisfy their curiosity along the way. This is also a great way to help keep your puppy healthy and their weight in check, especially if your Maltipoo puppy eats a lot during meal times.

If you’re strapped for time and can’t make it for a walk, an excellent way to wear out your Maltipoo’s energy levels is to play with it more. This can be treated as a form of exercise to help burn away their energy to be less hyper in the later parts of the day.

Games like fetch and running around the room are great energy burners and may even help get you on your feet.

You can also consider these 35 indoor dog games and activities to play with your Maltipoo dog.

Keep your energy levels in check

As mentioned, your Maltipoo puppy’s hyperactivity may well be linked to your personal energy levels. To keep your Maltipoo puppy calm, you may want to keep your energy levels in check. For instance, many pet owners may come home, feeling extremely excited and begin playing with their puppies immediately.

This may lead your Maltipoo puppy to think that being hyper when their owners are home is a great habit and that they should keep it up.

Instead, it would be a better idea to come home in a calm manner and slowly ease your way into interacting with your Maltipoo puppy. Once they’ve picked up on your gentle energy, your Maltipoo puppy will learn to welcome you home calmly and not by bouncing off the walls in excitement our displaying any Maltipoo aggression. Remember to reward your Maltipoo puppy when they exhibit calm demeanors so they will feel encouraged to keep calm whenever you come home. 

maltipoo puppy sit grass
A white small Maltipoo puppy waits patiently in the grass. Good boy! Photo: Unsplash/Xuan Nguyen

Retain a routine for your Maltipoo puppy

Many pet owners may feel compelled to entertain their Maltipoo puppies when they’re hyperactive, sending the wrong message to your puppy that they will have your attention if they remain hyper. As such, it’s recommended that you keep to a routine of when you would give your Maltipoo puppy the right amount of attention in a day.

A routine also makes potty and toilet training a Maltipoo much easier.

Don’t play with your Maltipoo only when they begin to be hyper because they will take this the wrong way and assume that’s the only way to grab your attention in the future.

By keeping to a routine of when to play or when to feed, your Maltipoo puppy will understand after a period that you will eventually give them the right attention at designated times. This includes attempting to pick a consistent time to take your Maltipoo for a walk.

This is likely to eliminate the need for them to be hyper and correct their hyperactive behavior in due time. Remember that having a routine may also be the key to success in correcting your Maltipoo puppy’s behavior, so if you don’t succeed at first, you’ll just have to try and try again.

Consider switching your Maltipoo puppy’s diet

Subsequently, you may also want to look into your Maltipoo puppy’s diet to see if it’s linked to their hyperactivity. Many Maltipoos may become hyperactive when fed with carbohydrate-heavy foods, causing them to experience a sugar rush that affects their energy levels.

When picking the right food for your Maltipoo puppy, it’s essential to look through the list of ingredients and find the right combination to give your puppy the proper nutrients.

In case you’re unsure about switching your Maltipoo puppy’s diet on a whim, it may be a good idea to consult your vet on the idea. Most vets may suggest a diet that consists of high protein and low carbohydrates, while others may even ask that you feed your Maltipoo puppy with some natural dry foods instead (See the top 5 dry dog foods for Maltipoo puppies)

This should help keep your Maltipoo puppy’s hyperactivity in check, making it easier for you to control your pup in the long run.

mini maltipoo puppy fully grown size
A fully grown miniature Maltipoo is a super tiny dog! White coated wavy.

Engage your Maltipoo puppy’s minds with some training

Finally, a great way to calm your Maltipoo puppy is by giving them new tricks and games to learn. This helps keep your Maltipoo puppy’s mind busy, leaving them little time and energy for any hyperactivity.

Fun games like scent training (nose work) or playing with puzzles are great ways to train your Maltipoo puppy’s minds and are highly educational for your pup as well. 

Scent training is great way to burn extra energy and keep the mind and brain of a puppy engaged. See more videos on our OodleLife YouTube channel

Once they’ve learned these simple tricks, you’ll find teaching your Maltipoo puppy simple tricks like sit, paw (high 5), or rollover to be much more predictable. Maltipoo puppies have also been known to be smart, so teaching them new tricks should be a breeze.

Eventually, you’ll find that engaging your Maltipoo puppy’s mind doesn’t only help them refocus their energy in training but can act as an excellent way for you to bond with your puppy in time.


In the end, we understand how it could be challenging to deal with a hyper Maltipoo puppy after a long day’s work. However, with careful training and a little patience, you’ll find that it’s not always bad to have a happy Maltipoo puppy running about.

Maltipoos are a healthy dog with a long lifespan, so establishing healthy habits early is vital.

Most times, an indication of a happy and healthy Maltipoo puppy is to see how hyper it is around you. This is as pups are usually happiest around people they trust, so if your Maltipoo puppy is yapping about, it’s simply a sign that you’ve done something right to win their cuddly hearts.