Correct Cockapoo Teething Age – How Long Do Cockapoo Puppies Teeth?

There is nothing cuter than a puppy with a wagging tail and a big toothy grin on its face. Dogs do actually smile!

Cockapoos are a Poodle cross with a ripper set of sparkling white teeth. Just like humans, though, they actually go through stages of teething.

cockapoo teething age
What is the Cockapoo teething age?

Sometimes problem behaviors like chewing clothes, leashes, and furniture can occur during teething. So how long does it last? What are the stages of Cockapoo teething? What is the normal Cockapoo teething age?

What is the Cockapoo Teething Age?

There are two different ages that Cockapoo puppies will be teething.

busy Cockapoo with tennis ball
The Cockapoo puppy is busy chewing his tennis-ball. (Image: Instagram/@rio_thecockapoo_dog)

Puppies are born without teeth, and the puppy teeth grow in from around 2-3 weeks of age. By 6 weeks, expect a full set of 28 puppy teeth.

The transition from puppy teeth to adult teeth comes later.

Cockapoos begin to lose their puppy teeth from four to six months of age. By seven months, expect a full set of 42 adult teeth. 

Retained Cockapoo Baby Teeth

All of the Cockapoo puppy teeth will be lost and replaced by adult teeth. If Cockapoo baby teeth do not fall out, it can be a problem. A puppy tooth that does not fall out is known as a retained tooth.

lower teeth of Cockapoo
A Cockapoo opens his mouth and showing his lower teeth. (Image: Instagram/@wilson_the_cockapoo)

Retained puppy teeth may cause trouble over time. 

  • The puppy tooth is weaker than the rest of the adult teeth and can be more prone to decay or fracture.
  • The retained teeth can bunch against other teeth and trap food.
  • Gum disease and abscesses can occur near the retained puppy teeth.
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If a Cockapoo has a retained tooth, you will need to consult with a Vet. The most likely outcome will be the extraction of the puppy tooth. Don’t stress, though! A retained puppy tooth is a common issue, and your puppy will be excellent.

Signs Your Cockapoo Is Teething

There are a few different signs that indicate that your Cockapoo is teething.

  • Lousy breath despite no recent change in diet
  • Inflamed gums that might even present as bleeding
  • Physically missing teeth – you might even notice the gap of a missing tooth if an adult dog tooth has not replaced it. 
  • Increased chewing – some dogs will chew EVERYTHING when they are teething. It can make the discomfort of teething feel better! Safeguard furniture and soft toys during this phase. Provide plenty of safe toys like a super-strong chew rope or this Kong Ring 
  • Decreased appetite is not always seen – but some Vets and owners say they did notice a few days of lower enthusiasm for food and treats. And most Cockapoo’s love treats!
cockapoo puppy at a party
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Photo under license to Oodle Life from Deposit Photos

Sometimes a Cockapoo can go from having a bubbly, energetic behavior to feeling lethargic or down. Like other dogs, lethargy or tiredness can be a sign of a bigger problem – but if it coincides with teething, it usually will pass quickly.

How to Soothe Cockapoo During Teething?

There are a few different ways you can soothe and support your Cockapoo during the teething phase. 

frozen treat for Cockapoo
The Cockapoo puppy is enjoying his frozen treat. (Image: Instagram/@littleshebearcockapoo)

Frozen treats like ice cubes, beef-flavored ice, or even a piece of frozen carrot can provide a soothing, cooling, and numbing play toy. Many puppies go crazy for such simple frozen treats during teething. The comfort they bring can help your puppy return sooner to that super cute Cockapoo smile. 

Another option is to provide a frozen Kong. A stuffed and frozen Kong is both an incredible training tool and a super fun way for your Cockapoo to distract itself during teething.

  • Stuffing a Kong is dead simple. We wrote an extensive article with suggestions for different types of stuffing you could consider.
  • Yogurt, apples, strawberries, peanut butter, and water-soaked kibble are all popular items to freeze inside a Kong. The frozen Kong will distract AND soothe the gums of your teething Cockapoo.

Chew toys, both hard and soft, can be considered during teething.

  • During teething, your Cockapoo is likely to chew…. Everything
  • A dried pig ear or similar dehydrated treat can be a great chew to encourage teething. Always make sure that destructible chews are only given under active supervision 
  • Super tough rubber toys like an Extreme KONG are another great idea.
  • Soft furnishings like pillows and towels need to be kept away from the Cockapoo during teething.
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Cockapoo Biting During Teething

You might notice some behavior that is not desirable during the transition from puppy teeth to adult teeth. Excessive barking is a problem, and if uncontrolled can be a bad thing about Cockapoos.

Another typical temporary behavior during teething is biting.

There are two types of Cockapoo biting – mouthing and ACTUAL biting. 

Mouthing means a soft bite that does not hurt you (or children or other dogs). This is a common behavior that is a playful sign of affection. You can train your Cockapoo not to do this – but it poses no harm as long as it does not transition into biting.

Biting means that there is enough force to cause discomfort. If a Cockapoo starts to nip or bite, you need to take immediate steps to control this bad behavior. Positive reinforcement and strict vocal commands can overcome Cockapoo biting – even during teething. 

Using chew toys such as a frozen Kong during teething can redirect problematic behavior.

Stop Cockapoo Chewing During Teething

During the teething phase, it is common for Cockapoo puppies to take out their frustration on furniture. Soft furnishings and pillows are unfortunately fair game for a chewy Cockapoo.

What can be even more surprising is when you Cockapoo starts thinking it is a beaver – and gnaws at wooden furniture.

The most natural solution is to remove the chewing target from the puppy’s reach. By doing this and also strictly monitoring, problem chewing can be avoided. The problem is – we cannot always be around to watch our Cockapoo.

Many Cockapoo owners have found success with bitter apple spray. A bitter spray like this one is a harmless spray that can be placed onto soft and hard surfaces. 

Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent for Dogs, 8 fl. oz (236ml)
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  • Discourages fur biting, hair chewing and hot spots
  • Can also be used to discourage chewing on shoes, clothing, pets beds, furniture, etc.
  • Beware of copies as pets often acquire a taste for them; only Grannick's Bitter Apple keeps working
  • Far and away the most recognized and best selling product of its kind in the world
  • Simply spray problem areas to discourage chewing
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08/01/2023 11:23 am GMT

I like this particular brand because it does not cause any staining or discoloration issues – even when I used it on soft surfaces like a carpet rug. Be sure to spot test in your own house.

The spray works effectively for most dogs and is distasteful to them. Many owners swear by the safe and natural bitter apple spray technique. I’ve spoken to dog owners who have discovered that their puppy developed a taste for the spray, and it became less effective over time.

If your Cockapoo gets spray on itself, consider a natural cockapoo friendly shampoo to remove any odour.

We Can’t Find Lost Puppy Teeth.

Don’t stress if you cannot find your puppy’s missing teeth. Cockapoos will generally be okay if they accidentally eat a puppy tooth they have lost. More commonly, the super small puppy tooth has been lost while chewing or playing, and you might never find it.

During times of teething, a soft chew toy is a common way to encourage wobbly puppy teeth to exfoliate (fall out).

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